PUBG Mobile India Update: Old IDs Transfer, GamePlay, File Size, Launch & More


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Yes, you read it correctly. The dream of PUBG Mobile India is soon becoming a reality. Coming to the aid of the PUBG addicted Indian gaming community, a customized version of PUBG Mobile will be available by the end of 2020. The devs have confirmed that the PUBG Mobile India Update version will differ from the original global version of the game.

PUBG Mobile India Updates

As expected, Indian gamers are thrilled as the popular mobile game is about to make a comeback. Gamers are sure that the government and developers will come to a mutual agreement soon and iron out all the standing issues. A couple of days ago the trailer was launched. However, gamers were waiting to hear about the PUBG Mobile India launch date. They expect the Indian version to come out by the end of 2020.

PUBG India has been designed uniquely for the Indian market, somewhat similar to the Korean region. It will have reduced gore and will have some India specific updates such as skins and a time limit on how long you can play the game.

PUBG Mobile India Teaser

It was Diwali Dhamaka as expected. PUBG Mobile India released 3 different teasers featuring Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan individually on its social media handle. All of them showed their moods while missing the game they love most.

PUBG Mobile India Re-Launch Date

The PUBG Mobile India update does not give any disclosure on the launch date. Neither the trailer nor the official website reveals or drop a hint on the PUBG Mobile launch date. We have to wait for few more days its seems before Chicken dinner becomes a reality.

Old ID Transfer

As per the speculations doing round, the process of migrating IDs in the global version of PUBG Mobile has started. The servers as we all know are based out of India and any games made by Krafton or its partners will be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. However, IDs with a ban sentence of 10 years will not be migrated to the India version.

The PUBG Mobile leaks point at the game starting at Level 1. However, it is disputed as of now. Every migrated Indian gamer ID will carry forward the past rewards, achievements, frames, Pubg Mobile India UCs, tier resets, skins, 2-2 rename cards, and many more.

PUBG Mobile India Gameplay, Special Functions, File Size & More

Designed for India, the PUBG Mobile India update will differ from the global version in terms of content. From the PUBG news received from sources, devs are focusing more on healthy gameplay. It is going to implement a time limit to the game, a feature which existed in the earlier global game. This feature would prevent gamers from spending too much time playing the game, which is a huge concern for parents. 

Reports also suggest that the developers would be tweaking the game to reduce gore and violence and make further changes to the gameplay. There have been cases where people tried to copy some actions from the game with fatal results. Keeping up with the Indian traditions, the characters will be designed with clothes and a possibility of red hit effects to be replaced by green ones.

The professional gamers are of the opinion that PUBG Corp cannot sustain a second and possibly a final ban from India. They have to comply with all the Indian government’s directives and the spirit of “a secure and healthy gameplay environment”. There is a strong possibility of the customized version to sport virtual simulation training ground settings.

PUBG Mobile India news has also confirmed that the esports league will be designed and played exclusively in the Indian region.

On the front of PUBG Mobile news, today, the devs have reduced the file size on the Google Play store to 610 MB only. Now, the storage size can be easily managed by downloading or deleting resource packs and earning rewards too. Hopefully, Indian gamers can expect the game size on similar grounds.

Impact of PUBG Mobile’s comeback on its competitors

PUBG Mobile India unban would have a huge impact on PUBG Mobile alternatives such as FAU-G and Call of Duty: Mobile. During the ongoing ban, the Indian audience moved towards Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and other similar games. 

We also saw an increase in traffic for games such as Among Us, Rocket League, and other multiplayer games during the absence of PUBG Mobile. As these games are from a different genre, they would not face any difficulties with the return of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is returning to India soon. What are your expectations from PUBG Mobile India Update? Do you think it will disrupt the player base of Among Us and other games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

As of now, PUBG Corporation has said nothing about the return of PUBG Mobile Lite. Still, they would want to bring it back as well to increase their outreach. PUBG Mobile Lite is a version of PUBG designed for phones with weak hardware.

Overall, players are happy that their favorite mobile game is returning. The only gripe that some people might have is the alleged time limit on how long one can play the game.

PUBG Mobile is returning to India soon. What are your expectations from PUBG Mobile India Update? Do you think it will disrupt the player base of Among Us and other games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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