How To Download Android 12 Wallpaper On Any Device?


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Android 11 update in 2020 put quite a dampener on many devoted users of the ecosystem. Issues ranged from green glitches and bricking issues on Mi Smartphones to battery drain on older Samsung models like the Galaxy S10. The never-ending list of bugs prompted the majority of the experts to believe that Android 11 has been the buggiest update to date. Many have been forced to revert to Android 10.

Although users will be initially hesitant about the Android 12 update coming in September 2021. However, they would be looking forward to finding a permanent fix to Android 11 pestering issues. It seems fair that one would expect Android 12 to be a quality deliverance that Google is expected to deliver.

Android 12 Developer Preview 1 has gone live in the last week of February. Google is likely to plan for at least six preview/beta releases, possibly ending in March. It will be followed by a 6 release schedule for Android 12 somewhat similar to what Google followed in Android 11.

As it is, there isn’t much information on what features the new update will pack neither there are updates specifying the devices eligible for the Android 12 update. Till the time it gets official, keep your fingers crossed. However, the first cut of Android 12 wallpaper is available for download right now.

What’s new about Android 12 wallpaper?

The current iteration of the wallpaper is said to work for all devices; smartphones, tablets, and PCs can run them regardless of the OS. The minimal design with the muted accents seems to be the only thing carried over. Check out the first set of screenshots of the Android 12 wallpaper accessed from the Russian website Wylsa.

How To Download Android 12 Wallpaper On Any Device?

As far as the UI goes, it has acquired a certain reflection of the iOS interface with minimal design outlook. There is a slightly minimalist approach in the manner in which the Home screen looks. The easy access Google browser looks different too. Also, it hints at the next level of security in Android 12.

The resolution scaling on the images is pretty good and supports up to 1480 pixels in length while the width ranges from 701 to 648 pixels. For the horizontal version, the resolution is 1480 by 987 pixels. The wallpapers are available can be downloaded for any device -mobiles, tablets, and PC, independent of platform or OS.

According to sources, the Android 12 wallpaper system is in development. While this does mean a wider scope for improvement, it also indicates the possibility of the current wallpaper being unavailable for the official and final update.

I can’t find any traces of dynamic color palette generation at the moment, but maybe Google will add it in a future build. The feature already works quite well considering how early this build is.

kdrag0n (Twitter)

For the most part, the wallpaper makes use of both Night and Day mode. This gives it an additional layer of customization. The background apps and the pull-down tab can be given the accents of the wallpapers.

How To Download Android 12 Wallpaper On Any Device?

As we stated earlier this change in the color palette would mean a certain degree of uniformity across most third party apps which would support the background wallpaper feature.

Changing the tone of a certain wallpaper to warmer shades might be possible too. Normally this would mean completely changing the screen blue light filter. Though on Android 12, it might be restricted only when returning to the background.

Where to download the Android 12 wallpaper from?

Here’s the link which will take you to the new Android 12 wallpaper.

It is worth keeping in mind that these wallpapers may not make it to the final release. You can rest assured, however, that you managed to get an earlier preview than most.

Android 12 new “Monet” wallpaper

A tweet posted by user kdrag0n gives a bit of insight on Android 12’s “Monet” wallpapers. There were constant updates as well along with several captured images to verify the authenticity of his claim.

Android 12 Wallpapers by user kdrag0n

More updates are along the way with possible reports on the features of Android 12.

That’s pretty much all from our end. If there’s anything more you would like us to cover, do leave a comment below. For more info like this head over to our website here.

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