POCO X3 Battery Drain Fix – How to Optimize?


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Xiaomi’s POCO line of smartphones had humble beginnings but managed to capture the attention of the market in a short time. Their debut model, the POCO F1 continues to reign supreme with its affordable price to performance ratio. Offering a Snapdragon 845 in the sub-20k range was a bold but calculated risk, one that reaped huge rewards. There have been 6 more launches including POCO X3 in the POCO lineup of 2020. However, the POCO X3 battery drain issue has dented the device’s reliability.

Here’s our opinion concerning what might be causing such an issue along with suggestions to help overcome it.

What is the POCO X3 battery drain issue?

There isn’t a confirmed opinion on the subject. There are users who believe the hardware isn’t optimized while others claim that the Poco x3 battery drain issue pertains to the latest device software, in particular MIUI 12. “Android system” eats up 20% of the battery much more than it does on MIUI 11. More users are reporting about the Poco X3 NFC battery drain after installing the latest OS rollout MIUI 12. Even after switching the screen frame rate from 120 Hz to 60 Hz, the POCO x3 battery life could not be enhanced.

POCO X3 was launched on September 2020 with a natter mah at 5,160. It was supported by 33W fast charging. The Poco X3 NFC battery life test result was one of the best by the OEM. POCO X3 battery was found to last for at least 30 hours on calls only. On a 60Hz refresh rate, it promised more than 17 hours of internet browsing with 14 hours of video playtime.

Another speculation for the Poco X3 NFC battery drain is its 120Hz screen. Making use of this refresh rate while playing graphically intensive games can eat up a lot of your battery.

Xiaomi isn’t really well known for having the best-optimized devices in the market, especially when it comes to MIUI. Xiaomi seriously needs to have a screen battery optimization feature in the upcoming MIUI 13.

According to some users, the Mi Notebook fares poorly when stress-tested against its contemporaries. This does make us wonder if the X3 has a slightly weaker battery backup that deteriorates faster.

Reddit forums testify as well:

So if you just received your device don’t immediately check for battery drain. Many users have reported improvement in the POCO X3 battery life. Maybe it is the adaptive battery feature that takes some time to adapt. But, there are many harassed users who continue to report about POCO X3 battery drain fast.

Mine also I use 120hz with dark mode when play games such as Cod i thought it would atleast take 7hours to drain the battery but it gets drained fast only 3 had been passed using poco x3 it doesn’t seem like 6000 mah battery even when using apps such as Instagram. Please help me the front camera should have good colour management like nord. 6000mah battery should go atleast 1and half day help me😭🙏

u/Sonic1607 (sourcE)

MIUI 12 update has been the culprit in the battery drain issues independent of OEMs. Here are few tried and tested tips and tricks to Poco x3 battery drain fix. They are majorly generic ones that can be applied across.

Tips to improve POCO X3 battery life

If your device is fully charged, it would normally consume 10% of power during 8 hours of standby. If you turn the on Airplane mode and close apps that work in the background, standby power consumption will be lowered to 2% per 8 hours.”

Poco team

Step 1. Regulate Apps and Activities

MIUI is notorious for the unnecessary bloatware that comes with all their devices. It not only takes space in the phone’s memory but may also cause lag when running in the background.

Apps like Phone Cleaner are the prime suspects (ironically). Uninstall them and the other included bloatware as well. Avoid downloading from third-party apps or directly from Google Chrome. These third-party apps may contain malware that consumes phone batteries.

Try to avoid using apps which claim to increase or regulate the use of your battery. Devices come built-in with features for that purpose.

Step 2. Phone settings

Turn off Location settings or GPS when not in use. It can save a pretty good amount of juice from going to waste. Likewise, during the night or in idle mode turn off GPS, Sync, Internet (Wi-Fi and data), NFC, Bluetooth, turn on battery saver.

Avoid using Power-Saving Mode all the time. Constant usage can heat up your device. Try using Dark Mode instead of Light mode, it’s easier on the eyes too.

Step 3. Daily POCO X3 NFC usage

Turn down the screen brightness. Keeping it high all the time can impact battery life. Users who use the phone on high brightness often find the battery running out faster than usual.

Clearing all the recently used apps from the recent apps page can clear memory usage and prevent any apps from running in the background.

Step 4. Recalibrate Poco X3 battery

Another way out is to re-calibrate the battery. Charge the battery to 100%, and drain it to 0% with daily settings on. No charging has to be done in between. Recharge with Mi fast charger to 100%. Don’t switch on the phone until it is 100% charged. This step recalibrates the battery and can help in Poco x3 battery drain fix.

Step 5. Increase Battery Life

Each battery has a fixed count of charge and discharge cycle – on an average 300-500 cycles. It is certified by the manufacturer. Each charge or discharge consumes 1 cycle, and an increase erodes battery life. To check the battery cycle of your device goto – Settings–>Battery–>Power Consumption Details–>Hardware.

Make a note of the Time from Last Charging ”Used ” (time in days and hours). On average 1 cycle is counted with battery consumption of 89% as the upper charging limit and a minimum of 25%. If one stays within a safe zone of preferably minimum 30% discharge and maximum 85% charging, the battery life gets longer and the cycle does not get ruined.

Step 6. Factory Reset

The final ace here is to reset your phone to the factory settings. It is advisable to keep backup. If the battery issue no longer persists after the reset, then it’s most likely a software issue. If it continues, however, it can be a problem with the hardware.

On following the above, users have got 11-12 hours of Screen On Time per usage with 7 hours of standby on heavy use. In other words 17-18 hours in full battery charge. It also practically includes 3 hours of PUBG on HD Graphics+Shadows & 60FPS.

If none of the tips to Poco x3 battery drain fix work, contact POCO tech support by visiting their center. It would also be worth waiting for the MIUI stable update rollout which could remove a majority of the bugs.

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That’s pretty much from our end, if you think that we’ve missed out on any key details do leave a comment below. For more similar content visit us here.

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