MIUI 13 update on its way! What do you wish Xiaomi to fix in MIUI 13?


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MIUI 12 had many issues, maybe carried forward due to Android 11. These bugs have annoyed users to no end and a lot of them have expressed their frustration on the internet. This led to Xiaomi promising an improved MIUI in the coming future. The recent MIUI 12.5 update has tried to fix quite a lot of bugs. But, many pain areas still remain to be addressed. In its recent launch event, Xiaomi has promised to fix troubling bugs of MIUI 12.5 in their upcoming MIUI 13 update.

MIUI 12.5 release could not address the root cause of battery drain, optimization, lag and stutter issue, laggy app performances, overheating, etc. They continue to survive and their complaints still stand strong.

MIUI 13 looks promising if we go by Xiaomi’s word. Currently, MIUI runs on all MI devices along with Poco and Redmi. Xiaomi’s new MIUI 13 update is set to release in August 2021. The company will roll out the beta version before finally releasing the MIUI 13 update to eligible devices.

Our focus here is to understand what users are expecting the OEM to fix in the new MIUI 13 update. We have tried our best to collate the pestering MIUI 12 issues and amplify them. Let us now look at the various bugs that MIUI has had in the past-

What do you want Xiaomi to fix in upcoming MIUI 13?

1. Battery Drain-

MIUI 12 update has reported abnormal battery drain in almost all the models of Xiaomi. The screen on time, idle hours discharge before and after the update has been drastic. This has been a major headache for countless Xiaomi users with no respite from Xiaomi in spite of a number of hotfixes. It’s high time that the brand fixes the most critical requirement of battery drain in the upcoming MIUI 13 update.

2. Overheating-

Another major bug that has been a constant with all MIUI 12 updates is the overheating of devices. Most of the time, overheating issues can take place because of a substandard battery or a powerful chip. It has become a cause of worry for gamers. Xiaomi has failed to resolve it with newer MIUI 12 updates. Let’s hope MIUI 13 would resolve this.

3. Camera Lag-

Another major complaint from Xiaomi users is the irritating camera lag after installing MIUI 12 update. As a matter of fact, just a few weeks ago many POCO X2 users complained of MIUI rear camera dead with app freeze & black screen display issues.

4. Laggy App Performances-

Many heavy apps like Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Reddit, or Pinterest have been found to cease working smoothly. Apps either stopped mid-running or experienced heavy lag. This again has been a long-standing complaint of Xiaomi users and yet the MIUI 12.5 failed to resolve this issue.

5. Optimization Issues-

All Xiaomi phones have an MIUI optimization setting which claims to improve the performance of the phone. But users have complained that it does the exact opposite. Rather than improving the phone’s performance, MIUI optimization only makes things worse. People have complained of experiencing bugs and faster battery drainage when they kept the Optimization setting turned on. Xiaomi needs to work on this ASAP in its next major OS rollout.

Apart from all this, there are a few minor issues that Xiaomi needs to fix as well such as choppy animation, laggy dark mode, etc. Now let’s take a look at the wishlist of users from the new MIUI 13 update.

What do users expect from MIUI 13 update?

1. Better RAM management

First things first, many users want Xiaomi to have better Ram management in place. Let’s be honest. Xiaomi isn’t that great when it comes to RAM management. It kills many apps running in the background.

It has been found that Xiaomi phones only keep 3-4 apps running in the memory while multitasking. This would have been justified back when Xiaomi didn’t have great ROM but now many models have 64 or even 128 GB worth of data storage. This gives Xiaomi ample space to improve RAM management.

2. Better Set-up Experience

Xiaomi has one of the worst set-up experiences ever. The brand runs MIUI on both its flagship models as well as its budget phones and thus offers no personalized experience. Its set-up experience is shoddy and it wants users to set up their phone in a particular way.

3. Power Mode and Fast Charging-

Users have long been asking for an efficient Power Mode on Xiaomi devices. Power Mode will allow users to avoid faster battery drain along with a bunch of other options. Apart from this, there has been a demand for faster charging on their Xiaomi devices. The current fast charging feature on Xiaomi devices isn’t great. It has many bugs and leads to overheating.

Apart from the major changes, there are few demands related to aesthetics and user experience. Right on top of the list is an improved UI and animations will fix some of the animation glitches that were there in the MIUI 12.5. Apart from this, the list includes better touch sensitivity, an updated screen recording feature (probably supporting high FPS), new themes and wallpapers, efficient CPU usage, reduction in power consumption, new and improved gestures, a better ‘Always On’ display, and a schedule Airplane Mode option. The wishlist is endless!

Share with us your pain areas and wishlist of MIUI 13.


  1. Sir i say that my redmi note 10s is overheating so i want to say that you solved this heating problem and 10s camera is 64 mp but photo are not clearly so you solved this type of problem because students buy this phone losts of people’s are in meedle class family and 17000 of price of phone he buy phone but not working properly so i say you you solved this type of problem


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