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OnePlus 8T Battery Drain Issues Reported Even When Idle & Here Are Few Potential Tested Solutions

Flagship phones from OEM OnePlus have always proved their mettle when it comes to performance. Even people using the 3-year-old OnePlus 5T don’t want to replace it with the latest models unless forced to. It speaks highly about the standards that OnePlus maintains and people don’t hesitate to pay for it. However, when issues like battery drain start cropping up, it leads to an outpour on the internet.

Recently the owners of one of the best Android phones, OnePlus 8T, have taken to the internet to report battery drain issues. The model was launched on October 14. It boots on the latest Android 11 based on the OxygenOS out of the box. The irony of the latest update is that it promises enhancements in the areas of camera, optimized power consumption, and battery life.

Although the OEM is known for its timely software updates, however, post-OxygenOS 11 updates on its eligible devices, many users have started complaining of a decline in screen on time. OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users who received the OxygenOS 11 stable update as well as on Android 11 Beta 3 complained about the battery drain.

Most of the OnePlus 8T users who are not even into their second week of purchase have started complaining of battery drain overnight. Even people who have bare apps running in the background have OnePlus 8T battery drain issues. Maybe you can resonate with this Reddit user, u/sirecumalot13:

I bought my phone almost a month ago and have an average SOT of only 3-4 hours since the beginning even after changing the refresh rate to 60hz. I do not consider myself as an avid user since I don’t play any games and my most used apps are reddit and chrome. I get occasional messages like gallery or the camera is the draining the battery. Is it the fault of my device or is anyone else having the same issue?

After settling down with the new handset giving the software to “learn my usage”, people have reported an average SoT to be around 3 to 3.5 hours for a full day. It is atrocious for a battery size of 4500 mAh. On average, anything less than 7 hours of screen on time while using very light apps and NO gaming is unacceptable from a flagship device. There are many reports of battery clanking in when kept idle.

OnePlus 8T battery drain after update issues have been found on the OnePlus community forum. While giving a reply, community expert said –

battery use depends mostly on your use, what apps you have installed, and what settings/services are running.
what do the battery use screens in settings say is using your battery?
best to look after a full (100% to <10%) single charge use for best info.

Users have posted screenshots and compared the performance with different models. Although OnePlus has not provided any resolution, on prima facie, it appears that the issue has afflicted mostly Indian handsets.

In a step to listening to its users, on November 5th, OnePlus released another stable Oxygen OS build. It provides further optimizations in the area of system power consumption. There has been a mixed reaction to the OTA. Many found that the battery drain issue has been fixed while some felt it has worsened.

There have been few proposed solutions to the OnePlus 8T Battery drain after update. You can give it a try. On 120Hz settings, reduce the brightness, disable the AMOLED background when not in use especially at nights. If the android system is eating away, then the best way is to carry out a factory reset and set it up from fresh.

Potential solution to battery drain after update

In general, any device that has received the Android 11 update is facing a battery drain bug. Though none of the OEM’s have been able to push the fix, but there is a workable solution by re-calibrating battery. Check out below!

  • Use the phone till the battery drains to 0% and let the phone switch off by itself.
  • Plug it in. Charge when in switched off mode till the battery reaches 100%
  • Unplug and boot up
  • If the battery charge does not display 100%, reboot, shut down again, and charge to 100%. Boot again
  • Use the phone for basic operations. In other words no gaming or any app which consumes battery.
  • Repeat the above steps 3 more times and then throw heavy loads as per your requirement

Are you an owner of the OnePlus 8T and facing a battery drain issue? Do share with us your experiences in the comments box below.

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  1. Hi , I have been seeing the battery drain issue since 3 days , in the first month or so it was giving me a screen on time of more than 7 hours on 60 hz , now it’s giving me around 3.5 hours , strange, I am really annoyed by this , first the gestures stopped working now the battery drain issue.

  2. Yes..it’s there still. I put my phone idle last night with 76% battery. Closed all the apps. Woke up in the morning, battery decreased to 66%. That’s not at all a good sign for flagship devices like oneplus 8T

  3. My phone is almost a month old and i am having a battery drain issue. I got an update as soon as i switched my phone on right out of the box. And started to notice battery drain . 1% drain every 10 min even if my phone is idle.but i suggest switching the carrier mode from 5g to 4g bcoz somehow my battery is doing better than before now.

    • Aldin

      People on forums have suggested that a new device will take time and initiallly there will be heating and battery drain. It will improve over a period of time. Keep fingers crossed for better results in coming days


  4. For me I use the phone on 120hz and used to get 8hrs of screen time and I plug it in at 20%. Recently though, too much battery goes on standby , if I keep my phone at 60% before sleeping, it’s 55 after waking up.
    I just shutdown the phone for ten minutes then charge it fully and voila, the issue goes away for the subsequent 2-3 charges but then on the 4th charge, it returns.

  5. hi i bought new phone oneplus 8t within one week i feel in the battery drain issue but 8t all featues good but battery issue anybody have any solution in this problem iam really upset becuase i really like onplus but the issue is big socking

  6. I’ve had the OnePlus 8t from launch and my battery has always been really bad. At most 4-5 hours with battery saver mode on at 60hz. I saw battery tests of the phone, which said it’ll last 9+ hours. I believed these tests, because my OnePlus 5t had amazing battery. So i was expecting an amazing battery, since the 5t’s battery was so amazing yet so small compared to the 8t. But i was wrong the OnePlus has horrible battery life, and OnePlus doesn’t really seem to care. Disappointed.

  7. I’m having the same issue with my OnePlus 8T. I’ve been using OxygenOS 11.0.3 for a few weeks now and my battery is draining really fast. I’ve tried all the tips in the blog post and

  8. I’m having the same issue with my OnePlus 8T. I’ve been using OxygenOS 11.0.3 for a few weeks now and my battery is draining really fast. I’ve tried all the tips in the blog post and

  9. I’m having the same issue with my OnePlus 8T. I’ve been using OxygenOS 11.0.3 for a few weeks now and my battery is draining really fast. I’ve tried all the tips in the blog post and


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