7 Best Spy Phone Apps for Android and iOS that help Students


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Students might find researching spy phone apps genuinely complex. There are over 60 such apps, and most of them don’t do the deed as expected. So, to take things up a notch and help you find the best app, this article comes with a list of some popular, well-functioning, and safe spy phone apps.


mSpy has been around for much time now and dominates the spy software business to a great degree. Although it has been falling behind new apps due to a lack of innovation, it remains the most popular app worldwide for parents to rely on. to step back into the game, they came up with a new feature: the screen logger. Other than that, it comes with multiple additional features like:

  • Social media tracking,
  • Call restriction,
  • Website blocker,
  • GPS locator,
  • Many other attractions to keep people using the app while offering them convenience.

You can target any phone or device in which the app is installed and get access to almost everything. So you have complete control of it. Parents mainly use the app to check on their children and their activities or for companies to track employee activity on company phones. But students can also use this app for their benefit.

If you need more details on such Spy Phone Apps or write a complicated essay on such applications, you can seek the help of online services by asking them, “write my essay for me cheap”, and get the load off your head.


It is vital to keep track of student activities while using school gadgets and devices like phones or iPads. Well, many schools rely on a spy phone app to make this possible. The app is loved by many users thanks to its responsive nature and ability to gather a great deal of data in a short time. Unfortunately, many such applications with remarkable features can be a pain when installing, but not uMobix. You can easily install it on any device, and it works on both Android and iPhones.

It comes with a responsive and efficient live customer support team, so you never feel lost while using the app. In addition, an intuitive dashboard has features like tracking calls, browser history, and messages that have shown an outstanding performance. Finally, it is a reliable app so that you can steer clear of troubleshooting.

If you’re thinking about the packages and cost, know that only one complete package includes all features. In addition, the price of Spy Phone Apps varies with the duration you choose. For example, the yearly subscription will cost you around $89.99, peanuts for a month!


While we tell you about the best spy phone apps for students, we can’t leave out Mobilespy.at. You can directly download it into your phone and link it to the device you want. Not only will you get control over the activities of that device, but you also get live updates from it!

Do you remember the struggle of reloading the page whenever you need an update? Well, say goodbye to that annoyance. Cameras, home pages, social media, gallery, location, you name it! Everything will be at your fingertips.

It is a genuinely reliable application, and you will love using it since it is competent and up-to-date. You can also record calls and listen to them to see what the conversation was about. Companies, schools, and parents can become invincible when spying on students through this application. It might seem like an invasion of privacy to many, but it can also help protect students from several ordeals due to their shortsightedness.

Your secret spy will give you the information in every possible way. You can use the service without any contracts and can’t reinstall it whenever you like. It is an up-and-coming app and will update you regularly about new features.


When we think about FlexiSPY, what immediately strikes the mind is the ability of this application to record calls. It is a powerful tool with many features similar to other apps, but its power is the ability to allow users to listen to live calls and record them.

Mind you, it isn’t uMobix because it requires rooting for proper functionality. You can remotely control the apps on the other device, and you even get updates if the sim card on the device is taken out and replaced. Text, location, and call data are all yours. You also get to listen to ambient surroundings whenever you want.

You can choose the Lite, Premium, or extreme package depending on your budget. The tool is slightly more costly compared to other options, but it is worth it. Spyware for students couldn’t get any better!


With some impressive extras comes XNSPY that is an innovative solution to many of your tracking problems. Calls, social media, location, videos, access to galleries, messages, you have it all here. The set-up procedure is easy, and the installation is quick and compatible.

If you’re looking for the best spy app that suits you, make sure you consider XNSPY as an option. Thanks to the efficient dashboard that allows you to monitor multiple devices at once, your target device is under your control, and guess what? In addition, you can switch from one device to another whenever you desire; what a great catch to make the tool stand out.


Say hello to this great solution to your tracking issues. It is excellent for people who aren’t as tech-savvy as professionals or people crazy about technology because it is easy to install, use, and configure. You will love the feature set and the reliability of the tool. The best bit is that no one can detect the app! So you can secretly monitor every WhatsApp message or text on the device. Unique tools like writing apps will also be under your supervision. So go for the browser history or gallery, whatever you like!


Here is an affordable solution with a free 3-days trial! It is a basic spy tool but offers screenshot capture, monitor chats, and data usage and limits screen time. You will find similar features for much less; A yearly subscription will cost you only $12.16 per month! It is a stable and reliable tool with great functionality. How awesome is that?


With the help of this article, you will know the best Spy Phone Apps designed for Android and iOS like the back of your hand. No need to go through the trouble of spending hours on the internet gathering information. Just install the app that meets your needs and get going without any hesitation.

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