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There used to be a time when video games and gaming, in general, were looked at as a nerd’s hobby; it was seen as a waste of time or a pastime that was too violent for kids. Fast forward a few decades and now the video game industry is now bigger than both the music and the movie industry combined!

The amount of innovation and development video games have seen is unprecedented. Clearly, the misconceptions of the past were wrong.

One of the aforementioned misconceptions that should now be indisputably debunked is the fact that video games are a waste of time. In fact, video games are now a viable way to earn a solid amount of money! How do you ask?

With the advent of play-to-earn games that utilize non-fungible tokens or NFTs, you need not be part of a prestigious e-sports team to earn some money through games. All you have to do is visit and check out as we have all the news, content, articles, and guides regarding all things crypto-gaming and gaming as a whole.

Now, we wouldn’t talk about earning money through games without helping you out, wouldn’t we? That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the Best Play-to-earn video game titles that utilize NFT technology!

Check out our list below and give these games a try to get some hard-earned cash!

Axie Infinity

Perhaps one of the most popular play-to-earn NFT games, Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm with its seamless integration of fun gameplay and NFT technology. In Axie Infinity, you purchase an NFT monster called an Axie and you battle it out with other players. Playing the game helps you earn what’s called SLP or Smooth Love Potion, which you can then exchange for real money.

Its cute gameplay and smart use of blockchain technology make it one of the best play-to-earn games out there! If you’re looking for a game to start with, Axie Infinity should be on your list.

The Sandbox

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities metaverse, The Sandbox is the game for you. Introducing a whole virtual world, Sandbox provides a gaming platform that encourages user-generated content.

Sandbox users can make games, sell NFTs, 3D model creations, and many more! The appeal of the Sandbox really is giving its players the choice to make their gaming experience, and subsequently, their earning experience, what they want it to be!


Trading card fanatics won’t have to look far for a game for them as Splinterlands is right up their alley! Splinterlands is a blockchain trading card game that you need only to play up to five minutes at a time for you to have a chance to win real money that’s yours to keep.

The great thing about Splinterlands is that it’s free-to-play and how it’s the best option for those who love collecting trading cards as NFTs.

Gods Unchained

Following the string of amazing NFT trading card games, Gods Unchained offers a similar style of trading card gameplay and provides its own take on the genre. As an online strategy trading card game, players can earn money by selling their cards as they level up and/or by earning specific in-game rewards.

At the moment, there has been around $52 million dollar’s worth of cards exchanged in the game. Definitely another must-try card game on the market!


For those looking for a Pokemon-style equivalent in the NFT space, Ethermon is your best bet! The great thing about Ethermon, aside from its integration with the metaverse and the cryptocurrency Ethereum, is its undeniable quality and production value as a game. This isn’t surprising since the game was released way back in 2017.

In Ethermon, you collect “Mons” which are little monsters that can be raised by their owners and taken to battle with other players. Through Ethermon and your Mons, you’ll also be able to explore the largest gaming district in Decentraland and play the game with 3D graphics.

Pirate X Pirate

Offering a robust and pirate-themed board game style adventure, Pirate X Pirate is a great choice for any blockchain gamers looking for some casual fun and serious cash! In Pirate X Pirate, you’ll be going on multiple quests and adventures to earn real rewards and money.

The great thing about Pirate X Pirate is that you can barter your NFT in-game items like your gold, ship materials, ships, and even crewmates, making the experience as lifelike as can be!

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one play-to-earn game that really utilizes the vastness of the Metaverse! In the game, you’re able to explore different planets, collect and play with NFT items, and connect with your fellow alien explorers in a game that maximizes what the metaverse can do.

The game is recognized as one of the largest decentralized games in the market and for good reason! The amount of NFTs and content it offers is simply astonishing, with NFTs that range from tools, land, avatars, and many more. Alien Worlds is a definite must-try, even for non-UFO enthusiasts out there!

Age of Rust

Last, but not least, on our list is Age of Rust, a multiverse dark sci-fi action game that is not only play-to-earn but provides a compelling story to match.

Running on the Enjin ecosystem and platform, Age of Rust provides a robust puzzle game set in a dystopian space future that will have you solving unique puzzles to earn crypto tokens as your reward. NFTs in the game are utilized in a variety of ways, such as for unlocking special abilities, hidden areas or maps, and your usual in-game items.

Aside from having a full-on story and crypto puzzles, the game also features a crypto treasure hunt in which all players can participate!

And there we have it, a list of some of the best play-to-earn games that are out right now!

What makes the games above so good is the fact that they can truly stand on their own gameplaywise, even without the added appeal of being play-to-earn. Because however much money a game makes, a game is still in fact a game, and games are supposed to let their players have some fun!

For now, we recommend you check PhonesWiki regularly for more updates on this topic in case we find any new information.

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