How to Track a Child’s Cell Phone While at Work?


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Where is my kid? Did he go to school? Has she finished her homework yet? Those are the questions that every parent will ask when they are not near the children. You are always worried, and that is why anything to solve the problem is welcome.

Do you sound that desperate? We don’t want you to get there, but you need to track your child while working. Why? Because once you get out, the mice will play, and sometimes, things skyrocket to worse.

Technology came to help us in a lot of ways. That’s why there is a way to track your child’s cell phone. Let’s see how you can do it while your child thinks mommy is away until evening.

Part 1: Tracking Your Child’s Cell Phone in 2021

Before having intuitive apps to solve the tracking problem, following up phones was hectic. You had to depend on the Find My Device for Android cases or Find My iPhone for iOS.

They always did the job but switching them on and off was easy. Your child may have learned how to turn them on and off at will. Before that, tracking only belonged to law enforcers and specialized companies.

The above problems created the need to have apps that the target cannot interrupt. As time progresses, now we have apps that will remain invisible like Spyzie during the whole tracking period.

It’s essential to remain in stealth (hidden) mode since that’s how your child will remain unaware. If the kid doesn’t know, there will be zero worries about what you are using to watch them. The development has also brought in real-time remote tracking.

That’s why it’s possible to view the location updates via your device while the child is away. As you pick the right solution, considering the multi-platform case is also crucial. The best ones address this, and that’s why most of them are compatible with Android and iOS.

If you have children using both operating systems, you can solve the situation using one application. The setup process may differ, but viewing the results will always be the same.

Part 2: What You Should View From Tracking Results

You can get a few ideas on what to expect when you deploy a tracking application like Spyzie. Check out this site to see what’s in store for you once you have it on your child’s phone.

Once the installation part is complete, you will now be in a position to login into your online account. All you need is an internet connection to allow access while at work, among other places.

A reputable application will give you the following:

Real-Time Location of the Child

This is essential information during the tracking expedition. For better results you can work with, there is a need to show the real-time and past locations. Most tracking apps will utilize GPS.

We, however, have advanced solutions like Spyzie that also use the phone’s connected Wi-Fi. Accompanying information can include addresses, coordinates, and timestamps.

Geofencing Alerts

More tracking can involve placing the proper restrictions. Kids will go anywhere while you are busy and away. There are unwanted zones, of course, and that’s where you need this trick. Geofencing allows you to know if your child is in restricted areas or not.

What you need is to set up perimeters around the areas. After that, input your email to alert you when the kid crosses the line. That’s how you will know if they are still visiting the friend you warned about a while back.

Tracking via SIM Card

Excellent tracking apps will also track the phone number. In such a feature, you get a map showing you the current SIM Card location. Details about the SIM in use will also be available, and you will also get a notification if there is a SIM swap.

If your child changes the SIM, an app like Spyzie will let you know. It will then continue to track the new SIM Card.  

More Features

Do you want to know the location only? You are a parent, and we guess the answer is no. Children are also heavily using cell phones to call, text, and join social media platforms. Most tracking solutions will come as a spying package.

If you pick Spyzie, it will also show you contacts, messages, browsing history, social activities, and more.

Part 3: Child Cell Phone Tracking Best Practices

Since you are tracking the child while at work, you expect the solution to behave in specific ways. Many parents have been conned by applications that advertise dummy services. That means what you read is not what you get.

A good application should live to its expectations. It’s more a moral code that the solutions should have, and that’s why delivery of services is essential. Once you get a suitable solution for the kids tracking exercise, this is the checklist to use:

  • The app should be cross-platform. It should at least address both Android and iOS.
  • The operation should be in stealth mode. That means the app needs to hide as you track
  • No rooting or jailbreaking. These are practices that will ruin the phone if not done correctly.
  • Viewing real-time results remotely. The application should have a way to show you the tracking results away from the child’s phone.
  • Reliability as you use it is critical too. If there is installation involved, the application should consume minimal space that is hard to notice.
  • If it’s possible, consider an application that has remote uninstallation. That way, you can get rid of the app remotely without touching the kid’s phone.
  • Customer support should also be readily available.


Tracking your child’s cell phone does not have to be a difficult task. You, however, need the proper application for the job to avoid disappointment. Few applications like Spyzie have proven to be worthy.

That is why it has received millions of downloads across the world. You can use it as a baseline to see how tracking apps should work. After that, you will have something to recommend to other parents with the evidence and advice backup.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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