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Is There A Way to Spy on an iPhone Without Touching It?

Do you want a way to sneak inside your spouse’s or kid’s phone activities to uncover what’s going on in their lives? Or, do you want to oversee what happens on your employee’s mobile devices to know who sells company secrets to competitors? 

What if someone leaves their iPhone on the table? Is there any way to find out what they’ve been doing? Yes, if you want to spy on an iPhone without them knowing, may be pleased to know that such a thing is possible. All you need is the right spy app like uMobix and some patience.

However, some people consider spyware for iPhones without access to target phones which can raise some concerns.

If this’s you and you want to know whether there’s a possible method to spy on an iPhone without touching it, we’re here to help! This guide will tell you how to monitor iOS devices remotely and without taking hacking classes. 

Part 1: How to Track iPhone Activities Without the Device?

Yes, it’s possible to spy on iPhone activities without having to access it physically. If you search online for solutions to monitor iOS gadgets, it’ll give different phone surveillance options. Rapid mobile app development allows creating tools for monitoring remotely your loved ones’ activities but you can’t trust the first software you come across since some are illegitimate.

Several applications offer a free trial of their services for a limited period. You may still need to pay a nominal subscription fee to receive the luxury of spying on someone else’s iPhone activities without jailbreak.

Let’s proceed to check out the best way to spy on iPhone activities without the device in your hands:

Neatspy Solution: The Ninja Spy App for iPhones

The Neatspy software is a reputable brand for its unmatched capabilities in the phone spying business. It can give you the targeted iPhone data remotely and without the user’s knowledge or suspicions.

Besides, Neatspy is an entirely online-based platform that’s accessible with your web browser of choice. Its services work in over 190 countries, and millions of customers are already using them.

You get to do a lot with the Neatspy software’s set of powerful phone tracking features. These elements often get discussed on prominent media outlets like CNET, The New York Times, and many others.

Read on to find out how Neatspy operates and learn about its capabilities: 

Part 2: How to Spy on an iPhone Even When You Are Far Away

With the Neatspy iPhone spy software, it’s effortless to monitor a device without necessarily having to be near it. The iOS version doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the culprit’s iPhone or iPad since that can breach its security and void the warranty.

How Neatspy Spies on iPhone/iPads Remotely and Without Detection

It only takes five minutes to register a Neatspy online account and get your subscription plan. After that, you’ll view the person’s iPhone activities instantly at any time and without permission.

Neatspy uses the iCloud technology to get updates of the targeted iPhone data automatically and remotely. There’s no app installation to be performed, meaning you won’t have to access your victim’s mobile device ever.

From your online dashboard, enter the iCloud username and password linked to the iCloud backup account of your target’s iPhone. Once you’ve verified their iCloud credentials, the app redirects you to the control panel, and you receive a summary of their device.

Part 3: What Can You Monitor with the Neatspy Software? 

You can achieve several things when you spy on an iPhone with Neatspy. Let’s see what the app allows you to go through:

  • Call Logs: Using the phone call monitor feature, you get a list of all the victim’s favorite contact names. You can even see the time they like calling along with other useful contact details.
  • SMS and iMessage: Nothing beats Neatspy in terms of monitoring text messages. It intercepts all incoming and outgoing SMS, and you can retrieve deleted messages. 
  • Social Media Apps: This feature allows you to check out which social networks your target has on their device. It gives you access to their WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, etc.
  • GPS Location History: Neatspy gives you the exact GPS coordinates of the iPhone in question to get its real-time location. You also get to check records of places the person visited previously. 
  • Websites Visited: The browser history checker is useful for parents concerned about their kid’s online safety. It shows you all visited websites to find out if your child has access to unwanted content. 

Part 4: What Benefits Do I Get When Using Neatspy to Monitor iPhones 

The following are reasons why the Neatspy solution makes an ideal choice for your iPhone monitoring needs:

  1. It is a web-based phone monitoring platform. 

For target Apple phones, Neatspy allows remote access to the device without installing an application. The solution operates online and configures with the targeted iPhone using its iCloud backup account. 

  1. Neatspy is reliable spyware. 

It can be challenging to rely on an agency or private detectives to help you spy on others. Using the Neatspy solution frees you from any suspicions. The software has a vast user base and has managed to sustain a client satisfaction rate of 96%.

  1. Offers maximum protection to your e-device and data

With Neatspy, you can get assured of data privacy. The software is legit and protects your device from hackers and other malware or virus attacks. It safeguards your interests and doesn’t steal from the monitored phone’s data.

  1. You get subscription plans that are easy on your pockets. 

Now that you know what Neatspy can do and how it can achieve so much, I know you feel like getting it right away. It offers several subscription plans with varied prices so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 


It’s possible to spy on an iPhone activity and find out what about someone’s plans. Neatspy gives you access to everything on the iOS device without the user noticing. Check it out today and monitor your loved ones, employees, and kids without experience. 

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