Apple iPhone 13 price: Here is all you need to know why 2021 iPhones will cost more!


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The most anticipated Apple flagship series of this year, Apple iPhone 13 is all set to debut. Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple is gearing up for the launch of its iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and 13 Mini this September 17 (rumoured). Unfortunately, there are reports of an increase in the iPhone 13 price.

There have been multiple speculations surfacing the internet about the price of the most anticipated iPhone 2021. It was assumed that there has not been much technological advancement from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13, hence the price range will also remain the same. But, Apple is most likely to raise the cost for the upcoming models.

You were completely wrong if you thought that Apple was reaching its price peak. In fact, the company is planning to hike the prices for its upcoming 2021 launch of iPhones.

With almost 2 weeks left to its launch, here’s what we know so far about the flagship naming convention and its price.

Is Apple escalating flagship iPhone 13 series price?

According to industry sources, Apple is likely to raise the price of the iPhone 13 series. DigiTimes, quoting its sources has reported that TSMC is contemplating a rise in the price of 2021 iPhones. This is to accommodate the rise in production costs imposed by their primary chip supplier, TSMC.

To broaden its technological spectrum, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has decided to increase its chip production cost by over 20%.

Apple is one of TSMC’s indispensable clients, with orders accounting for more than 20% of the company’s overall chip sales for its “advanced and mature process technologies.”

As per sources, the American market leader is expected to raise iPhone 13 prices by over 3-5% in comparison to the iPhone 12 series. This is attributed to TSMC’s advanced sub-7nm process technology bids that may see an overall jump of 3-10%.

How much money is iPhone 13 going to cost you in 2021?

To counter the TSMC chip production costs and manage its profitability, Apple will be looking to pass on the rise in prices to its end users. Other smartphone vendors are likely to follow the suit.

It is pretty much likely that the cost of the iPhone 13 series might see an increase during the launch itself. Keeping the price hike in mind, here is our prediction of iPhone 13 prices in US for all variants!

iPhone 13 Models 64 GB128 GB256 GB512 GB
iPhone 13 Mini (Via Carrier)$749$799$899
iPhone 13 Mini (with free SIM from Apple)$749$800$929
iPhone 13 (Via Carrier)$849$899$999
iPhone 13 (with free SIM from Apple)$849$929$1020
iPhone 13 Pro $1049$1149$1351
iPhone 13 Pro Max$1149$1249$1455

Apple has not confirmed the features yet, however, iPhone 13 range is rumoured to be an enhanced version of its predecessor. It is expected to carry significant developments on the optics front. The top-end 2021 iPhones are speculated to be designed with ProRes support for videos and portrait mode videos.

Earlier there were different mindsets over the naming Apple will follow in 2021. Is it the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 or iPhone 14? As we approach September, the month when new iPhones are religiously released, that’s a major topic hovering on the Internet. We have concrete news covered for you.

How did Apple narrow down to iPhone 13 for their 2021 flagship model?

According to a rumour catching wildfire from June, Apple might choose to name its upcoming iOS series, iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13.

A consumer poll was conducted to know what does Apple’s clientele want their next iPhone to be named. It is clear that most consumers did not want the techno-giant to name its upcoming iOS smartphone as ‘iPhone 13′, the unlucky ’13’.

Out of all the respondents, 38% of people asserted that the technic should certainly call its next smartphone series- iPhone (2021). However, over 28% public wanted it to be called ‘iPhone 13’ and merely 13% wanted it to be named ‘iPhone 12S’.

Despite this, the company decided to stay glued on their legacy name, iPhone followed by a number. Since this is the 13th edition of the iPhone, it was pretty clear that the company would name it- iPhone 13.

Yesterday, a photo has been shared by “DuanRui” on Twitter showing the packing sticker tab with iPhone 13 name imprinted. These sticker tabs are used to seal Apple products in their boxes appears. The font (San Fransisco Rounded) and style do resemble the one used on AirTags and WatchOS stickers.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 13 series launch.

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