5 Best Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills


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Improving your writing skills has always been a difficult task to accomplish. This is one of the main problems that several writers all over the world face. However, like with every problem, there is a solution; there is a solution to this. Read the text below for some tips on solving this problem.


Writing improvement is not something that you can get overnight. You need to have dedication, commitment, and sheer will to pull such an achievement. Luckily, there are some softwares through which a writer can quickly improve their skills in drafting essays. However, not every other software is as good as you might think. Each of them varies differently in their qualities. Now obviously, many of you reading this would have heard of the high and mighty writing skills app Airstory. This is one of the top software in writing that many writers depend on.

On the other hand, the Airstory application is mainly used by bloggers, academics, and content writers. This application’s wide usage is because it helps you write more, write better, and faster. Now you must be thinking about what makes this software so great and unique for writing.

Well, Airstory is made up of cards and projects. The cards in this application are storage for words that are redundant and reused often. These cards help you write by inserting the text into your project, consequently making your formatting easy. Later on, your projects can be split into the tabbed view. It does not seem complex, doesn’t it? To persuade you even further, here are some of the benefits and features of using the Airstory application,

  • It helps you mark your research by clipping data points and any other relevant information you find online.
  • Has numerous already inscribed templates which can be used in your projects by importing? Furthermore, these templates can be edited and adjusted to one’s desire.
  • Airstory has a plugin that lets you directly transfer your work into WordPress.
  • You can make documents beyond counting with no-borders
  • You can add chapters in the middle of your work
  • It enables you to switch your view from document to outline and vice versa.
  • You can transfer Instagram photos and much more.
  • It lets you upload from your desktop.

Writers from all over the world prefer this software because it is free to use. However, writing through the help of this application can make you addicted. Consequently making you miss out on your college assignments like essays. Luckily, with online writing services, you can get a perfect essay in no time.

IsItWP Headline Analyzer

Using a headline analyzer is one thing, but using an ISItWP headline analyzer is another. This software is an excellent way to enhance your writing skills. IsItWP Headline Analyzer is an English writing app that lets you practice on a higher level. Using this software would give you a completely different experience than working on any other application. Here are some of the benefits as to why you should opt for the IsItWP headline analyzer,

  • It helps you balance your word count with efficiency
  • You do not need to find a Headline type for your content as this application does it for you
  • The size of your headline is precise of the right length
  • Optimized keywords in your headlines
  • The right feeling portrayed by your headline is used.
  • IsItWP Headline Analyzer helps you to make sure that your work is displayed properly
  • If the website you take your information from is using WordPress, this software alerts you immediately
  • Has a password maker
  • Has the tool for domain name maker
  • It has a speed test checking feature
  • Website uptime analyzer


If you ask anyone about the apps to help with writing, they will always answer you with the name of Hemingway. The reason here is that Hemingway is a famous software that many writers use to improve their writing. Hemingway is just like Grammarly software.

This tool makes sure that your work is free of mistakes and flawless. Hemingway marks all of your complex sentences in different colors. So, for instance, if a sentence is complicated, Hemingway will highlight it in color yellow. This means that you need to shorten your sentence because of its wordiness.

Similarly, if you ever find a sentence marked in red when using this software, consider that the sentence is too confusing, and the readers might not get what you are trying to explain in it. Some of the benefits and the features of Hemingway software are,

  • Picks up mistakes by coding colors
  • Implements your writing technique
  • Picks up confusing words and sentences
  • Shows passive voices and sentences used in your paragraph
  • You do not need to copy-paste anymore by used text editors
  • Uploads your work quickly to the internet
  • Corrects grammatical errors
  • Can send highlights to your workmates
  • It helps you write a concise work
  • Has a readability grade function
  • Out of the world formatting functions
  • Works offline and online
  • Lets you transfer to Microsoft word and vice versa
  • Several different writers and editors modes


One of the main problems many writers face when writing essays is the problem of finding relevant content. Sometimes the topic is easy to write about, but at other times it is so complex that you are unable to find anything suitable or easy about it on the web. In such scenarios, many writers start to paraphrase words from the internet, resulting in plagiarized work.

Naturally, this is a red flag for the writers as plagiarism is a severe offence that can have serious consequences. However, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, use thesaurus writing tools instead of paraphrasing the whole work by yourself. A thesaurus lets you choose the synonyms and antonyms of the words no matter the difficulty level. Here are some of the benefits,

  • It makes your work interesting
  • It helps you avoid boring words
  • Eliminates redundancy
  • Enhances communication to the reader


Grammarly is one of the top used applications in the world. If you think about it, Grammarly is much more like Hemingway. It helps you to develop flawless work with efficiency. Check out the advantages!

  • Easy to use
  • Grammar correction
  • Accurate and precise
  • Mistakes are corrected with elaborations
  • It has a free version


Choosing an improved writing skills app is always going to be difficult as there are so many. However, that does not mean that you should give up on enhancing your writing. Luckily, we have come up with some of the five best tools to improve your writing skills mentioned above.

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