Redmi Note 10 Users May Have Rear Camera Dust Problems


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Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10 series is a promising offer for most buyers in the vast and competitive budget smartphone arena. A budget segment phone within Rs.20000 is all the more enticing if you stop to consider the specs it boasts of. Unveiled on 16th March, its flash sales have lasted a few seconds only.

Xiaomi has packed a 108MP camera on its top-of-the-line model. It is paired with the recently released Qualcomm SM7150 Snapdragon 732G SoC running on MIUI 12. It becomes an obvious choice for many new buyers, right? Well, a device at this price range can be achieved only with some sacrifices.

With only a week of handling the units, few complaints are trickling in regarding Redmi Note 10 camera dust problem. For Xiaomi, it is not new. In the past similar camera dust complaints with Redmi Note 8 series, Redmi Note 9 series, and even POCO M2 Pro had emerged on forums.

With the dust problem recurring in the successive launches, Xiaomi is soon losing ground in the build construction quality. Scroll for all details

What is Redmi Note 10 camera dust problem?

Recently, a Youtuber named Aniruddha Sahoo highlighted the issue to Xiaomi via tweet. It appeared to be a defect in the enclosure of the camera on the Redmi Note 10.

He has complained that the rear camera unit on the Redmi Note 10 is not sealed completely with the case. There is a minuscule gap that can allow dust particles to settle inside the lenses over a period of time. Somewhat similar to its predecessor, Redmi Note 9 series, dust accumulation will render the rear camera useless after some time. Apart from this, there is a probability of water droplets also seeping in. The gap between the camera module and panel reflects the poor build quality

Xiaomi has issued a statement regarding the Redmi Note 10 camera dust problems. Read it below

Dear Mi Fan, thank you for highlighting this. This gap by design not by defect and is within permissible limits of camera module assembly. Regards to your concern on dust, please stay assured that our camera assembly is done in clean rooms that are designed to keep dust out. Should you face any inconvenience due to any external dust, please do visit any of our service centers near you and they will be happy to help. Thanks for your patronage of our products and services. Assuring you of highest quality products always.

Another YouTuber went to the extent of opening the rear camera and support case to find the gap.

While sharing a picture, he said:

However, we need to wait for people to start using the rear camera widely before closing the issue.

Past history of Xiaomi with its Note series lineup?

The irony here is disheartening at best. For a phone that’s marketed with an “oomph” for its camera, such minor niggles are disappointing. Xiaomi did respond afterward by claiming such defects were few and far between and that these were “isolated” events. After the statement was released, a significant improvement in the factory assembly was noticed. But, a month later they started to crop up again.

I wouldn’t say that the Note 10 series is particularly unreliable. It does have a lot going for it- if you don’t mind this minor annoyance and believe you can cook up a DIY solution, by all means, it’s still a worthy device. Or you can just move on and check out ’em new POCO phones.

Mi Forums, Reddit, and “xda.developers” have had open discussions on Redmi Note series camera dust problems in the past. Users felt that there was inadequate sealing between the glass and lenses. The Note 9 despite having decent specs at a budget price seemed to be poorly fitted out when it came to body sealing. Unsurprisingly QC and manufacturing problems occur but Xiaomi’s way of dealing with the known issue has been nothing but a joke. 

People first made complaints about the poor quality of pictures. On later inspection, it was revealed that the glass on top of the lens had failed to seal properly. With dust clogging up the internals, most people had to come with Redmi Note 9 pro max camera dust problem solution.

A potential solution to Redmi Note 10 camera dust problems

Some members at the xda.developers forum suggest using clear adhesive to seal the gap in between. Check out one suggested for Redmi Note 8 camera dust problem. It can be tried for Redmi Note 10 as well.

It’s clear that the gap between camera lens and plastic rectangular bump should be filled to prevent intrusion of dust,,,,,

For all new Curtana users

Just apply a macro(small) drop of glue and rub it along sides of lens and let it dry for few min. it may make a seal to prevent dust from going inside ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just a small drop , better use a transparent glue

For those users having dust inside camera lens

Use a strong jet of air , don’t use HOT air it may damage internals (sometimes jet nozzle is available with vaccum pump) and blow it in all the 4 sides of rectangular lens this may help. Else go to Authorised Mi service center

T.Y.M SAI (senior member)

Though a word of caution to those unfamiliar with the process. Trying to remove the casing on the outside to clean the dust might result in its cracking. Replacement is possible but if you’re game for waiting for a few months, go ahead.

Though the cases of Note 10 camera dust problems are very few. However, under these circumstances, I strongly advise potential buyers not to buy this otherwise excellent value phone.

Well, that’s pretty much on our end. If you did like our article and want more like this, consider leaving a comment below. For more similar content, visit us here.

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