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EA and DICE’s legendary FPS title Battlefield 6 is set to get a release date in 2021. The launch date has been kept under wraps. Surprisingly, EA has dropped in a teaser tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. It potentially hints at a trailer reveal followed by Battlefield 6 release date announcement. It is a reason to cheer about on gloomy days!

The last installment released by the franchise was Battlefield V way back in the year 2018. Its popularity index amongst gamers is pretty high for its sheer simplicity. One can still be useful even with poor aim. All one has to do is to play medic and spam smoke grenade launcher, revive teammates and throw them bandages so they can heal. This makes the game more fun than Call of Duty.

It was in 2018 that Battlefield V was released. Skipping its annual release schedule, the franchise in 2019 announced that Battlefield 6 was not getting released in 2020. Maybe giving some space to devs at DICE after the Firestorm Battle Royale Mode fiasco to rethink the Battlefield game.

Fortunately, EA Play had made the announcement of Battlefield 6 in the works with a target year set for 2021, hyped the players. This has led to the persistent question at all forums “when is the new battlefield coming out“? With the franchise keeping tight-lipped, the internet is flooded with Battlefield 6 leaks and rumors.

Bringing to you the latest Battlefield 6 news and leaks on a potential release date, trailer, and settings, scroll below and share with us your excitement.

Battlefield 6 Trailer Reveal

The first trailer of Battlefield 6 might be revealed in June. A tweet from the game’s official Twitter account read “Words that rhyme with Soon. June. Boom.” This has led us to believe that DICE will be revealing something big in June.

The keyword here is “Boom” in “June”. We are getting closer to Battlefield 6 in action. We are dreaming of a trailer reveal in June. Let us know what you feel?

When is the Battlefield 6 release date?

Majorly Battlefield games in the past have been released in the fall, either October or November. It is speculated that Battlefield 6 release date will also happen sometime by Holiday 2021. A possible announcement is up on the cards too, preceded by a possible trailer launch in June.

We have strong reasons to believe that Battlefield 6 announcement is coming up next month. Earlier, EA had promised revelation of Battlefield 6 in Spring (between March and June) 2021. Also, it coincides with E3 2021 happening from 12th June 12 to 15th June online.

The latest Battlefield 6 news according to DICE is that it is in “daily playtesting mode” with a focus on “polishing and balancing” the game. The devs are working on “creating a jaw-dropping experience” and “takes all of it to the next level.” 

However, do not be surprised if the release date gets pushed further into 2022 since devs are working from home in COVID times.

What will be Battlefield 6 setting and gameplay?

It is rumored that Battlefield 6 settings will be World War II, somewhat similar to Battlefield 5. Another leaker TheLongSensation, strongly believes that Battlefield 6 will be a reboot of Battlefield 3. In other words gameplay settings in the present day. It is debatable because EA will not like it to compete directly with the Call of Duty franchise.

As per the first teaser shared by well-known leaker Tom Henderson, it is more of a space station surrounded by trees. The drawings reflect Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

There are few who believe that Dice might go for a completely never before tried setting. The settings of the last two Battlefield games were WWI and WW II. Probably Battlefield could opt for a present-day sci-fi setting or somewhat in the future.

With no official confirmation, settings are all guesses. However, one thing is sure. It will be completely immersive, all-out military warfare and never before experienced mayhem.

When will the Battlefield 6 setting be?

Going by the popular tipster Tom Henderson, the Battlefield setting will happen “around 10 years from now”. Devs will get a chance to “implement weapons and vehicles that are currently in military development today.” Die-hard fans can anticipate high-level military robots, drones, jets, and weaponry.

Battlefield 6 Game Plot

The popular leakster Henderson in a recent tweet revealed teh game plot of Battlefield 6. It will be the famous conflict between the U.S. and Russia with the nations of the world also playing their part. Players will be given the option to play on behalf of either US or Russia irrespective of their nationality.

If the game plot turns out to be true then expect the Battlefiled VI setting to happen in the Cold War era. The USA versus Russia will see two superpowers engaged in high tech proxy battles. 

Will there be a Battle Royale in Battlefield 6?

Yes, if rumors are the be believed. In a Battlefield 6 subreddit, the leak claims that it is making a comeback. However, the question of making it free to play or be part of the game is not known with final authority lying with EA.

The leak confirms that the gameplay will support ‘up to 128 players’ in select game modes. Another interesting Battlefiled 6 leak is that the old popular maps like Wake Island, Metro, Locker will make a comeback.

Will Battlefield 6 release on PS4 and Xbox One?

A big NO!

EA and DICE have confirmed that no support will be extended to PS4 or Xbox One. The game has been designed keeping in mind new consoles, “new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms.” It will be available for play on PS5, Xbox Series Z & S, and PC only.

Another reason to push the launch to 2021 is the number of players on PS5, Xbox Series Z & S would have been pretty less in 2020.

Do stay tuned for latest updates on Battlefield 6 leaks!

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