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The beauty of video games is that they are completely subjective and cater to every variety of gamer there is. RuneScape is yet another title that manages to divide opinion, for better or for worse. While many are happily playing away, racking up their Old School Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold) in the process, or delving their way through dungeons, many are simply not interested in it. That is more than ok, though, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after all.

However, like many other titles in the gaming world, RuneScape is subjected to the odd review bombing. Sure, it may not be as intentional as harsh review bombings certain games undergo, but OSRS does have its fair share of 1-star reviews on the runescape mobile platform. The clincher: This is often based on minimal knowledge of the actual game.

The Impact of the OSRS Mobile Platform

Before we get into some of the reviews that it has received, it does raise the question as to why this might have happened in the first place. When it comes to the Old School Runescape mobile version of the game, there is little argument that the handheld platform is the biggest and most accessible way of playing video games in the world. As a consequence of this, it essentially means that it is easy to leave reviews as the platform of mobile gaming stores is so easy to navigate and gain access to.

Overall, OSRS has a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play App Store, with over 50,000 reviews in this category. However, there are a few single star reviews out there that fail to provide much of any kind of reasoning as to why they have chosen to do so. It is once again worth mentioning that it is completely subjective to leave a review, and if you have a valid reason, then you are well within your rights to leave a low review for the game. In terms of some of the lowest possible reviews, however, some of them can only be described as outrageous.

Why is OSRS Mobile getting 1-star reviews?

In one such instance, there are reviews from one particular user who had decided to offer a 1-star review simply because they are not old enough to play the game. Of course, if this were a valid reason, surely every game without an E-rating would be subjected to it! Other questionable reviews discuss teaching children satanic practices. As we have just mentioned, children aren’t considered old enough to play the game, so to say they are subjected to it in the first place is categorically wrong. Not only that, but quests that have you slaying demons show you overcoming such satanic practices, so again, while entitled to their opinion, these reactions aren’t exactly based on fact.

Other reviews tend to focus on botting or hacking. Many players have unfortunately been a victim of hacking incidents, one common occurrence of which seems to be through links on social media promising events such as Double XP or others of a similar style. While this is unlawful and shouldn’t happen to any player, it isn’t really enough reason for a low review score of the game itself. As for being banned for botting, it’s very clear that you will be banned for such activities, so do so at your own peril.

What are the impacts of negative reviews?

Ultimately, though negative reviews are being outweighed by positive ones, they can create a blemish on the game’s overall score which can put future players off from playing the title. It is important to read the descriptions left by those who feel disgruntled by the release of OSRS Mobile, as you can probably tell by now having read this far into the article. There are even cases where players have even stated that they are now enjoying the game but didn’t at first, and have left a low review score because of it. So once again, make sure to read reviews carefully and formulate your own opinion of whether they are indeed valid or not.

The point is if you are legitimately not enjoying Old School Runescape, and you don’t want to spend your days adventuring through the many quests or grabbing as much OSRS Gold (Runescape Gold) as you possibly can, then that is perfectly ok. But as you can see from a few of the examples given in this article, there are those out there that bring the game’s overall review score down for reasons not related to the actual game itself. RuneScape isn’t the only victim of this of course, but it has been a far more noticeable trait since the game released on mobile.

##META DESCRIPTION: There are mobile players out there who aren’t interested in collecting OSRS Gold or dungeon crawling, but what reasons do they ultimately give for offering a low review score?

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