What are the best Android phones to buy in 2020?


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Are you thinking about investing in the best Android phone? Good for you. Android devices synchronize better with Google services like Gmail, not to mention that apps are safer to download than ever. You do not have to worry about battery life because an Android phone will last for as long as you need it. It will not let you down when you need it the most.

There are various hardware options when it comes down to these particular gadgets. If you are a fan of curved displays, you are in luck because there is no shortage of cell phones with edge displays.

If you are already sold on Android devices, do not waste any more time and get the best smartphone that money can buy. According to the experts, the Android market is stronger than ever, which is good news for consumers. It means that smartphones are accessible in terms of price and they deliver unbelievable performance.

Which is the best Android phone to buy in 2020, anyway? Keep on reading to find out. It does not matter if you are on a tight budget or you have a blank check. There is an Android device out there for you. Let us take a close look through the list of contenders, shall we?

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 is pretty impressive in spite of the fact that it is not the most innovative device of the S20 lineup. It does not have a full set of features and there is room for improvement, but the smartphone is capable of providing excellent user experience. If you are ready to make the switch to 5G, try it.

You can upgrade to top connectivity with one of the best Android phones on the market. Just think about it. You can get 30% better speeds because 5G is designed to deploy much larger channels. The smartphone is available in a 4G version in some markets, including the United Kingdom and Australia. 

After unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S20, you will discover it is accompanied by classic accessories like a headset, charging plug, SIM ejector tool, etc. It will be necessary to get a screen protector and case because they are not included in the package. There have been noticeable changes in the design.

We are talking about the flattened display and the triple-lens camera, which is positioned around the back of the headset. The enhanced pixel size allows for better night time photography because more light gets in. The selfies camera is 10 megapixels, so the manufacturer has not ignored people’s desire to take pictures of themselves.

But what about performance? Well, Samsung Galaxy S20 is speedy, to say the least. It is equipped with a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and features 12G of RAM. What more could you possibly want from an Android phone? It does not have great flaws and it is quite affordable given the inclusion of 5G.

One thing that you will need to consider for the S20, though, is that it’s not compatible with many car models, so if Android integration is a must for you, you may have to pay extra for this feature. Make sure you use an auto loan calculator to find out if the investment is worth it!

Google Pixel 3A

If you do not want to dig deep into your pocket but want to get the best value-for-money Android phone, get the Google Pixel 3A. You can capture excellent photos even in complete darkness. The 12,2 megapixels camera does not have various frame options. However, it does let you film better videos. The speakers can get pretty loud, meaning that you get the best from your audio or music.

Google Pixel 3A makes it easy to scroll through apps. Do not think about playing demanding games because you will end up disappointed. The cell phone comes with guaranteed Android OS updates, not to mention the unlimited Google Photos cloud storage.

Google Pixel 3A’s retail price makes it a bargain. You can buy it with a credit card if you cannot pay for the required amount upfront. Pay attention to the fact that there are various financing plans you can sign up for.

If you do not have too much cash on you, do not threat because the vast majority of mobile phone carriers offer interest-free installment plans, in addition to discounts and promotions. There is no need to trade in your old device. After having paid half of the Android phone’s value, you can trade it in for a new one. In other words, you can upgrade to something new. 

The mobile screen offers a live transcription of the conversation, so you know if you are receiving a spam call. The Call Screen does not use Wifi or mobile data. The calls are handled by the Google Assistant. The good news is that you can screen calls in the United States or Canada using a Pixel phone.

The Digital Wellbeing tools enable you to find a better balance with your phone. You receive real-time info about how much time you are spending on the device and what did you use the mobile phone mostly for.

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro is definitely the latest and greatest. It has numerous high-end features, such as 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED displays, fingerprint sensors, and wireless charging battery. OnePlus has made sure to add IP68 resistance, meaning that the mobile phone can withstand dust, sand, and dirt.

Plus, it can be submerged into 1, 5 meters of water for about 30 minutes. All over the world, OnePlus phones are tested for water resistance even if they do not have an official rating. You do not need to stress about losing your cellphone when you go boating or kayaking.

OnePlus 8 Pro supports 10 bit color depth. It ensures higher levels of brightness and contrast. Playing games and watching videos on this display is worth it because the Android device gives you an immersive experience. If you like graphically intensive titles, this is the smartphone for you.

The battery lasts about a day with regular use. You can check your emails, surf the Web, take a couple of photos, stream videos on YouTube, listen to music on Spotify, and so on. The mobile phone will be fully charged in less than an hour.   

Let us not forget about the Reading mode that pops up onto the screen taking the form of a chromatic effect. And there is the Alert Slider, which simplifies switching between the silent, vibrate, and ring modes. It can be found on the upper edge of the smartphone.

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