5 Ways to Promote your Business Page on Facebook


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Businesses need social media to showcase their brand and its workings, services, and products to potential clients. Almost every social media platform has released special features to help these brands and businesses grow. Facebook, the platform with 2.6 billion people worldwide, has a vast audience that you can uncover and convert into potential customers.

The platform has rolled out the feature of Business Page using which businesses get access to a lot of new features that personal accounts don’t have access to like the Facebook Marketplace.

The only way to succeed in beating the algorithm is to increase Facebook engagement so that the algorithm boosts your account to a larger audience. You can do this using the organic growth method (the best method for retaining your audience for longer periods of time) or you could buy Facebook likes to get more likes on your posts and increase engagement.

You can also hire any social media or digital marketing service company to take care of all your digital media needs. However, it might not be within your budget but you might not want someone else to do it. Don’t worry. We have solutions for that too. In this article, we have put together a list of 5 things that you could do to promote your Facebook Business Page. We wouldn’t want to delay your account’s growth and visibility, right? So, let’s jump right into it.

Utilize Video Content

With the ever-decreasing attention span and the business in our lives, video contents are essential as they grasp our attention quickly and can convey more information compared to a post. Facebook counts a view when the user has watched a video for 3 seconds or more.

When you upload video content, it shows up on your follower’s timeline and as they scroll, the movement and graphic content is bound to catch their eyes. Even if your video cannot retain the viewer for long, all Facebook needs is for them to watch it for 3 seconds and you get one more view. The more the number of views, the higher the engagement and the better the exposure you get.

Use the Live Feature

Facebook lives are an innovative way to connect with your audience. You can talk to them, answer their questions, or even hold live game sessions. Need ideas? Well, you could show them the behind-the-scenes of the work that goes on in the company or host a Q&A to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Talking about topics in your niche that are related to your business, guiding your audience on it, and providing tips and tricks on how to do it quickly and easily are also some options. Why do we suggest you go live? Well, when you go live, any of your followers that are online, get a notification that you have started life.

Moreover, the people who interact the most with your page or content are sent notifications. This helps to increase Facebook engagement. Afraid that after the live ends you will lose the content? Fear not because all of your live videos show up on your Facebook page and will also show up on your audience’s timeline later.

Exclusive and Curated Content is the Key

Every social media platform is unique and so are the features, hashtags, and audience. You could use a cross-platform marketing strategy where you ask your audience on Instagram or Twitter or your blog, to follow you on your Facebook page to receive regular coupons that are exclusive to your Facebook family.

Hence, create posts in the format that is popular on Facebook and generate exclusive content for them to look forward to so that they follow you.

Repost your Audience’s Content

Always ask your users to give their feedback or tag them in posts where they speak about your product or use it. You would be able to check out any and all posts where you have been tagged. When you repost this content, you encourage your audience and build a bond with them.

It helps you keep them appeased and also helps you reach their audience. Acknowledge these posts by engaging in them. Either leave a comment or share it on your profile if it lines up with your aesthetic. This works wonders for your engagement too.

Follow The Trends

Every platform witnesses a sudden type of content coming into fame and a large number of creators or brands imitate them and post content. When some trend is new to the platform, try acting on it then itself. As time passes, people get bored with the trend and your post might not perform well.

You could very well add your twist on the already existing trend aligning it with your profile, niche, and aesthetic. Who knows, you might end up creating a new trend. For example, there are regular meme formats that come into popularity. You could very well use them and add some twists to generate fun but trendy content for your profile and audience.


Growing on social media is challenging but these tips above might somewhat help in easing it. All that matters is that you work to increase Facebook engagement. You could also avail of third-party services to buy FB comment likes, follows, comments, and shares. However, we hope that the above tips would be enough!

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.


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