6 Reasons why your Android Phone is Acting Weird and How to Fix?


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Is your android phone functioning abnormally? There are several reasons why smartphones work abnormally. Whether it is a brand new or old device, it could create issues such as – unwanted pop-ups, random noises, reduced performance, frozen user interface, etc. 

Over a period of time smartphones have touched our lives. They can be real computers that can run programs and perform a wide variety of tasks. However, like computers – smartphones too can become inefficient over time. 

The reason why your phone is acting weird could be a virus or several obscure causes. Fortunately, it is possible to solve the issues and make your device perform at its optimum. 

Here are the top reasons why your android phone is acting weird and how to fix the issues – 

1.Battery Drain

A noticeable decrease in battery life is one of the common issues faced by smartphone users. Numerous Android users have reported issues with the battery life of their devices. 


The reason for this issue could be a malware or spyware app that might be scanning the device and transmitting the information back to the server. A hacked smartphone often has a shorter battery life – as the malware is running in the background. 

How to fix it?

An Android phone infected with malware could experience battery drain as the apps will start downloading by themselves or run in the background. You can remove all the malware in one go by installing the best antivirus for Android.

2.Poor performance

Well, smartphones are prone to slow down with time. If you have noticed a sudden change in the performance, the reason could be again malware that is performing at the backend. To confirm if your phone is infected with a virus or not, you should first uninstall unused apps, clean up the storage, and even try resetting the phone. 


Malware apps could be one of the reasons for poor performance. Another obvious reason for the poor performance of the android phone is the bad libraries and unwanted files. 

How to fix it?

If your android device seems to have the problem of poor performance, try upgrading the OS. You should also check apps that seem to create the problem and remove those apps. Scan the apps with the help of an antivirus program for better results. 

3.Identity theft 

Sometimes, android phones behave as if they are being controlled by someone else. If the android apps install/uninstall themselves randomly or you find unknown messages – it means someone has hacked your Google account and operating your device. 


If your android phone lacks any kind of mobile security system, it becomes vulnerable to identify theft. It may also occur when an unauthorized app gets access to your sensitive data. 

How to fix it?

In case of identity theft, you need to claim back your identity by changing the password. Also, enable two-step authentication for your Google account.  

4.Low storage space

Well, if your android phone is not letting you install new apps or shutting down with weird notifications, you need to check the storage on your device. Your phone might have tons of junk pictures and temporary files. 


If you are getting a low storage message, it could be because of temporary files that are quickly filling up with the application. Android devices can fill up quickly as you download apps. 

How to fix it?

To solve this issue, open the file manager cleaning app and delete the files that are no longer needed. Some of the unwanted files may include – large PDFs, duplicate images, junk media downloads, OLD APK files, etc. 

You can even backup all the data into the cloud and delete the files on the device. Your phone will be able to start running like before. 

5.Too many pop-ups

If you started noticing too many irrelevant and inappropriate pop-ups, it could indicate that the device has been infected with adware. It is a form of the virus that forces the devices to view certain pages or sites that generate revenue with clicks. 


Although pop-ups may not be the result of adware, they may be because of phishing links that prompt the user to share sensitive data. 

How to fix it?

Your smartphone may be infected with adware. Many pop-up blockers help you get rid of unwanted pop-ups. Generally, pop-up ads are third-party apps – which can be blocked without much effort. If you have an antivirus installed on your device, it will help you prevent adware from downloading on your device.

6.Unresponsive interface

A growing number of android users reported issues that cause their devices to become unresponsive. You can unfreeze the phone by simply resetting the device. 


Some of the reasons for unresponsive android screens could be physical damage, excessive heating, environmental effects, sweat, static electricity, etc. 

How to fix it?

Try restarting the android phone by long-pressing the power-off button and restarting the device. If the touch screen doesn’t work even after restarting, boot the phone in recovery mode and perform a factory reset. Make sure to take the backup before resetting your phone.

How to remove malware or virus from your android phone?

To check if the Android phone is infected with a virus, you need to download and install the best antivirus for Android. Here are the steps to install antivirus from Google Play Store – 

  • Download and Install Norton Mobile Security for Android from Google Play Store
  • Launch the app and create an account
  • Start the scan to check all the files and apps for viruses and malware
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to delete the infected files (if you have found any)

Try removing the apps that keep the antivirus triggering. If there are specific apps that no longer seem to run properly, you should check updates regarding the specific application. If not, updates are available, re-install the app.

Bottom Line

Crashing, freezing, and restarting are some of the common problems that probably need some cleanup. When your android device has begun to act up for no reason, it could be due to malware.

The quick fixes can include – deleting unwanted apps, cleaning the device, clear the app cache, reboot the device, and lastly do a factory reset.

Get complete protection from malware and unwanted programs with the best internet security. 

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