Is Instagram Activity feed down? Here’s the solution to access it!


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Is anyone getting a “Couldn’t refresh feed” error of late when trying to refresh on the activity page on Instagram? Wondering what is broken with your all-time go-to social media platform, Instagram! Don’t worry; nothing is wrong with your smartphone or network connectivity.

A majority of us are unable to refresh or even load the Instagram Activity Feed tab where one could scroll what people liked and commented in real-time. With people not being able to access their ‘Activity Feed’ for the past week, the tension is escalating like wildfire.

‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ message popping on your screen is a bug that has all social media fanatics going haywire.

Users have tried to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app, but there does not seem a way forward. People are getting perturbed as you read our content.

Twitter seems to be flooded with @instagram mentions along with #InstagramBug and #InstagramDown. Despite the severe backlash, officials at Instagram have neither opened up on this matter nor have they fixed the bug to resolve the issue at hand.

This isn’t the first time the social media platform for photo portrayal and sharing daily activity through stories, and posts faces technical issues in its user interface. In the recent past, there have been instances where the app was down for several days and got fixed after minor bugs were fixed on the platform.

On the face of it, it seems like Instagram is facing yet another disruption. If you look at the percentage of Most Reported Problems on Downdetector for Instagram, you’ll get an even clearer picture. The statistics highlight that over 48% of reports are directed to the feed section.

As of now, it is tough to arrive at conclusive proof as to whether the Instagram Activity feed getting broken is just a minor hiccup (App Glitch) or whether the service has gone down for the count.

Fortunately, users are reporting a tried and tested workaround. You can give it a try until Instagram comes up with the next software update patch for the bug.

Solution to Instagram Activity feed down issue

This is for users on the beta version. The issue can be fixed by uninstalling the Instagram beta version app and re-installing a stable version.

At the time of writing few users are reporting that the Instagram Activity feed refresh issue was with the Instagram client. The devs have fixed it a while ago for everyone. It will be rolled out to everyone. All one has to do is to wait or use an old update of the Instagram stable version.

Stay Tuned for more updates on how Instagram is addressing the Activity feed issue at hand.

Shreya Negi
Shreya Negi
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