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India is a country where cricket is considered almost a religion. The sport is described as a game of glorious uncertainties and that unpredictability factor makes it fun to watch. The game’s immense popularity has led to fantasy cricket becoming a most engaging form of entertainment in recent times. Howzat is a fantasy cricket app that provides millions of fans a platform to showcase their cricket skills and knowledge of the game by participating in fantasy cricket contests.

We are all excited to watch cricket matches, and playing fantasy cricket adds to that excitement. The Howzat app available on the Play Store is the best fantasy app to play fantasy cricket online for free. You can also play free fantasy football on the app. Read on to learn about the advantages of playing fantasy cricket on Howzat and its various unique features.

Unlimited free games

Howzat offers fantasy cricket contests based on all major domestic and international tournaments, series and games taking place across the globe. You can play an unlimited number of free matches on the app to enjoy the thrill of your favorite game and sharpen your skills. You can utilize your knowledge of cricket on the app and defeat opponents from across the country.

Howzat allows you to create multiple teams in a single game. You can create up to 40 teams for a contest and maximize your chances of winning.

With multiple matches being played around the globe on the same day, you can concentrate on one match and try winning the highest number of points. But if you are confident about playing multiple matches simultaneously, you can create a number of teams for different matches as there is no restriction on the number of games you can participate in on the app.

Unique points system

Howzat has a unique points system that differs according to the format of the match (T10, T20, ODIs, Test matches or first-class cricket). The ability of players depends on the format in which they are playing and hence you have to be thorough in your research as a fantasy player. The players picked in a particular match should be suited to that format for you to score well. You can keep an eye out for the Howzat blog posts for the latest updates and match previews on fantasy cricket.

Team selection is the most important aspect of fantasy cricket and research on the various factors related to the game can help you outsmart your opponents and win the game by a big margin. The captain and the vice captain of your team have more weightage than the other players. Irrespective of the format, the captain’s points are multiplied by 2, whereas the vice captain’s points are multiplied by 1.5. 

You have to consider the current form of the players before selecting them for your team. For instance, a player with a high reputation might be going through a lean patch. Hence, as a fantasy gamer, the stature of a player shouldn’t influence their selection for your fantasy team. Also, big players who are in the twilight of their career might not be able to perform well.

The pitch and the venue the match is being played at is another factor that should be considered. If the match is played on a pitch that favours spinners, the number of spinners on your team should be higher. If the ground is favorable to pacers, fast bowlers should make the cut. Keep an eye on the pitch report and the toss as they might prove to be major factors that may require you to make changes to your fantasy team.

A single point is awarded for every run scored and boundaries and sixes result in bonus points for fantasy players. The highs and lows in a cricket match are well-documented in fantasy cricket as well. For every milestone, like 30 runs, a half century, century, double century or triple century, additional points are awarded. On the other hand, points are deducted if a batsman is dismissed for a duck.

As mentioned earlier, the Howzat points scoring system differs from format to format. Higher points are awarded when a bowler takes a wicket in the shorter format, whereas the number of points for a wicket decreases when they are playing the longer formats. In limited-overs cricket, points are awarded for maiden overs too.

There are incentives for a low economy rate and a high strike rate, while points are deducted from a player’s score if the economy rate is high or the strike rate is low. Points for performances in fielding remain the same across formats.

Easy sign-up  

Signing up on the Howzat app/website is an easy process that only takes a few seconds. You can download the app from the Play Store and sign up using your mobile number or Google/Facebook account. Once you sign up, you can select a match from any of the upcoming matches and select your fantasy teams and start playing right away!

So start your journey in the world of fantasy cricket with Howzat today. Play fantasy cricket anytime, anywhere on the app, and showcase your cricket skills to players from across the country. To win real money, you can download the Howzat fantasy cricket cash app, which allows you to win big cash prizes while you enjoy your favorite game!

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