Xperia Fold- Sony’s first compact foldable phone rumored to be a tablet or gaming console


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The market for foldable smartphones has experienced significant growth recently, with well-known brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Motorola introducing multiple foldable models. However, some manufacturers, including Sony, have yet to embrace the foldable device trend. Despite persistent rumors about a potential Xperia fold or an Xperia Flip from Sony, leaked information lacks specificity and reliability.

The latest speculation suggests the upcoming Xperia compact smartphone from Sony might embrace a flip phone design. Although there are few supporting rumors at the moment, detailed information about this potential Sony foldable smartphone remains elusive. For a concise overview of the current information available about this speculated device, continue reading.

In the forthcoming Xperia lineup for 2024, which includes models like the Xperia 1 VI, Xperia 5 VI, and Xperia 10 VI (tentative names), there is persistent speculation about the introduction of a foldable Xperia device tentatively labeled the “Xperia Fold.”

Recent information surfaced from a Reddit user who claims to have stumbled upon details on Weibo. According to this source, a Japanese manufacturer is actively developing a foldable tablet, recognized for its expertise in crafting diverse foldable flat-panel batteries. This manufacturer is described as an innovative business entity with a substantial history, particularly in providing information related to 5G communications.

Xperia Fold- Sony's first compact foldable phone rumored to be a tablet or gaming console
Xperia Fold- Sony's first compact foldable phone rumored to be a tablet or gaming console

The noteworthy aspect is that this Japanese manufacturer seems to be working on a foldable terminal without 5G capabilities, potentially focusing solely on Wi-Fi communication. Possible contenders for manufacturing this “foldable tablet” include Sony, Kyocera, Sharp, and FCNT.

The Reddit post implies that the term “smartphones with long and narrow displays” likely alludes to devices featuring 21:9 displays, a distinctive trait found in Sony’s Xperia smartphones in Japan. This information fuels speculation that the speculated foldable device, potentially named “Xperia F” or “Xperia Fold,” might signify Sony’s entry into the foldable phone market.

However, details about the folding mechanism, whether Xperia Fold opens vertically or horizontally, remain undisclosed. The post suggests that if it unfolds vertically, the display could be notably elongated, potentially suggesting a horizontally opening tablet configuration. The concept of a foldable tablet is relatively novel, and the specific utility of compactly folding such a device remains uncertain. There’s conjecture that it could be designed as a gaming terminal, optimized for horizontal use and devoid of mobile communication capabilities.

Interestingly, Xperia Fold leaks from almost a year ago hinted at Sony working on a foldable terminal, described as “interesting” and possibly indicating it might be a tablet rather than a conventional smartphone. As the narrative unfolds, anticipation mounts around Sony’s potential venture into the burgeoning foldable device market.

When will the first Sony Xperia Fold release?

The release date for the Xperia Fold (a speculative name) remains uncertain, and there is a notable lack of information regarding whether the device is indeed a real phone.

The rumor was initially discovered via Sumahodigest and currently, there is no definitive confirmation about the existence or launch details of the Xperia Fold, adding an air of uncertainty to its status as a potential phone.

What are the Sony Xperia Fold specs leaks?

According to current information sourced from SumahoDigest, which stems from a post on a Korean forum, there are indications that the forthcoming high-end compact Xperia will adopt a vertically open foldable design without a secondary screen. Unlike many other foldable devices equipped with an external screen for daily tasks, this particular phone is rumored to have a screen exclusively when unfolded.

Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, anticipates that the upcoming Sony Xperia Compact will boast a slightly over 6-inch screen. If this detail pertains to the foldable phone, the 6 inches could refer to the fully open screen size, with the clamshell design potentially contributing to the “compact” designation. In comparison, the Google Pixel Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 unfold to a 7.6-inch screen.

On the other hand, an alternative report suggests a 7-inch screen for the phone. GSMArena has shared CAD renders depicting a potential design for this device. However, given the information indicating the absence of a cover screen, these renders involve some creative interpretation that currently lacks conclusive verification.

As of now, specifics about the functionality, hardware specifications, ports, battery size, and other features of the foldable Sony phone remain undisclosed. Any updates to this information will be provided as more details become available.

Are there any Sony Xperia Flip Price rumors?

As of now, there are no rumors regarding the price of the Sony Xperia Fold. However, it is noteworthy that the Xperia PRO, a non-foldable device, is priced at $2500. Considering this as a reference point, it wouldn’t be unexpected if the Sony Xperia Fold were to surpass this amount by a few hundred dollars. It’s important to emphasize that these estimations are speculative, and the actual pricing details will only be known once officially released.

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