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New iPhone SE 3 2022 Rumors, New Specs, Launch date and Price!

2021 has come and gone leaving us with the latest generation of Apple’s popular iPhone lineup, the iPhone 13 series. Yet, with plenty of expectations slated towards an iPhone SE 3 2022, the question remains “Will there be another iPhone SE” in 2022. As of now, we do not have official confirmation on the iPhone SE 3 release, specs, price and even existence.

Fortunately, rumor mills are working at their own pace. There are speculative theories drawn up by Apple analysts like Ming-Chi-Kuo and the latest Chinese website MyDrivers give us a supposition of what the iPhone SE 3 2022 might be like.

Rumored iPhone SE 2022 Specs

According to the website MyDrivers, the 3rd Gen SE model is likely to adopt the design choices of the iPhone XR. The chunky bezels will be likely knocked off for a notch design that will likely host the Face ID option. Besides, the XR design and Touch ID this model of the iPhone SE series might be the last which uses an LCD display before the company makes the permanent move to OLED displays.

According to the latest news, the iPhone SE 3 will be Apple’s last mobile phone equipped with an LCD display. For those who have no love for OLED, there are few opportunities left.

最新消息称,iPhone SE 3将是苹果最后一款配备LCD液晶显示屏的手机,对于那些对OLED无爱的朋友来说,机会所剩无几了。


Further internal specs suggest the inclusion of an Apple A15 Bionic processor and 5G Connectivity-a pretty substantial improvement over the previous 2nd Gen SE. The design of its body is expected to undergo change as well. As a result, one could expect a curved design over the more recent flat-edged sides. Moreover, a switch from the iPhone 8 design language to the iPhone XR is also expected. MyDrivers elaborates much on the current train of thought.

However, it was said earlier that the iPhone SE 3 is still the iPhone 8 model, that is, a 4.7-inch screen and a front Touch ID, but the latest rumors suggest that it is based on the iPhone XR and is equipped with side fingerprints. Of course, the front Face ID is not ruled out.

不过,早先说法iPhone SE 3仍旧是iPhone 8造型,也就是4.7寸屏、正面Touch ID,但最新传言认为它基于iPhone XR打造,配备侧面指纹,当然也不排除正面Face ID。


Contradictory Rumours for iPhone SE 3 2022

Some of the more prominent Apple theorists have issued statements and retracted them in favour of other developments. Ming Chi Kuo and Ross Young had initially suggested a design choice akin to that of the iPhone XR. This meant the potential of having a 6.1-inch screen, a theory that didn’t sit well with some of the fans of the SE’s relatively small form factor. However, as I stated earlier they did change their statements and mentioned that the iPhone SE 3 may retain its original design.

There are further speculations regarding the 4th gen version, but that’s just wishful thinking. As for the reliability of MyDrivers’ suggestions, they’re a mixed bag:

  1. They once suggested the iPhone 7 Plus being called the iPhone Pro
  2. Made the correct prediction of the iPhone 7 with 256GB storage
  3. The 4th gen iPad Air would be launched in March 2021
  4. The correct prediction of a larger iPad Air display.

iPhone SE 3 rumors seem reliable enough for now, but, only time will tell if they struck gold on their latest opinions.

When will iPhone SE 3 launch?

Work on the 3rd gen SE is expected to start sometime in December 2021 with the device expected to hit store shelves globally sometime in Spring 2022. The same has been speculated by MyDrivers too. In the absence of official confirmation, there are some sources that are hinting at an iPhone SE 3 launch happening in Q1 2022 on the basis of the latest renders.

What will be launch iPhone SE 3 price?

Obviously, Apple will be launching its affordable iPhone SE 3 models at an affordable price range. It will be powered with a 5nm A15 Bionic chipset, 5G support, enhanced internals in 2022.

As per reports by GSMArena, iPhone SE 2022 price should hover around the iPhone SE 2020 price of $299 or $399. Macrumors has also reported that iPhone SE‌ 3 price in USA, 64GB variant, will be $399.

Expectations are set for a 64GB variant of the model to be released with the starting iPhone SE‌ 3 price in India 2021 set around ₹38,800. A pretty sound option if you consider the specs. Apple would like to keep iPhone SE 3 price in India at less than Rs 40,000 giving impetus to the country’s manufacturing capacity and demand.

Will the new iPhone SE 2022 support 5G?

The Apple iPhone SE 3 will be equipped with 5G connectivity instead of 4G as in the iPhone SE 2020. But it is rumored to be the last model in the SE lineup.

How long will Apple support the new iPhone SE 3 2022?

In the latest data published by Statista, including iPhone 12 series with iOS 15, one can see Apple extending support to OS on older iPhones. The Cupertino based company can be seen providing software support for almost a decade. While hardware support has been extended to 5 to 7-year-old handsets.

As per norms, Apple supports all iPhones as well as its flagship devices for 7 years from the last date it sold that model. In other words, the company will service for a price as long as iPhone was being sold by Apple for up to seven years.

As far as supporting operating systems and security updates is concerned, Apple will support the last three versions only.

So what do you think? Is the iPhone SE 3 2022 a valuable proposition, or is it yet another money-grabbing “upgrade”? Let me know in the comments down below. For more similar content visit our website here.

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