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With changing weather patterns and global climate conditions, it has become more crucial than ever to remain updated about the weather. Smartphones have fortunately simplified the way we access weather information from centralized weather prediction databases. Most smartphones now include an inbuilt weather app that provides relatively accurate data depending on the device, region, and app you are using.

However, everyone has their own respective taste in acquiring information. Some require detailed statistical data on the weather while some prefer a clean interface with the simplest but most accurate predictions. Thus developers and organizations have built beautifully designed apps that change the way weather information is consumed by users.

Apart from Apple’s inbuilt weather app that offers all necessary information with clean graphics, here are some of the widely appreciated best weather apps for iPhone.

The Best Weather Apps For iPhone

We have selected the best weather apps for iPhones based on the focus of the respective apps. Some apps focus on the interface while some others choose to provide accurate and detailed data. Here are some of the best weather apps for iPhone available on the App Store to suit your preferences.


RadarScope is one of the most exhaustive apps on the App Store that provides information way beyond any traditional weather app. It’s primarily focused on weather enthusiasts and meteorologists.

It sources its information from Super-Resolution radar data and NEXRAD Level 3 along with additional information for Flash Floods, Special Marine Warnings, Tornadoes, and Severe thunderstorms. It also displays data about periodic storm tracks fetched from the US National Weather Service.

However, the data display is not meant for general use as the render is primarily from raw weather data sets displayed in the original radial format for a high level of detail. Thus the app is ideal for weather data enthusiasts who love raw and accurate information from multiple sources. You can download the app from the iOS App Store.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is another excellent app with up-to-the-minute information about the weather. It claims to provide accurate information about the very spot you are standing. Regardless of the accuracy of the app, it is one of the best-paid weather apps for the iPhone.

Moreover, the app has been featured in major publications like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, and numerous others. The app provides minute-by-minute predictions for the weather while helping you decide for upcoming days and weeks. With beautiful radar animations and an interface that offers accurate data about the readings, this is a must-have if you like minimal design and correct information.


Accuweather has been among the top weather apps for both iOS and Android. With millions of downloads on both platforms, it is considered as the de facto standard for online weather prediction.

But the accuracy of the predictions is sometimes not reliable depending on the location and fast-changing unpredictable weather conditions. Several updates to the app have, however, significantly improved its accuracy and it is now one of the best free apps for weather predictions across the world.


WeatherBug is famous not only for weather predictions but also for pollen levels. It aims to warn users if they have pollen allergies and therefore is a favorite among a niche market. Moreover, it’s free and provides accurate information for present, hourly and 10-day intervals.

The app has 18 different weather maps to help users visualize weather conditions in a variety of formats. It also provides lifestyle forecasts necessary for trips and outdoor activities.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel comes from IBM Business and offers on some of the commonly found weather information on the app. It’s a combination of the news and weather information where you can also check for road conditions in your area depending on the news and information availability.

The app provides nearly accurate information for up to 2 weeks in advance, along with current data about your location. With updates and alerts for changing conditions, it’s one of the best apps on the store to gain all-around information about the weather and nature around you.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is among the few apps that provide accurate information from over 27,000 weather stations located across the globe. Its interface is a combination of RadarScope and Accuweather where it fetches data both from NEXRAD radars and provides accurate forecasts from local weather stations.

It includes information related to temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, today’s rain accumulation, visibility, dew point, pressure, and numerous others. This all-around information is what makes it a preferred app for millions.

Hurricane by American Red Cross

The Red Cross has a series of apps that focus on and provide information relating to disaster preparedness. The Hurricane app is one among the series that includes Hurricane related weather information along with tiny tools in the app that allows you to activate a flashlight or sound an alarm to indicate your location.

You can also send an automated message to your loved ones to inform them that you are safe. The app is a must-have for Hurricane prone areas across the world. You can download the app at:

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