13 Strategic Approaches for How To Win A Quick Checkers Game Every Time


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Almost everyone looks back and reminisces that everyone gathered together to play games. The present times allow people to play their favourite game whilst resting on the couch. One such gaming developing company that helps us enjoy this comfort is GamoVation. The gaming company-inspired by the words Gaming and innovation, has tried to play its hand by attempting their chance at making the game Checkers accessible to everyone by releasing quick checkers online. Quick checkers pc has allowed the community to cross-play.

From Where to Download Quick Checkers Game?

The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple store. Here are the links

The game can be subheaded into 4 major parts namely: SETUP, OBJECTIVES, GAMEPLAY, and RULES. Let us first understand them

Basics of Checkers Game


Checkers-Generally played by two players sitting across from each other, can now be played online by people sitting miles and miles away. Checkers is of an 8×8 or 10x 10 square playground with its horizontal axis numbered and its vertical axis aligned alphabetically. Checkers is played generally in 2 colours- black and white, and the pieces are set up in a dark-coloured square. Playing a match or two would familiarize people with Checkers game online.


The game’s objective is to either trap the opponent so that no moves can be made or to capture all the opponent’s pieces.


Player 1 – the player playing the white piece begins the game by making the first move. A player can move forward or diagonally, but the pieces can never be played backwards into the home base. Players take turns by moving 1 piece, 1 at a time. A checker is captured by jumping your pieces into the opponent’s piece. A jump can be made when the square behind the opponent’s checker is open.

More than one checker can be captured in turn by multiple jumps being made by the same checker. Moving on to the later game, when a player moves his piece to the other side of the board, that checker is kinged. The kinged checker was signified by a checker being stacked on top of the checker that was moved on the other side of the board. A kinged checker moves both forward and backwards. The game is then continued until one is trapped or when one runs out of checkers.


Checkers game rules are as follows

  • Moves are done one at a time.
  • The player can move only on dark squares.
  • A single checker can only jump and move forward.
  • If a player can capture a particular checker
  • The player is bound to capture the checker. If a player cannot make it, he has to accept defeat

This covers up the basics of Checkers.

How to Win Checkers Every Time?

How to Win Checkers Every Time?

A lot of Checkers players ask this question how to win checkers every time? So The key to winning checkers lies in controlling the centre of the board. It is advised to master a single opening and learn 2 to 3 responses if you are player 2. Keeping the checkers on the left column from 5 to 3 will give you a tactical advantage. One should always attack the opponent’s double corner and should try to avoid keeping the checker in the single corner.

Keeping the backline checker unimpaired will also help you. Don’t be afraid to trade pieces when you are one up; always remember to set traps and look up all the possibilities before making a move. Try to lure the opponent’s checker from the back row, which will allow you to king your checker and try to align your checkers in 3s.

1. Memorise Specific Opening Sequences

As a beginner, you must learn a few opening stances like “Old Faithful” and others. Memorising specific board states in the middle or end of the game will help you escape a few tricky situations.

2. Control the Center

Having control over the middle of the board with help you with an extra advantage as you will have the power to move in any direction and it will increase the probability to win checkers.

3. Build A Pyramid

In the few initial chances of the game, try and build a pyramid from your pieces to get hold over the rest of the chances. three pieces on the back row, two ahead of it and one in the front row. And try to maintain this form for a longer time. If you want to win the checkers game, you must use this technique.

4. Offensive Play

Playing defensive instead of offensive may disadvantage your game as the opponent will have the power to decide and capture the move you were planning to take, so you should play offensive to win checkers.

5. Play with the Goal of Getting Checker at the End of the Board

Kings hold the biggest power in the game, and the king with more checkers will have a strong point. Therefore, your main concern in the game must always be on the king, the checkers.

6. Advance En Masse

A single checker has a high chance of being easily captured and jumped. Therefore, always cover it with two or more checkers to the immunity powers.

7. Sacrifice a Checker if Necessary

Sometimes Sacrifice is a chance to win the game, Sacrificing a checker to capture an opponent’s checker is an easy move at the beginning of the game.

8. Prefer Forced Move for Advantages

Sometimes, a single checker may be obstructing kings row and your checker. Therefore, make sure to sacrifice, as it will be out of your king’s way to help with due advantage.

9. Do not Mess with the Home row Checker Until your Want Them

Do not move your home row checker, as the opponent’s king checker will enter the home space until the rows are booked. Let these home checker crown the king.

10. Trade Pieces When You’re Ahead in the Game

There are only 12 pieces in a game, and be ready to trade off 7-8 pieces initially to get an advantage over the power of the remaining piece in the end.

11. Watch for Kings in the Endgame

While beginning the game, secure the end row with a home checker, which ultimately will help secure the king and keep your path to kingmanship closed till the end. It will help keep your opponent away from the king and other powerful home pieces.

12. Avoid Triangle and Triplicated

Three pieces in a triangular shape can easily become a liability for the player if the middle piece is removed, leaving space for a vulnerable double jump. Therefore, always try and avoid any such formations.

13. The Blocking Option is also a Winning Saviour

If you’re in the middle of the game and don’t move a piece, you will lose; then make sure to move a clock in the opponent’s checkers to block their move.

FAQs Related To Checkers Game

Can checkers be played perfectly?

A game of checkers can be played perfectly, but it would result in the game leading up to a draw.

Is it better to go first or second in checkers?

There is an equal chance of winning despite going first or second. However, totally perfect first plays would result in the first player forcing victory.

What is the best first move in checkers?

The best first move for player 1 would be to move the single corner checker into the middle of the board, guaranteeing a theoretical advantage.

Can a checkers game last forever?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, most of the professional games end up in a draw.

Who wins in checkers if nobody can move?

When a player has no possible move, the turn is given to the opponent. However, in the niche possibility of both the players being unable to make a move – the game would end up in a draw or in technical terms-Stalemate.

How to Avoid Some Mandatory Moves at Checkers?

Think of a chance ahead and plan your moves accordingly. The previous chance move must not create a mandatory move in the next turn, leading to a waste capture.

Which book has the best Checkers Winning Strategies?

Win At Checkers can help you with some strategies that will help strengthen your game moves.

Can you win a Checker game without losing a piece?

If the opponent player is helping you without losing a piece, then you can definitely win the game with all the checkers.

It is a must for everyone to try checkers online – duel friends online. Hope that you find this article (How to win checkers game) insightful and helpful. Let us know if the strategies discussed are of use. To read similar articles visit us at phoneswiki.com.


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