PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!


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PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular Battle Royale mobile games enjoyed by casual gamers to the pros alike. PUBG Mobile 1.6 update was released last month and the developers didn’t fail to exceed our expectations again. It has been just a month and the next PUBG Mobile 1.7 update has already leaks and let’s just say, the good people at Krafton outdid themselves again.

Let’s go right ahead and discuss at length some of the most exciting features of the PUBG Mobile India 1.7 that is getting ready for global launch. 

When will PUBG Mobile 1.7 release?

There has been no official announcement on PUBG Mobile 1.7 release date and time. However, if you see the general trend of how PUBG Mobile gets updates, an update is released every 3 months. PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update was released on September 14 at UTC +0 depending upon the geographical location. The PUBG Mobile 1.6 release time was as below. One can expect similar timings with PUBG Mobile 1.7 too

  • Indonesia: 7:00 AM WIB (UTC +7:00)
  • Brazil: 9 PM BRT (UTC -3:00)
  • Europe: 2:00 AM CEST (UTC +3:00)
  • North America: 8:00 PM EDT (UTC -4:00)

One can expect the PUBG Mobile 1.7 update to be launched by the 2nd week of November, probably in and around 14th November. The latest update can be downloaded from Play Store or Apple App Store. It will not get automatically updated.

Android users can also download by using APK files available on the official PUBG Mobile website. The steps on how to download PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK is given below!

What new features will be introduced in PUBG Mobile 1.7?

PUBG Mobile 1.7 update is turning out to be one of the biggest updates that the game has ever got. Along with the obvious Royale pass, the game also brings a host of new gameplay features too. The new update includes new weapons, vehicles and a lot more. Let’s now go through PUBG Mobile 1.7 features leaked online.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Royale Pass

The most obvious change the PUBG Mobile 1.7 update brings is new Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile is known for having one of the best and most rewarding Royale Pass of all mobile games. You get points for completing daily and weekly missions which help you in unlocking a lot of rewards which include in-game currency, new skins and a lot more! The brand new Royal Pass also brings a lot of new welcomed changes. Some of these are-

Mission Ignition 3.0

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Now those who know PUBG also know Mission Ignition. Mission ignition is the gradual transition of the Erangel map slowly being changed in every update to make a small change instead of hitting the players with a brand new map. Mission ignition made its first appearance in PUBG Mobile version 1.5 and has been evolving ever since. Mission Ignition 3.0 is expected for this update. However, it is still not clear this will affect which areas of the map.

PUBG x Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

The new PUBG Mobile 1.7 update is also good news for anime fans. As an official collaboration between PUBG and Jujutsu Kaisen anime has been announced. The famous Jujutsu Kaisen anime will inspire the new characters, gun skins, vehicle skins and the overall Royal Pass theme.

Emergency pickup

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

The worst thing in PUBG is to be placed out of the safe zone, and then find out campers at the edge of the safe zone waiting for you. So you either die out of the safe zone by yourself or you get killed by the campers. However, now you can use a new feature called the emergency pick up.

In this feature, the player will place a bag on the ground and tie themselves to it. After a while, a balloon will come out of it, and just then the plane will come and take you with it. Effectively helping you avoid the campers by flying over them and dropping to a new location of your choice in the safe zone.


PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Imagine you are running through a field and your teammate gets knocked out by another player from far away with a sniper rifle. There is no cover in sight. There is a house close to you, but you are afraid your teammate might not make it, as he is crawling after being knocked out and may get shot again. Well now, with the new piggyback feature, you can just pick him up and carry him to the house nearby and then revive him.


All players aboard, the ship is sailing!

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Erangel now has ferries! There will now be automated ferries placed throughout the map. These would help you in crossing the bridge from the military base and Novorepnoye to the main island, which helps you in avoiding the bridge campers. These ferries also help you in retrieving the airdrops that fell in the water. Which would be unsafe to get otherwise, as other players may have been observing the airdrop and waiting to shoot you from a sniper

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Weapon- AS-VAL

They won’t hear it coming! The new SMG with a pre-attached suppressor is here to help you silently defeat all your enemies!

