Increase teaching effectiveness: tips for online teachers


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With the growing technology and advancements in the educational field, online teaching platforms are growing and spreading among teachers and learners all across the globe. Digital classrooms have brought new modifications and new teaching techniques for the learners.

“I believe that teaching is a creative art in which evidence-based knowledge is applied toward meeting the learning goals of learners. I believe that effective teaching is often the spark that ignites the imagination, possibility, and promise for learners, including the teacher. ”
– Barbara Paterson.

Tips to become an effective online teacher

The newness that online teaching has brought must be adopted and practiced by the teacher to improvise their teaching skills and to make themselves better and more effective. Let us discuss some main tips that will help the teachers to teach learners with more effectiveness.

1. Use the resources available

The online teaching platform is a modern and advanced form of imparting education to learners. Today’s children demand study patterns that are unique, different, and less monotonous. Delivery of the latest and up-to-date knowledge is one the most important objectives of teaching e-learning.

The virtual classroom is known for its usage of advanced and new techniques for teaching and learning. An effective online instructor must use the educational resources available to them. Only vocal explanations of the teachers or reading and memorizing the textbooks are not preferred by the students. 

Blending your teaching skills with other tools such as flashcards, presentations, modules, videos, audiovisuals, animations, and pictures cards is quite engaging for the learners.

Also, conducting classes via mobile phones is possible now. Many educational apps can be used and accessed by smartphones. Mobiles are very convenient and every student in the digital age owes them. Therefore, promoting the use and practice of mobile teacher app is also an effective step. Effectively use all the technical aids and resources that you can enhance your teaching quality.

2. Develop a personal relationship with every student

For a teacher to be effective and to follow the objectives of teaching, developing relationships, connections, and bonding with every student of a virtual class are quite essential. It will make sure that all students are comfortable in the learning environment and there is a feeling of satisfaction in each one of them.

One-on-one discussion holds equal importance as compared to group discussions and communications. It’s normal for students to feel isolated and alone in the teaching process via digital classroom. It is in hands of teachers to make learners cheerful and elated in their classrooms.

“It’s the little conversations that build the relationships and make an impact on each student. ”
– Robert John Meehan.

Following the right practices and interaction strategies will help in this regard. Teachers can talk on chats, during a class, or via mails and personal messages as well. When students present their topics in the class, give immediate feedback and make additions to their existing knowledge. This will help in building a strong personal relationship with the learners of your digital study space.

3. Ask for feedback from students

As far as giving feedback is important, taking it from students about your way of teaching and conducting class is very important. We all know, teachers are there to help students in their education and academics so that way of conduction should also be according to them. 

Teachers should also students that the present techniques are preferable and comfortable to them or not. After receiving the response necessary changes, additions or modifications can be done.  Through a mobile teacher app or with the help of other network devices, survey forms can be distributed among the learners. 

The survey can include questions related to the teachers, syllabus, and educational institutions. It should be reserved and handled personally by the teachers. 

It is a very beneficial technique for receiving individual responses from the learners. Other than this, in between the classes as well, teachers can connect and communicate with the students on this topic. Ask students to be formal and honest while giving their responses and feedback to the teaching authorities.

4. Maintain a regular check on the teaching aids used.

Maintaining a regular check on the technology and teaching aids that you are using for conducting online classes is important to be an effective teacher of the course. We are well aware of the fact that online teaching is directly linked to the technology of education.

From taking classes to giving exams and finishing the course, all is achieved via online teaching applications. Teachers should constantly check and maintain the smooth functioning of the teaching aids they are using. For example, checking the easy login and logout facility, maintaining easy access to study material, uploading the right data, and much more.

5. Be an attentive observer.

As an effective teacher, you need to be attentive and observe all the students and their performance in the online classroom properly. See who is actively engaged and who is not. The ones whom you find are not actively participating, personally talk to them and motivate them to participate and engage more in the classroom. This will increase the number of active participants in a classroom.


The above-mentioned strategies can help online teachers to improve and enhance their effectiveness and ways of teaching and imparting education to the learners. Enhancing one’s effectiveness can be challenging but not impossible. Following the right practices will surely help teachers to enhance their existing teaching skills.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge is a professional writer, editor, and technology aficionado with in-depth knowledge and experience of digital publishing technologies. Elizabeth is keen on learning more about writing with each article or paper she works on. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to catch up on pop-culture comfort foods and write blog posts.


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