Rust: How To Always Win Gunfights?


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Rust is a popular game on Steam that is created by Facepunch Studios. This early access survival game gets addictive once you learn the art of killing everyone, staying safe, and finally emerge as a winner! While you may find many useful cheats, there are many more things to take into consideration along with cheats to keep winning at all times.

In this article, you will learn about all the amazing tips to follow while playing and winning all gunfights strategically!

Top 6 Ways To Master Rust

Surviving Rust’s hard world is quite a challenge where you have more chances of getting killed than winning. But you can learn to survive through the harshest conditions that you may encounter. Check out these given tips that will help you stay safe!

Master The Positioning Aspect

The most fundamental rule of Rule is that everyone should start following immediately is about apt positioning. Right positioning will safeguard you from unexpected firing. There are 4 things to take care of in this. We have shared them all below:

  1. Remember one thing always; you should never let your opponents know where you are; however, you should be smart to keep an eye on them at all times. This will allow you to stay ahead of your opponents.
  2. Look for a place from where you can peak upwards as well as diagonally, however, not towards the side. This is quite helpful in saving you from becoming an easy target. For example, you can go for Rock nodes as they work well in such situations.
  3. Always move positions only when you find it advantageous for you! Also, know the technique of ambushing. It involves surrounding them and then, attacking when you find them highly vulnerable, and there is a low risk of you getting hurt.
  4. While you are with your teammates, make it a point to never travel with them on your sides. Moreover, if your fellow teammate doesn’t come in the eyes of opponents, he must come in for a flank when you are cover firing. At last, in case you are going to fire shots, you can let each teammate select a place that will offer ample cover for other teammates as well.

Being Selfish is the Win Mantra

Always worry about how you can keep yourself alive while playing with a group and keep yourself at the lowest risk. Also, in case you think you have negligible chances of winning, look out for a better position or just leave. It is essential to set your priority to keep yourself safe under all circumstances.

Enemy Separation

While in Rust gunfights, go for one guy at a particular time and shift to the next one only after killing him. Taking on several players at once is not good and may come back to you.

No Looting at Risk

Go for Looting only after you are fully sure that everyone is killed. For this, you can wait for 2 minutes after the fight before actually looting in! This will help you cover risky positioning so that you can then loot in without any issues.

Relax and Keep Calm

Don’t slow out the Rust game because you are feeling fewer chances of winning. Maintaining a calm mindset will help you become resourceful, and you will be able to use everything for your benefit in the best way!  You will never win if you freak out and lose your temper.

Once you take a deep breath and don’t get carried away in emotions, you can still win. Stop worrying about what you’ll lose while engaging in the firing. No need to take unnecessary stress about what weapons you will let go of as. There is always a turnaround when you utilize your knowledge to use low-tier weapons to get all weapons back!

Practice is the Key

You may find it difficult to fire rapidly whenever you see an opponent. Thus, you need to play on Bob the Builder server, or even you can create your shooting range and start practicing firing. In case you are looking for a real battlefield experience, you can go for Cosa Nostra or even CombatTag PVP server to play in small arenas.

Some Last Words

Now that you have learned the art of staying safe and firing like a pro by easily following all these steps above on Rust, it is time to get these tips running in action.

We are sure you will surely win Rust at all times without any hassle!

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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