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GTA 6 has taken center stage this month, captivating enthusiasts who are immersed in conversations ranging from uncovering Easter eggs to scrutinizing game specifications. It all started with Rockstar Games unveiling the much-anticipated GTA 6 trailer on December 5, 2023, sparking fervor among fans. Of particular concern is the GTA 6 download size, a topic that looms large among fans. Despite the absence of an official figure from Rockstar Games, the internet is abuzz with speculations generated by the community.

In tandem with this, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, officially declared through a press release that GTA 6 is set to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. This revelation has significantly heightened anticipation within the gaming community, leading to widespread discussions about the potential download size of these cutting-edge consoles.

As the gaming world eagerly awaits more official disclosures on GTA 6 requirements, price, and release date, including the crucial download size, enthusiasts are actively participating in online conversations, contributing to the palpable excitement surrounding the imminent release of this highly anticipated addition to the iconic GTA series.

What is the speculated GTA 6 download size on PS5, Xbox Series S|X?

GTA 6 has become a hotbed for leaks and rumors circulating on the internet. One recent speculation suggests that the GTA 6 download size could reach a staggering 750 GB. While the download size is typically slightly smaller than the install size, a 750 GB game poses a significant challenge for current consoles. For instance, the new edition of the PS5 comes with a 1 TB storage capacity, with just over 800 GB available for use. If GTA 6 indeed requires a 750 GB install size, users may need to delete existing games to accommodate it.

This rumor originated from a Rockstar insider who leaked details about the game. The leak, confirmed by Rockstar, hinted at a game with 400 hours of gameplay and multiple cities on the map. A recent TikTok leak detailing the map suggested that the game’s size could be twice that of Los Santos from GTA 5.

Despite these speculations, Rockstar has not officially confirmed the GTA 6 download size on consoles. Some skepticism has been expressed, with a Reddit user using map leaks and calculations to estimate a more reasonable size of around 200 GB.

An install size of 750 GB seems highly unlikely, surpassing the base storage capacities of PS5 and Xbox Series S. The expansive map of the fictional state of Leonida showcased in the GTA 6 trailer and leaked development clips does hint at a feature-rich game, but a more believable download size is expected.

The much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 promises not only exceptional graphic performance but also a substantial map size, aligning well with the estimated 200GB requirement. Transporting players back to Vice City, the game is expected to showcase familiar landmarks and introduce the Vice City Metro, featuring three lines spanning over 24 stations, according to leaks. Leaked information from 2022 documents also suggests references to Mexico and Canada, hinting at a potentially expansive map with a significant body of water.

Further examination of these leaked documents unveils intriguing and potentially entertaining additions to the game. Players might have the opportunity to purchase gum from gumball machines, engage in activities like operating excavators, and encounter wildlife such as lions and tigers. While the authenticity of these details remains unconfirmed, they contribute to the mounting excitement surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI since its initial announcement by Rockstar Games in February 2022. As fans eagerly await official confirmation and more information, these rumored features add an extra layer of anticipation to the highly awaited release.

As fans eagerly await official details from Rockstar Games, it’s important to treat these speculations with caution. The debut trailer did provide a close look at Lucia, a significant character in GTA 6, who has gained attention since featuring prominently in leaked development footage from 2022. If Rockstar Games releases more trailers, other major characters, such as the reported second protagonist, Jason, may be introduced.

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