[UPDATE] PUBG Mobile India News: Release Date, Pre-Registration, & More


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After cutting off ties with Chines publisher Tencent, PUBG Mobile is all set to make a comeback to India. PUBG Mobile India devs are getting ready to launch a customized version of the gameplay soon. The devs have confirmed that it has been designed keeping in mind the government’s security norms and also specific to the Indian market. PUBG Mobile India gameplay will be different from the global version.

Now, everyone is desperately waiting to hear an update on the PUBG Mobile India Launch Date and trailer. Also, many amongst us would-be scouring the official website frequently for PUBG Mobile India pre-registration links. Let me put forward the information I have.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date

[UPDATE] PUBG Mobile India News: Release Date, Pre-Registration, & More

PUBG India got registered as PUBG India Private Limited company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 21st November. It has a paid-up capital of INR 5,00,000. It clears the doubts regarding government’s pending approvals.

Another set of sources have said that the devs are getting ready for the PUBG Mobile release in the first week of December.

[UPDATE] PUBG Mobile India News: Release Date, Pre-Registration, & More

An Instagram post of GEM eSports hints at fast forward publishing of PUBG Mobile game on Google Play Store. It has pasted the details of 24th November, talking about notice to the Google Review team of Play Store. The notice as shared above directs the review team to expedite publish of the app as soon as the devs upload. A similar notice was circulated on November 13 before being taken down. Android gamers can now zero down the PUBG Mobile India release date to the first week of December.

PUBG Mobile India Pre-registration

There has been no official word yet on PUBG Mobile India pre-registration process and details associated. However, most of the sources claim that for members of the Tap Tap game sharing community, PUBG Mobile India pre-registration was open. It had garnered 394480 followers with 9.8 ratings. In the absence of official word from PUBG Corporation, it had led to confusion amongst the gaming community about its authenticity.

Now the links to pre-register on Tap Tap PUBG Mobile are “unavailable” for Android and iOS platforms. It can be assumed that the free mobile app store, Tap Tap, will not be the official launchpad. Last week PUBG Corp had said:

“More information about the launch of PUBG Mobile India will be shared at a later day,”

It appears that the launch is getting nearer. Today, many PUBG gamers spotted the PUBG Mobile APK download link on its India official website. It also shared a new logo, the Indian version. Located in the News section, the screengrab shared looked as below:

[UPDATE] PUBG Mobile India News: Release Date, Pre-Registration, & More
Credit: PUBG Mobile India Site Snippet

The URL of the website was taken down immediately. Social media handles including the Facebook page and YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India are made live for the time being. It appears that the devs are testing the pages and the information was caught by the over-enthusiastic gaming community. It raises hopes of the gamers signaling that the launch is genuinely very close and can happen anytime today.

A famous PUBG Youtuber has revealed that PUBG Corp has privately released the PUBG Mobile APK files privately, maybe for beta testing to select gamers. Following standard practice, the influencers can share feedback, and even leak news. Their hints point at PUBG Mobile India Launch to happen anytime soon. Some are speculating to happen on Friday, 20th November. 

This matches with the report published in Tech Crunch. It says that according to its sources, PUBG Corp is getting ready to kick off the marketing campaign for PUBG Mobile India from 20th November 2020. People are expecting the unveiling of promotional offers, trailer, and launch date announcements coming to them on Friday.

If PUBG manages to make a comeback, it would the first to come out of the ban imposed by the government. There are few like TikTok who are still in talks for the past 4 months with no resolution in sight.

Updates as of 24th January

It was earlier hoped that the PUBG Mobile India version will make a comeback by March 2021. But a recent report from LiveMint confirms that the Government of India is in no mood to unban TikTok and lift the ban on any of the Chinese apps. It puts to rest all the speculations around re-launch happening in near future!

Whatever speculations floating around, rest assured that the PUBG Mobile India launch is happening before 2020 ends. Till then stay tuned and of course, share your excitement!

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