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

The new 1.7 update also brings the new AS VAL smg. It will run 9mm ammunition. The gun will have a silencer pre-attached to it. It will have a stock magazine size of 20 bullets. But we can increase it to 30 if you find an extended magazine for it. It can also be equipped with a grip for reduced recoil. You can also put up to a 6X scope which will help in increasing the range of the gun. The new gun will be exclusive to Erangel and Livik.

PUBG Mobile 1.7- Remastered Bridges

Be prepared for more intense and longer-lasting bridge battles!

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

If your play style is bridge camping, you might be sad by now because of introducing the emergency pickup and ferries. However, don’t be concerned cause developers have looked out for you too. The bridges are being remastered and now have staircases and ramps on the side which will give you a strategic advantage. It will also help in producing more intense and rewarding bridge fights.

Windshield and working speedometer

All the vehicles will receive windshields. Now, the windshield will protect the occupants of the vehicle from getting shot. However, all the damage will be absorbed by the vehicle, which may increase the risk of it blowing up. However, this is a most welcomed change cause now your friend that goes AFK randomly has a safe place to sit in.

Also, the players who enjoy playing with the first-person perspective would be pleased to know that the speedometer will now work in the vehicle and show the speed This may not be a huge change but still a lot f these fine improvements create a big impact on the overall quality of the gameplay

PUBG Mobile 1.7 – Winter Game Mode

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Winter is also approaching. Although no official announcements have been made. But we are pretty sure that PUBG will again release a special winter-themed mode like they do every year like the blizzard mode from 2 years ago and the arctic mode from the last year.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 – C4 explosives

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!
Credit: @ShubhGamerz | YouTube

BOOM your enemies back to the matchmaking lobby with the new sticky bomb!

PUBG Mobile will also receive the C4 explosives (aka sticky bombs). You can stick this bomb to open up doors and break the walls of certain buildings around the map. These bombs will also be largely used for trolling because payers will now stick these bombs on cars going by and as soon as the timer of 16 seconds will run out, the bomb will detonate and hence killing the person inside. This will definitely produce some hilarious YouTube videos and make a lot of players angry.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 – PONY COUPE

The plain old DACIA is too boring for you? Have a look at the PONY COUPE!

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Pony coupe has made its way from PUBG PC to PUBG Mobile in the 1.7 update. With its sleek looks and silver paint, it definitely stands out from the rest of the vehicles. The Pony coupe will be able to carry 4 players at once, however, the players sitting in the backseat will not be allowed to shoot out of their windows.

This will give the car a huge competitive disadvantage to the Dacia sedan and the UAZ jeep in which 3 out of 4 occupants can shoot instead of pony coupe’s just one.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Map – Vikendi Remaster

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

The map Vikendi will also receive a huge remaster which will hugely improve the graphics. Although it was just released in the PUBG Mobile 1.6 update a month ago, PUBG Mobile is already trying to improve it with new textures, buildings, and even new vehicles.

However, the most groundbreaking feature is that now Vikendi will have an automated train that will go around the entire map in a circle, taking players from one point to another. Just like Erangel’s ferry system.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Firearm Balancing

If you use Marksman rifles, you won’t be pleased to find out that the devs have yet again messed around with their precious Marksman Rifles

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

However, your sadness won’t last long after finding out that most of the changes have actually increased the performance stats of some widely used Marksman Rifles. Now lets take an in-depth look at the changes made to each of the Marksman Rifles individually-

  • SKS: The good old reliable and the classic Marksman Rifle will now have a slightly increased recovery speed and increased bullet speed. These new changes will help in increasing the Marksman Rifle’s overall range and accuracy.
  • SLR: The SKS’ cooler younger brother will also now have an increased recovery speed and an increased bullet speed. These new changes will help in increasing the Marksman Rifle’s overall range and accuracy just like the SKS.
  • VSS: The good for nothing sniper which is however every troll’s favorite weapon to scare other players because of its pre-attached suppressor will now also have a slightly increase in its damage. This would be an interesting change that we will wait to see in the game as this might actually make VSS a competitive gun.

