A beginner’s Guide to Party Bus Rentals


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We all have different definitions of a party depending on our previous experiences. Maybe you think partying means going to the bar with some friends. Perhaps meeting your family and eating together is a party for you. Regardless of the meaning, one thing is clear; we all want to experience something to remember.

So, how do you make a party unique? A party bus is something you should consider. How would it feel about inviting your friends out for a night and having a bus filled with drinks, music, and games transport you around town? Or how about asking people to your kid’s birthday party and walking into a bus full of games? Party buses are perfect for a different party experience. Here is a beginner’s guide to party bus rentals.

  1. Plan. Planning will enable you to avoid last-minute rush and forgetting essential things. Begin your search about five weeks in advance to ensure you get a bus with all the features you want. You also do not want to call a party bus company only to be told that all buses are booked. Party buses are in high demand, especially in bigger cities. Always read customer reviews for the company you find. Visit their website or check whether they are listed on Yelp. Look into the reviews and check for the safety of the bus and driver.
  1. Check Capacity. Although a party bus has ample space, other friends may want to join the party at the last minute. Before booking your party bus, figure out the maximum number of people who will attend the party. The best thing is to book a bus that will fit a few extra people. Besides having enough room for confirmed passengers, you will also have additional space for last-minute party goers.
  1. Plan Your Destination. Most party busses make several stops like stopping for dinner or a short stopover before proceeding to a concert venue. It is essential for a driver to have reliable transport routing software so they can better plan for all the stops they intend to make.
  1. Understand the Rates. Ensure you understand the hourly rate and any other fees. Since most people rent part buses as groups, organizers often divide the cost among all passengers. Request a quote in advance and determine what each party-goer will pay. Most companies will require an upfront deposit. As such, ask all party goers to give you the money before the final payment is due. This will also help you avoid being shorted by your guests at the last minute.
  1. Alcohol Rules. If you are planning an adult party, the chances are that there will be alcohol. Before opening the beer and whiskey bottles, ensure that your company has the correct licensing to serve alcohol. Also, check whether the party bus is smoking or non-smoking. Every party bus company wants to keep a reputation. As such, always ensure you understand the rules and check if they have an updated license before you book.
  1. Features. Remember you are going to a party, and you want your bus to have all the features that will make this a memorable ride. You can have anything from a large, flat-screen TV, access to streaming sites, a DVD player, and a surround sound system. The party bus should also allow you to plug in your iPad or MP3 player so that you can play your music. Video game consoles are also another feature to consider. If you are going for a bachelor’s party or girl’s night out, leather couches are comfortable and add a sense of luxury. The floor should be hardwood for dancing, and the bus can also have disco lights.
  1. Use a Reputable Company. One thing to understand about party bus rent is that safety starts with the company you choose. Research your company online and even ask friends who have used it before. See if people have any complaints about unsafe buses or drivers. Research the company’s driver hiring policies and ensure the driver has all the necessary licensing and adequate experience driving buses. Also, check the company’s insurance and safety records. You may also want to check about overtime charges. Party buses are fun, and you may end up spending more time than you had planned. Some companies extend the time by 30 minutes. However, it is always wise to understand how the company charges for overtime.

Party buses improve the experience of your party. No one can get bored on a party bus. You only need to remember to keep safe.

Aryan Pathania
Aryan Pathania
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