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Why Gaming chair prices have gone up by 10% since December

A lot of hard work went into figuring out just why prices have been going up by 10% since December of last year – and the results are pretty interesting. You see, our team has been working to dissect this phenomenon, and now we have an excellent idea of what is happening behind the closed doors of gaming chair manufacturers too. 

We have also discovered how you can take advantage of specific gaming chair trends. So you will understand why you’ve to spend a certain amount of cash on your next gaming chair purchase. 

Why are gaming chairs becoming more expensive? 

Let’s get to the fundamental question: Why are gaming chairs becoming more expensive? Multiple factors contribute to this. There are also a few different types of chairs – and they don’t all have an equal price tag. Here are the three most prominent factors that are causing an increase in the price of a gaming chair.

Ergonomic features 

As you may or may not know, ergonomics is the study of matching the natural curvature of the human body to an object. In a chair, this means that the seat is designed to fit the natural curvature of the spine and other body parts. It’s pretty essential if you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk.

Ergonomic components can be expensive to design, engineer, and mass produce, for two reasons: one, they are very complicated objects to create; and two, they are health-forward (which is always a good thing).

Seatbacks that mimic the spine, lumbar support cushions, and advanced headrests all cost a lot of money to build, and this cost is then passed on to the consumer. The budget-friendly chairs exist; just make sure that you do thorough research before purchasing one!

Adjustability luxuries 

Gaming chairs are designed to keep you comfortable as you play for hours on end, but they’re also designed to be adjustable. That’s because some gamers like to use their chairs for more than just gaming. For example, a place to take quick naps between long play sessions or a place to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

But with all these adjustability options comes a price—literally. The technologies that allow extensive adjustability are expensive and passed down to customers who initially may not have looked for such features.

So if you know you’ll be using your chair for more than just gaming (maybe as a space to relax after a long night), we recommend looking for a gaming chair with lots of adjustability options, even if it adds another $50 to your purchase price. The adjustability will improve the comfort of your chair for long-term use and aid in your overall health—a small price to pay for improved wellness!

Manufacturer’s superior reputation

Why is it that gaming chairs are becoming more and more expensive? It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just… brand name recognition.

You see, in the gaming chair industry, certain manufacturers have built up their reputation to the point where they have near-total control over overpricing. Once a manufacturer gains that respect, they can charge whatever they want for their products and still have them sell out. So this has led to some outrageous price hikes on older models of chairs. They use this to keep demand high even when the chair hasn’t changed much from previous iterations.

The lesson here is that expensive doesn’t always mean better. Many gaming chairs are built to last you for years—so it’s not something you buy every year. 

The bottom line 

It’s essential to do your research before buying any chair—even if you’re looking at ones that aren’t exclusively for gamers. Read reviews and check out different manufacturers so that you can find one with plenty of positive feedback from other customers. We also recommend looking into chairs built with ergonomics in mind when creating them to offer maximum comfort and support for anyone who sits down in them (including those who play video games often).

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