VoIP Basics: A Beginners Guide to Mastering Voice over IP


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The way we communicate has been progressively changing because analog traditional telephony has been fading away. Users currently prefer to use more efficient and convenient services such as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short. This technology has become the preferred alternative by users to the conventional telephone system since it is a more advanced and innovative service that allows users to enjoy greater benefits.

Although VoIP and PSTN are technologies that share the same objective of enabling people in different places to communicate in real-time, they both achieve it in very different ways. VoIP is a telephone system that makes it possible for users to make and receive phone calls as long as they are connected to an internet network.

A VoIP service can be used through different devices; that is, users are not limited to just operating through a traditional telephone but they can also make calls through laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

VoIP has earned leadership in the telecommunication industry because it is an extremely complete service that offers individuals and businesses the possibility of extending their communication experiences to another level.

Some VoIP features explained

The main reasons that account for the revolution of VoIP in the telecommunication sector are the incredible and highly productive benefits offered by this new technology. VoIP has an extensive array of features to the point where some users may start to get confused when they realize the large number of them that exists and what each one of them implies. For this reason, here is a considerably brief explanation of some of VoIP’s main and most used functions, since VoIP surpasses more than 50 features: 

  • VoIP CALLER ID – this function is not exclusive to the VoIP system since the vast majority of modern telephones offer it. However, it is of great help since it allows users to identify who is trying to locate them by showing who is making the call.
  • CALL RECORDING AND RATING – VoIP makes it very easy for users to record phone calls which can be beneficial. For example, by recording a phone call a user can verify how good the quality is and if there are problems such as latency or jitter.
  • ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION – with this feature, users can block calls with anonymous or blocked caller ID information. In this sense, users can protect themselves by avoiding risks such as spam, robocalls, or fishing.
  • VoIP APP – the fact that VoIP is software implies that users can manage their telephone line from their smartphone or other electronic devices by downloading a mobile app. This gives users greater freedom and flexibility when using the service.
  • CALL FORWARDING – this feature is highly used by businesses since it allows them to prevent customer calls from going unanswered. Therefore, the service of attention to the client is more efficient and remains constantly active.
  • VOICEMAIL – this is a function that almost every telephone has nowadays. However, VoIP systems have twisted it to better suit these modern times with their requirements, since the voice messages in the mailbox can be redirected to an email or sent as a text message.
  • CALL QUEUES – with it, users can automate the distribution of inbound calls. This feature reduces the waiting time, making it perfect for those businesses that receive a considerable amount of calls.
  • VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL – it enables VoIP users to communicate through video conferences, allowing them to connect with others regardless of the location they are in or the time difference.
  • INSTANT MESSAGING – nowadays many users prefer to send and receive messages than making phone calls. For this reason, VoIP is perfect for those that want options besides communicating through emails or phone calls.
  • THREE-WAY CALLING – this feature is perfect when there are more than two participants in the call. It is also known as a conference bridge.
  • CALL BLOCKING – users can add as many numbers as they want to a call block list to prevent those numbers from reaching the phone line. This function also allows users to protect themselves from answering calls from numbers that are suspected of being used for fraudulent activities or that simply do not want to answer.

Get the right VoIP provider

Sometimes it is hard to believe that service can offer so many great benefits at such a low price. At this point, it may be obvious that getting a VoIP phone number is going in the right direction to start using the technologies that are ruling the world market.

Currently, netizens have many options to choose from but without an iota of doubt, a service that stands out for its impeccable reputation is the one that the Epsilon Technology company operates: VerifyWithSMS.

It is a U.S. Non-VoIP number service that allows its users, at an incredible price, to get a phone verification service to help them validate their account on different platforms where the service is offered.

Non-VoIP phone numbers are a type of VoIP numbers. Users from around the world can get this service without any inconvenience since these virtual numbers are not attached to a physical location.

This VoIP service makes communication borderless. VerifyWithSMS has clients from all corners of the world, especially in countries like the USA, India, Ghana, the UK, and China. Many users rank this service above all others for its trustworthiness, wide range of payment methods, and ease of use.

VerifyWithSMS is a premium, simple, fast, and reliable service that everyone loves to use. Sign up now and find out why!

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