Google Pixel 4a reports issues in pinch-to-zoom & touch sensitivity! Fix expected to rollout in Android 12 update


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Digital Space Giant, Google, as of late delivered the Pixel 5a 5G, carrying forward their smartphone product line and offering their consumers a means in the shoes of the one-year-old Pixel 4a.

After the December 2020 security update, various Pixel 4a units encountered an unusual touchscreen issue. The infected gadgets met nothing but a failed attempt to react to the content addressed at the lower part of the display screen.

This immensely affected the individuals who relied upon the conventional 3-button route framework rather than the present-day swiping. This issue was swiftly picked up by Google and it rushed to react, promising a fix with the February 2021 security update.

Now another touchscreen-related issue has surfaced. As per reports, the motion that allows clients to pinch to zoom seems to have been out-of-service for users owning the Pixel 4a 5G. It is pretty frustrating because users cannot take a decent picture because one can’t pinch zoom. Oh let’s not mention shooting a video.

Pixel 4A pinch zoom is erratic 75 to 85% of the time will not work for the past 2 months. Degraded overtime to now reliably only works once a day if then. Taking the case off seemed to help a little bit but no longer. Not a reliable fix. Tried all the recommended settings changes to no avail. Can’t tell if it’s software or hardware but it is intermittent. Therefore probably hardware.  Google has to come up with a fix for this I don’t care how. Or I’ll be mailing this back to them.
User 5319731255828854473

Regular Pixel 4a 5G users prone to gadget’s malfunction, say that the issue springs up haphazardly, particularly when utilizing applications like Google Maps and Google Photos where squeeze to zoom is a basic motion.

For a company that basically controls the world, they need to figure out what is wrong.

Fix to Google Pixel 4a pinch to zoom issue

The issue has been reported since January 2021 and Google has acknowledged it. However, there is no ETA to it!

Lilybell2- All: The issue has been reported.  It is helpful if you use your phone to send feedback. Also, while waiting for a fix, there is a workaround that may be helpful at least on a temporary basis:

In the meantime, we have users trying different workarounds to minimize their annoyance. Let us have a look at what has been tried and tested!

There is the alternative to double-tap to zoom, yet this doesn’t work well with everybody. The other alternatives that have been given a try are resorting to safe mode, wiping and resetting the phone, uninstalling recently installed applications. The issue is more a software issue rather than a hardware one. Because users are reporting intermittent working of the function.

If you are looking for Google to provide support on technical issues, use your phone to send feedback directly. For this Go to Settings >  About phone >  now tap on “Send feedback about this device.”

Type feedback, include system logs by checking the “Include system logs” box and tap Send. Although you will not receive a reply unless additional input is needed, be assured that the development team does make use of the information they receive via this feedback mechanism.

One of the consumers brought up a viable solution to this issue, stating that updating to Android 12 beta resolved the issue at hand for him.

This genuinely implied that the ongoing problems are mostly software-related, especially because they first appeared after the Android 11 update and got eliminated with the new upgrade of the same.

Kyle S 926
I updated to android 12 beta and it fixed my pinch to zoom issue it randomly appeared an was off and on past few weeks. Something with android 11 I think is the problem, I have pixel 4a.

The news that the issue has been settled for some clients with the Android 12 beta rendition, the new update ought to give some respite to Google Pixel 4a 5G users too.

But the silver lining to all this ruckus was shown by a forum product expert who unveiled in June that Google knows about the issue and is chipping away at an answer so that the consumers can be put to ease at the earliest.

In the meantime, the users facing issues with their current Google Pixel smartphone may attempt the workarounds recommended in the article. This should help you deal with the inconvenience and also give a breather to Google, while it makes the last amendments in the Android 12 beta pack to ensure a stable rollout at some point one month from now.

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