5 Best Free Chrome VPN extensions with unlimited bandwidth


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A VPN helps you become invisible. Not literally but on the internet. Let me explain first before I list out the options available in Free Chrome VPN. Without a VPN, your internet service provider knows that Eric visited Facebook at 11:00 AM, then opened Netflix at 11:10 AM then browsed some shady websites at noon. With a VPN, this is what your Internet Service Provider sees:


Literally gibberish. Your ISP is not able to see your activity, including what websites are you visiting, what data are you downloading/ uploading, etc. Take note, that this applies regardless of which ISP you’re connected to.

Although a high-quality internet connection still matters if you want to maximize your VPN browsing experience. Let me make it more simple if you still can’t understand. The following image makes it very clear how your data is interpreted when you are not using a VPN vs when you are on a VPN.

A VPN service does much more than just make you invisible. Many websites themselves censor the content from being accessible in other countries. You can bypass such restrictions by using a VPN. We will have another detailed post on how a VPN works and why you should use one. For now, let’s get back to our list of best Chrome VPNs that we will advocate you to use that boast strong security features.

5 Best Free Chrome VPN extensions with unlimited bandwidth


The reason it’s the best free VPN is because of its minimal footprint and no signup process. There is no need to sign up and verify an email address to use TouchVPN. Just install it from the Chrome web store and use it immediately. Although they do advertise it to work with Netflix, in our test, as soon we started playing a movie on Netflix, it automatically turned off.

Many other users have also reported it getting turned off automatically. So take their claim with a grain of salt. It can be used to unblock certain websites that either your ISP or the government has blocked in your region.

2. VeePN

VeePN is the application with the largest range of free features available. By downloading only one application, you can not only access private content or change the location, but you can also become anonymous online. After all, VeePN encrypts your code, which will help you encrypt your personal data and ensure the complete security of your personal documents and data.

Your privacy and safety are the primary values. VeePN does not collect or store your data. You can ensure it by checking the No Log policy – all the details are there for your information.

Get free VeePN

3. Free Residential VPN

This is another great VPN option that is available for free. Residential VPN is a community-powered VPN and hence there is no limitation on bandwidth. It is also ad-free and comes with plenty of locations that you can choose from.

The one catch that this VPN has is that it won’t just work with the Extension. You will also have to download an app called Tuxler for it to work. As soon as the installation for Chrome finishes, it will redirect you to download the Tuxler app. If you don’t mind installing an extra app, this can be a good free VPN option for you. Free Residential VPN has received good reviews on the Chrome web store.

4. uVPN- free and unlimited VPN for everyone

This is another great free VPN for Chrome. uVPN can be used to browse blocked websites in your region. It also comes with unrestricted bandwidth so that is also a plus point. Although there are overall good reviews about it on the Chrome web store, but recently, many users have reviewed it negatively. You can test it for yourself and see if this works for you.

5. Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

Hola is also a very popular free VPN that is available on the Chrome web store. Hola VPN also has an Android app available on Play Store if you want to use VPN on your smartphone. Hola can also be used to unblock restricted websites.

You can use Hola at your office or school to view blocked websites. But don’t expect it to do a lot for you. They offer a premium subscription which gives you fast internet speeds and even more locations to browse the internet from.

6. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN will be our final pick in the list of free VPNs for Chrome. If none of the above-listed VPNs work for you, try Hotspot Shield. It comes with additional features such as ad-blocking, tracker blocking and even malware protection.

Hotspot Shield is now giving unlimited bandwidth for free users also. Earlier it came with a 500MB limit for a day. We will unquestionably recommend Hotspot Shield as free VPN alternatives for Chrome. If you like their service, you can also check out their Android app.

That’s all for our list of the best and free VPN extensions on the Chrome web store. If you come across any problem with the VPN extensions that we have listed, please let us know in the comments section below and we will try to help you.

Also if you have a better VPN extension to suggest, leave it in the comments below and we will definitely take the time to check it out. If we find your suggestion worth listing here, we will update our list.

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