Could GTA 6 Release in 2020? Recent Leaks Suggest

Six years is long enough to make Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans tremendously impatient for the upcoming instalment, GTA 6. When Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption 2 in October last year, time started ticking for the big announcement about the game. However, no official confirmation was received till date.

gta 6 launch
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We almost lost the hope that something would come up in 2020. However, some anonymous posts in Pastebin, a website for stolen data sharing, rekindled the hope of a possible release next year.

The most recent post in Pastebin was made by an anonymous person claiming to receive the update from a game tester of GTA 6. The post confirmed that the game is in development since 2014, nearly a year after the release of GTA 5, and it is supposed to get released on next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Scarlett in 2020-2021.

The post also revealed several details about the gameplay of GTA 6. It stated that the upcoming GTA will have a map that is 40 times bigger than the earlier GTA featuring 4 cities, namely, San Andreas (biggest of all), Mid-West, Liberty City, and Vice City. There will be one protagonist in the game. The storyline will last for 100 hours covering 140 missions that are designed like never before with realistic driving mechanics and cooler weapons.

On the technical side, the post revealed that the game will feature 8k upscaling and ray tracing which renders a high degree of visual realism. You will need 226GB of storage on SSD to play the game. The most fascinating thing would be the faster loading time between the missions that would be reduced to merely 3 to 5 seconds from the earlier duration of 10 minutes.

gta 6 release date
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These revelations could be considered with a pinch of salt, however, there are certain aspects about the leak that we cannot fully ignore particularly when some other post by an EU-based developer in Pastebin leaked details about the specs of PS5 way before (nearly a year back) Sony officially revealed the same specs in early October. Both of them confirmed PS5 featuring 8k upscaling and ray tracing among other things. The most interesting thing about the post is that it revealed that GTA 6 could feature as non-exclusive PS5 title for 2020 and Sony had paid a lump sum amount for it to acquire the one-month exclusive right.

In the official announcement, Sony has also confirmed that its upcoming gaming console will release in late 2020, which some people think could be sometime in November. There are rumours in the market that Sony will announce PS5 at a major event in February 2020 confirming more details about the console. If that is so, then considering the Pastebin leak, we could guess that GTA 6 could make its way to the public with the PS5 launch in November. Hence, stay tuned to PhonesWiki for further updates on the most anticipated game of our time.

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