Rust Tips And Tricks 2021 – 8 Survival Tips for New Players


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Are you new to Rust? Gaming can be overwhelming if you are not sure how the game is played as a beginner? Well, Rust is not a really simple game to play. It has got a lot more to it than simply surviving in the game. Many things are there that you can do to improve your gaming skills and survive in the game. So, if this is the first time you are playing the game of Rust, then these are some of the Rust tips and tricks or rust hacks that you must follow:

#1- Choose the right server to play

There are multiple servers available where you can play Rust. However, if you are a beginner, you must go for one such server that does not have a lot of experienced players in it. It is even better if your server has below 50 players.

Choosing the right server is going to make sense and increases your chances of surviving in the game without getting killed by opponents. You will also be able to make yourself accustomed to all the rules and regulations of the game.

#2- Read through the tutorial

There are a lot of tutorials available that will provide you with step-by-step guidance regarding how you can play the game. You will also be able to visit the official website for more detailed instructions.

Some of the basic steps that you must always follow are harvesting stone and wood, trying to build a proper campfire, gathering as many tools as possible, etc. You can easily boost your interest in gaming and make your chances of winning strong if you follow these simple tips. Apart from this, you can embrace a lot of fun by surviving for long in the game.

#3- Decide where exactly you are going to put your sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are the points where you get to respawn yourself if you die in the game. You should decide where exactly you are going to resume your game. This trick is going to make a huge difference and this is why you should not avoid this point at any cost. Always look for a place away from the crowded area. Otherwise, your player may get killed at the earliest as you respawn. You can try looking for spaces in the forest for respawning.

#4- Notice the temperature

If the temperature becomes too high or too low, you will notice that your character is definitely going to be affected. You will start to damage yourself if the temperature is too low. With time, your health conditions will deteriorate.

Getting too hot can also be harmful to you. That is why you should avoid spending more time near heat sources to avoid this to happen. Also, try to avoid spending too much time in a really cold environment.

#5- Stay away from wildlife

It is not that only other players can kill you in the game. A huge number of dangerous animals like bears are also there and this is why you should be aware of the wildlife near you.

So, in order to keep yourself away from such danger, you should always keep your tools and weapons ready so that you can fight the animals as soon as you can. You should also stay away from forests and mountainous regions.

#6- Always try growing plants and seeds

Another important Rust Pro Tip is you should always plant trees in places where you are about to create your first base. Being near sources of food will keep you alive for prolonged durations of time. However, you must make sure that your sources of food are well hidden from your enemies. Otherwise, all your crops will get stolen.

#7- Loot whatever you get

One of the most important things about Rust is that you must look for items whenever. You get the opportunity you can loot for tools, weapons, crops, etc. Collect whatever you find is important to you. This can also include metal hatchets and radiation-proof clothing.

These Rust tips and tricks 2021 will definitely improve your chances of winning the game. You can also explore various areas in the game in search of more resources. Never miss any opportunity to loot useful products.

#8- Always keep your eyes and ears open

One of Rust best tips – always watch out for enemies. You never know where your enemy might be hidden. They may hide behind a tree or sit behind a bolder. Also, keep yourself hidden from animals. Otherwise, you may easily get killed.

These were some of the most basic survival Rust tips and tricks for new players. So, make it a point to find effective tips to improve your play in Rust and you will get used to the game soon.

Apart from the Rust tips 2021, the popular survival game has landed on PS4/ Xbox One console. The game got its full release on PC and Mac way back in 2018. For PS4 owners, early access began on May 17, 2021. For Xbox One players, it was May 18 with ending on May 21, 2021.

The 8 year old PC survival game, Rust Console release has been plagued with issues, mostly related to server performances, real-time outages and input lag. The team is constantly working to resolve them and keep its player base updated.

In the meantime, share with us your challenges when starting as a newbie on Rust

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