Best Android Action Games Under 200MB


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Action games on mobile are probably the most commonly appreciated genre in the wide world of gaming. After all, what feels better than PWN-ing a bunch noobs to kingdom come. However, with each game demanding more specifications than the last, it becomes difficult to find enough space. Your phone storage becomes precious and you’re limited to keeping one particular game. Well, our guide here aims (get the pun?) to help you find your next favorite title – Best Android Games Under 200MB.

With more than 1000 good playable titles below 200MB on Google Play Store, selecting a few will be an injustice to the fans. However, on the basis of their popularity, low maintenance, we bring to you our list of Best Android Action Games Under 200MB.

These games come from varied sub-sections and play styles. So, don’t complain about us being restricted to one specific genre on Android. With that said, let’s dive right in.


Those who remember the older games like “Alien Shooter” and “Theseus” on PC, might find the gameplay of Xenowerk somewhat similar. The game is a third-person shooter with rogue-like dungeons. There are about 70 levels in total with a linear story progression to help keep pace.

The character design does seem reminiscent of Samus, so extra points on the nostalgia factor too. The graphics are decent too, not cartoonish, blocky animations that might downplay its seriousness.

The size of the game is pretty small too, sitting slightly below 150MB. It makes a pretty good package for the best online android games under 200MB.


  • Requires Android 4.3 and up
  • Rating 4.5/5.0
  • Version 1.6.0
  • Size 60MB
  • Download Here

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a classic, “best online game under 200MB”, you can’t go wrong with. The Zen music in the background changes with each environment transition. Power-ups aren’t plenty making you strategic in your approach to clearing your path. The graphics are pretty interesting too.

The game is available for free to play, but the extra bonus modes will cost a few pennies.


  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Size 77MB
  • Version 1.4.3
  • Rating 4.5/5.0
  • Download Here

Soul Knight

There are good pixel games, and then there are great ones. Soul Knight Online Multiplayer belongs to the latter with a rating of 4.5 on the Play Store. With hours’ worth of content and numerous characters, each battle feels unique. You might think that all this repetitive dungeon battle might make the game a little tedious. Not so, the music keeps egging you to face each enemy head-on. You’re forced to think on your feet and boss battles are truly challenging.

For a pixel-themed game, it strikes the nail on its head when it comes to action. For newbies who think pixel games are outdated, give this one a try. You’ll definitely love it. Oh, there are plenty of cats to hang around within the Home screen, must mention.


  • Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Version 3.0.4
  • Rating 4.5/5.0
  • Size 131MB
  • Download Here

Dungeon Quest Action RPG – Labyrinth Legend

There are bound to be a couple of OGs in the audience familiar with the SNES theme of pixel RPGs. Well, if you wish to relive those moments try your hand at Labyrinth Legend. The gameplay is relatively simple but challenging all the same. You’ll be encouraged to make use of several strategies when it comes to each environment and its dungeons. The graphics mostly use pixel animation but are vibrantly detailed. The colour palette also gives each biome its characteristic experience.

There are a variety of enemies with unique attack patterns, not to mention a randomly rearranging dungeon map. Boss battles are definitely the highlight; some bosses may be easy while others are downright punishing.


  • Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Size 91MB
  • Version 1.25
  • Rating 4.7/5.0
  • Download Here

Brawl Stars

Online PvP’s are certainly fun and based on the general response in favor of such games Supercell’s Brawl Stars is certainly interesting. While giving up the FPS theme, it chose to go with a checkerboard style gameplay. If you’ve got a bunch of friends to play with, its all the more fun.

The game has constant updates with plenty of new character additions. Online matchmaking might be a bit of a hit and miss with players from both ends of the spectrum ending up on a team.


  1. Requires Android 4.3 and up
  2. Size 150MB
  3. Version 33.151
  4. Rating 4.3/5.0
  5. Download Here

The list is endless, however, we will keep on updating as we come across the Best Android Mobile Games under 200MB of size in the genre of action. Visit our website here to find more curated lists.

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Achyuth Nambiar
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