How to fix iPhone stuck on iOS 16 black screen issue?


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Recently, attention has been drawn to the black screen problems seen in the beta versions of iOS 16 and iOS 15. It’s likely that Apple will eventually address the issues that exist in iOS 16/ iOS 15. You are not alone in experiencing this problem. It affects a large percentage of people. iOS 16 black screens are often caused by apps that are unable to launch after updating to iOS 15. When we try to reinstall or restart an application, it gets stuck in configuration mode and the tab appears to be unresponsive. Problems with iPhone x black screen while charging and iPhone X black screen after updates are also problems commonly faced by users.

What is the root cause of the iOS 16 black screen?

At this point, you should know that the flawed iOS 16/15 is the root of your problems. Or, there are a number of other hardware/software-related possibilities. The iPhone’s screen being replaced, the iPhone being soaked in water for an extended period of time, the iPhone being dropped on hard flooring, and many more things can all cause the screen to go black. There are additional potential causes for iOS 16/15 stuck on a black screen, including a faulty firmware update, or installing unauthorized third-party software. In the next section, we list the software-related options that could be implemented.

Sometimes, even after trying everything suggested by Apple, the computer will still show a blank screen.  All software-related difficulties in iOS devices can be resolved with the help of the Reiboot utility. Solutions for the Boot Loop, iPhone recovery mode, iOS upgrades, and many more are all available. It’s a no-brainer for non-techies to pick up and utilize as an application tool.

What causes iOS 16 to remain stuck on a Black Screen?

If your iPhone is stuck on a black loading screen, it could be for a number of reasons. You should be aware of the most common ones before attempting the remedies below. Apple products typically have a low risk of contracting a computer virus. Thus, it is possible that a virus has infiltrated your device, which would account for the frustrating issue you are experiencing.

Problems with the iPhone’s loading screen frequently follow an update to an unsuitable version of iOS. The iOS version you’re using might be outdated or incompatible with your device. This problem can arise if a disagreement arises while trying to restore the device.

Solutions to the “ios 16 black screen” Problem

If your iPhone is frozen with a black screen, don’t panic. Before we go into the manual fixes, We’d like to offer you a quick and easy way to resolve the problem. You can cure iOS 16 stuck on the black screen and other issues with iMyFone Fixppo, a sophisticated application designed specifically for iOS devices.

Although iOS 16 generally performs well, there are occasions when the screen remains black. You can usually resolve this in one of several ways.

1 Restart your iPhone or iPad by holding down the power button

How to fix iPhone stuck on iOS 16 black screen issue?

One of the simplest and most effective remedies to the issue of iOS 16 being stuck on the black screen and other iOS concerns is to simply switch the iPhone quickly off and then back on.

The steps required to perform a hard reset on an iPhone can vary from model to model. The problem of ios 16 black screen of death can be avoided using this method.

2. Enter Recovery Mode on Your iPhone

How to fix iPhone stuck on iOS 16 black screen issue?

If you have already tried restarting your iOS device and this has not fixed the ios 16 black screen issue, you can enter recovery mode to see if this helps. All data will be lost throughout this process. So, here’s what you do:

1.       Launch iTunes and sync your iPhone to your PC. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of iTunes.

2.       You must now reboot your iOS device. Until the recovery mode screen shows, however, you must keep holding the buttons.

3.       By selecting “Return iPhone” in iTunes, your device’s iOS will be restored to its original factory settings.

4.       Start iPhone’s Recovery Mode Process

3. DFU Mode

If putting your iPhone into recovery mode does not resolve the issue and your iOS remains frozen on a black screen, you may need to put it into DFU mode before attempting to restart it in iTunes. Updating the device’s firmware is often the last resort for troubleshooting software issues. It will remove any viruses or other problems that may be triggering the ios 16 black screen and then update to the most recent version.

The following instructions are only for the iPhone 8 and older models because iOS 16 is only available on those devices.

1.       To increase the volume, push the button and immediately let go. Now, swiftly de-press the Volume Down button and release it.

2.       Then, press and hold the Side button until there is no more visual feedback. While still holding the Side button, press and hold the Volume Down button.

3.       Keep pressing the buttons for the whole five seconds. When the countdown reaches zero, remove the Side button but keep the Volume Down button pressed for 5 seconds.

4.       You can now use iTunes or Finder to restore your iPhone after it has successfully entered DFU mode.

Final Words

Together with the debut of the iPhone 14 series came the first stable version of iOS 16. As of this writing, iOS 16.0.3 is the most recent stable update for supported mobile devices. The first version of iOS 16 has numerous problems and glitches. Examples include the Camera app lagging or freezing, and notifications not coming (or arriving silently) to many users. There have been instances of iOS 16 on iPhones randomly being unresponsive or trapped on a black screen.

You should now know the most common reason for the ios 16 black screen. There are several issues that need to be ironed out in the iOS beta. If sending input to Apple isn’t your top priority, you can always downgrade your iOS to a non-Beta version. If you need to downgrade or restore iOS and resolve any associated problems without losing any information, ReiBoot is the best option. Share with PhonesWiki in the comments about your encounters pertaining to the ios 16 black screen issue.

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