Now Krafton being Krafton, couldn’t just make it all good. They of course, had to make some guns worse. Now lets just go through the guns that are nerfed in this update as we try to hold our tears.

  • Mini14: The damage range at long distance of the Marksman Rifle liked by amateurs and pros all alike has taken a hit. However, those who have been playing the game for a long time might also realize that this may also be the revival of the classic M16A4 on single mode + suppressor + 6x scope combo which is surely an exciting thing. At least, there is a silver lining to this change.
  • DP28– Every long range sprayers ideal gun of choice has also taken a hit. It will now ave reduced bullet speed, reduced damage at long range and reduced headshot damage. Now again, this too has a silver lining. When the iconic 6x scope + DP28 combo was shown by a certain YouTuber, being shot in the final zone from far away with a guy using a DP28 was quite annoying. But again, being the guy with the DP28 was as much as fun too. So we will need to wait this one out and see how the majority of players will react to this update as nothing can be said at the moment as the effect of it seems more or less neutral.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 7.6mm rounds weight reduction

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Leaks, Release Date, RP Rewards, Download Beta APK & Everything we know so far!

Players who like to use AKM or the Beryl M762 as their primary weapon of choice would be amazed to know that the single round weight of 7.6mm ammunition is being reduced from 0.7 to 0.6! This may not sound much but lets say that earlier you used to carry 180 bullets, now you will be able to carry 210 (yes we did the math so you don’t have to). That’s an extra magazine of bullets! And every PUBG player knows how one bullet can make all the difference between winning and losing. So they will definitely appreciate the 30 extra ones.

What will be PUBG Mobile 1.7 Royale Pass rewards?

At the moment, no information has been revealed regarding the rewards of the Royale Pass in the 1.7 update. All we know is that the players who have not subscribed to the Royale pass will get a free skin for a Sniper gun.

Players who own the Royale Pass will receive an assortment of different weapons, vehicles and character skins in the usual PUBG Mobile Royale Pass fashion. This section will be updated as soon as more information is available on the topic.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK?

The storage file needed for the download procedure is about 624MB; do make sure you’ve sufficient space to accommodate the installation packages as well. The Beta version is installed separately from the original updates. You’ll have them as individual apps. Thus, minimal risk of losing your account.

Follow the steps below to run the APK download process

Step 1: Download the APK file of the Beta version from the link of the PUBG Mobile 1.7 Beta update. The download process shouldn’t take long about 15 mins or so.

<<Note: The link will be added once release officially>>

Step 2: Locate and install the APK file. The ‘Install from Unknown Source‘ option should be enabled if it has not been done previously. Go to settings and activate it in “Permissions“.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, players can run PUBG Mobile and choose the desired resource pack (low quality or high quality). When the download is finished, tap on the guest option.

Step 4: A dialogue box appears, prompting to enter an Invitation Code.

Step 5: After entering the code in the box, tap on the yellow button to confirm

There might be an issue when dealing with an Activation Code. Sometimes, you stare at a message asking “You weren’t able to obtain the advance squad leader position, but do not give up,” repeat the installation process to make it work. The message usually flashes when one enters the PUBG Mobile Menu and tries to open Beta Test Invitation.

Mind you, the game can be played only if you have the invitation code.

With every release more and more players join the world of PUBG Mobile to challenge each other and make their way to the top. However, this puts a lot of pressure on the developers of the game to keep making changes so the game feels fresh. Fortunately, they have kept the interest of the gamers alive.

Till then stay tuned here for the latest updates on PUBG Mobile and its community. Keep on sharing your views here!

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