18 Most Popular Gamers’ Slangs in 2020

If you are unfamiliar with the gaming lingo, then you will be considered a “noob” by those who are fluent in this jargon. In case you were playing an online game recently and saw terms like “gg” and didn’t know it stood for “good game,” then you will find this guide on gaming lingo very useful. So, before further ado, let us dive into the language of gamers. As they say, “Time is mana.” 

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  • Grinding– Love it or hate it, you might have experienced grinding in a game. Grinding is the term used to define the repetitive actions performed in a game to earn a reward. Take the example of a highly expensive car in Gran Turismo. You need to play the same races over and over again to accumulate the money so you can buy that car.
  • AFK– It means Away from Keyboard. It means you are not playing for some time.
  • Easter Eggs: This term is used to describe some elements of the game that are not vital yet hold a special value. It is also a common feature in Pixar movies where you can find A113 written at places. A113 is the name of the classroom, where most of the Pixar employees studied.
  • Trolls: A troll is used to describe a person whose main motive is to act in a way to offend other players.
  • Noob: It is a slang of newbie and used to describe the person who is new to the game or doesn’t know how to play.
  • Camper: A camper is a person who hides in a corner to get easy kills by surprising others. It involves no tactics and is frowned upon in fast-paced games like Overwatch.
  • Rez: It is the short form of resurrection. The term is used frequently in PUBG while reviving a fallen teammate; you are “Rezzing” them.
  • Farming: The terms describes the act of collecting supplies needed in the game.
  • Ghosting: It is the act of spectating another player to learn their tricks to beat them.
  • Nerf: When the game developer thinks a particular item/character in the game is too good from a balancing perspective, they reduce its efficiency. This is termed as nerfing.
  • Rage Quit: When a player is not able to perform well and ends up quitting the game in anger.
  • Rubberbanding: In multiplayer games, when your character or vehicle is continuously springing here and there due to lag, the term Rubberbanding is used to define the scenario.
  • No Scope: In games, sniper rifles are made such that you need to use their in-built optics to shoot properly. If you kill someone without looking through the scope, it is termed as no scoping.
  • Hacker: A person who uses an exploit or a modified version of the game to gain an unfair advantage over the others. 
  • Aimbot: It is a type of hack where you automatically aim at the opponents, usually on their heads. It should not be confused with aim-assist on consoles.
  • Bots: In games such as Counter-Strike, you have an option to play against computer-controlled opponents. These opponents called bots.
  • Ping: While playing an online game, your computer sends and receives information to the server you are connected to. The time it takes for the cycle of sending and receiving data is called ping. It is measured in milliseconds. A high ping of say, 300 would lead to problems like rubberbanding. 
  • FPS: Frames per Second, it is the number of times the computer is updating the things shown on the screen. A game that runs at low FPS gives a bad experience and at times could be unplayable. Most gamers look for 60 FPS while others are content with just 30 whereas some might want as high as 120.

There are hundreds of such words, and it won’t be possible to list them all. Still, these few important terms would help you immensely in understanding what others are trying to say when you play online the next time.

Written by Parth Singh

I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in the field of technology and writing is one of my hobbies. Here I am combining my hobby with my interest by writing on topics related to technology.


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