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How can I fix YouTube scroll issues on Android and macOS?

Many users have been erratically facing issues while scrolling their favorite video content on youtube. The complaints have been pouring in from majorly Android and macOS users. It has been more than 9 months since the first YouTube scroll issue was logged on the YouTube Help forum. It has not yet been acknowledged so far.

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While watching a video, when a user tries to scroll down to the comments section or even switch to recommended videos, the scroll action is super fast. Some even reported getting stuck at the ‘nth’ video and not being able to scroll down. A user on Samsung A71 reported nothing visible below the video and he was unable to click or scroll or do any action. If the app allows scrolling down, pressing on the screen automatically scrolls the screen upwards, towards the video.

YouTube scroll issues are neither device, browser nor platform-specific but they are more on custom UI Roms. Users of iPad, OnePlus, Xiaomi, LG, Pixel, Samsung, Poco, Realme have reported the abnormal bug. Even desktop version Safari, Chrome, and Edge browser users are reporting YouTube scroll issues.

When I go on YouTube and open a video, whether the video is paused or not, the window will “resist” when I try to scroll down. That is, the entire window catches and bounces in the scroll like it can’t go any further down, then it takes a second try to go past whatever is on screen. This keeps happening about every screen’s width as I scroll up or down. It also only happens when a video is open and not on the search page.


Check out a video snapshot!

Users are of the opinion that YouTube is trying to manipulate its viewers. It is controlling the viewable content and invites more clicks, typically frustrating for users who are on subscription service.

How to fix YouTube scroll issues temporarily?

The frequency of scroll bug in the YouTube app randomly surfaces with each update. But in the absence of support from devs, several workarounds have been doing rounds. These are temporary solutions only. You will have to wait until a permanent one gets released through an app update. Till then check out a few workarounds.

On facing the YouTube scroll issue, it is suggested to clear the cache of the app in phone settings and force stop it. Head straight to Settings > Apps and notifications. Tap on YouTube in the list of apps > Click on storage and cache > Clear cache. If it doesn’t work, clear data. The downside is that the user will have to sign in again and personalize Youtube settings.

Keep visiting this page for updates on the YouTube scroll issue. Till then, share with us your experiences in comments section!

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  1. My problem is that i want to read all the comments on a video i like but for some reason i can can only scroll so far down through the comments before the video starts stuttering and soon after that you tube freezes completely and stops responding.


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