5 Gift Cards You Can Buy Online With Cryptocurrency


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With the rampant use of cryptocurrencies, giant eCommerce stores like Amazon, Walmart, DoorDash, and multitudes of other online businesses accept them in exchange for gift cards. The gift cards have changed the value and potential of cryptocurrencies and placed them at the forefront of online companies.

Whether you want to buy some products from these tech giants or enjoy their services, gift cards can be useful. You can relish food, enjoy music, and buy books apart from a plethora of other things.

Once neglected and restricted, digital transactions of cryptocurrencies are becoming ubiquitous because of gift cards. Owing to their prevalent use, how can they benefit you maximum? To find the answer to this question, let us shed some light on the five gift cards you can buy online with cryptocurrencies.

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List Of Gift Cards To Buy With Crypto:

When gift card trends are in exponential growth, why not know about gift cards that you can exchange with your cryptocurrency. Following are the five top picks of gift cards to use your crypto for purchasing them.

1. Spotify Gift Card

In this commercial-ridden world, enjoying ad-free music is like a paradise on earth. That’s why most people in the USA prefer Spotify gift cards. If your dear ones have a strong passion for music and enjoy the wide variety, then give them Spotify gift cards to bring a flowery taste to their life.

The melodious songs with the capacity to captivate your mind are found in abundance on Spotify. There are the latest songs, top 50 lists of music, and a wide range of selections that can fill your heart with prodigious delight.

With that said, Spotify gift cards will unlock your access to the world of music. The best part is that you can use your crypto in return for them.

2. DoorDash Gift Card

DoorDash will fulfill all your food-related needs. Be it breakfast or a chill party fast food; they cover you up by bringing you quality-packed and fresh food at your doorstep on the go.

You don’t need to worry about cash. Bring your crypto balance into use and buy DoorDash gift card for yourself or a friend to enhance their mood and add a sauce of flair to the moment.

The nice part of the gift card is that you don’t need to go to any retail store for its redemption. You can instead redeem it online. The best way to make maximum out of the cryptocurrency is to give this gift card a try.

3. Flipkart Gift Card

Flipkart is an online eCommerce giant in India which offers multitudes of products and services. There are over 100 million registered customers across the globe who are using its high-quality products. If you want to give freedom to buying gifts for your dear ones, then a Flipkart gift card is a perfect option.

You will find small gifts as earrings to enormous gifts as furniture. There are many other gifts too, such as electronic appliances, house groceries, and clothes. Utilizing the cryptocurrency to avail the products of Flipkart can be the best option. 

4. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a jack of all trades. It provides you with everything from music to books and from furniture to online gaming stuff. Such tremendous variety puts it in distinction compared to all other online tech giants and eCommerce stores. That’s why it is the most famous eCommerce business in the U.S. and is expanding fast worldwide. You can make your life easy and bring excitement through the Amazon gift card. But how?

You can purchase the Amazon gift card and prime subscription. Its gift voucher brings enormous surprises. The joy of fast and free delivery, exclusive benefits, and endless choices is beyond measurement. That’s why customers always choose it.

But you need to remember one thing carefully. If you want to redeem your Amazon gift card, you must add your debit or credit card to your Amazon account. Without adding these details and confirming it, your account can be suspended. So, make sure you have these things before taking a step forward towards subscription and buying Amazon gift cards.

5. Google Play Gift Card

Google play is tremendous. It has over 5 million books, 40 million songs, and the largest mobile gaming community globally. You can give google play gift cards to those people who enjoy consuming online content. From dancing to travelling, everything is present on this giant tech application.

You can send a gift card to your friends, colleagues, or grandparents who want to read the news, explore new fashion styles, and teach something new to the kids through the educational content. The choices on Google play are as vast as the stars in the sky. Having a gift card from Google play means you have access to the treasure trove. It can open the doors of learning, entertainment, and creativity to you and your dear ones.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming widespread in their use and productivity. Even the countries like Nigeria, Vietnam, and the Philippines are making cryptocurrencies a common means of trade. Well-known forecasts have shown that convenience-oriented businesses will consider the cryptocurrencies use earlier than other businesses.

Ecommerce stores are accepting cryptocurrencies for gift cards, enhancing their application on a wide range of the spectrum. So, you can use your cryptocurrency productively when you buy these gift cards online.

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