Experiencing iPhone 12 dim glow issue? You might need a screen replacement


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The iPhone 12 has had numerous issues ever since its release last year. From abnormal battery drain to screen discoloration and dim glow issues, users have constantly faced one problem or another.

Talking about the iPhone 12 display, the image quality is nothing but spectacular if you are lucky enough. The iOS 14.5 update fixed some of the iPhone 12 dim glow issues. It was most noticeable when using black backgrounds. The issue is very much obvious on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. However, it is less intriguing compared to devices that haven’t updated their phones.

The main feature of the iOS 14.5 update was the ability to unlock iPhone using the Apple Watch Series 3 or even later while wearing a face mask.

Apple in its software patch had addressed the display issues at low brightness levels, making everyone believe for some time that the issue of the iPhone 12 dim glow was fixed forever.

Unfortunately, the happiness appeared to be short-lived. Users from all over the world have reported that the iPhone 12 dim glow issue continues to haunt them. It seems like the software iOS 14.5 update didn’t fix the issue after all. Even the latest patch iOS 14.6 has not brought any respite. On the other hand, the latest iOS 14.6 update on iPhone 12 series has led to cases of massive battery drain.

The users are back to forums venting out their frustration on the brightness dimming issue not getting resolved. On the other hand, it added more to the frustration when opting for the auto-brightness option disabled did not help either. The brightness was found to keep on dimming.

The update, while fixing the dim glow issue, has caused another issue. Some users report that they are now noticing a green or yellow tint whenever they lower their brightness levels.

Check out few reactions on Apple Forum

Experiencing iPhone 12 dim glow issue? You might need a screen replacement

Based on few experiences by users, we would suggest that the iPhone 12 dim glow issue won’t disappear after the update. The reason why Apple is unable to fix it is that it is a hardware issue. Maybe the only way to fix it is by sending the faulty units back to Apple for a replacement.

Similar sentiment has been echoed by a user who went to the Apple store to get the dim glow issue rectified. Initially, the technical findings believed that software was the reason behind the bug. However, on digging deeper with multiple checks by the diagnostic machine, the root cause was more hardware in nature with 5 different faults. Get more details here!

Experiencing iPhone 12 dim glow issue? You might need a screen replacement

Screen replacement being offered by Apple is likely to not resolve the issue. Those who got a replacement have found that the iPhone 12 dim glow issues did not surface in their units.

For a permanent solution, it is advisable to get the units checked with all diagnostics run by Apple tech and opt for a replacement, if it is offered.

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