6 Most Popular Sports Among Students and Why You Should Pick Them Up


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College means stacks of academic assignments, lectures, and tests. But it also involves countless extracurricular activities as well. Whether your passion is to write, create, develop, or work out, your campus life can bring you excellent opportunities to experience life like you never had before.

One of the best ways to expand your horizons in college is through sports. It can become the ideal solution to help you relieve your stress while finding time for an enjoyable activity and staying fit as well.

So we asked the American college students about their favorite sports. Read to find out whether your favorite game made it to the list.

American Football

It goes without saying that football has a vast following in the US. It is one of the most popular sports that gathers millions of fans every season. Although the full-on contact nature of this sport can be a concern for many, with proper protective gear and safe game tactics, the game can be safe and enjoyable.

Moreover, the vast majority of professional football players launch their careers while in college. If you strive to turn pro, then you will need to invest both time and effort to achieve results that will impress the scouts.


Golf is not always for business meetings and social gatherings. In fact, it is quite a sophisticated game that requires great pitching skills. For students, it can be one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the fresh air outside.

Furthermore, several colleges in the US have golf courses within their campus premises, such as Cornell University and Duke University. If you have a few go-to essay writers or The Left Rough by your side, you won’t even have to leave the campus to golf. And if you don’t have a decent golf course in your area, mini-golf is always an option.


Basketball is another favorite sport among American students in college. Although the game can be quite intense, it is also exciting to watch and play at the same time. Besides, you only need five team members to start a game. So unless there is terrible weather outside, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a good game whenever you like.

Like football, colleges have professional basketball teams and leagues that allow students to showcase their skills.


This traditional US sport has a special place in the hearts of all Americans. If you are an international student, it might be challenging to understand the rules at first. However, if you are really interested, you will easily find yourself infatuated with the game.

As it goes, there are no specific innate skills that you need to start playing baseball. You only have to put in the time and effort to develop the batting and pitching skills.


Soccer or European football is one of the most popular team sports in the world. However, in the US, the sport is less famous compared to the top three on the list. On the bright side, it is getting more famous among students lately.

The rules are easy to grasp, but you will need to work on your analytical thinking and endurance as you have to be ready for a lot of activity in the field. If you can find fellow students interested in soccer, then you will find yourself going to the game whenever you get a chance.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of the most-viewed sports in the US. As opposed to field hockey, this game is played on an ice rink. The interest in the game has been growing throughout the years in the country, especially in states such as Minnesota and Michigan.

The game has many similarities with soccer, and the aim is to score a goal. Although the game has several millions of spectators, if you’re looking to play the game in college, you will first have to work on your balance on the rink.

Besides team sports, college students also take a great interest in individual activities such as swimming and track and field. With a good pair of sneakers, you can enjoy any of these activities, in a group or alone as per your schedule.

Regardless of which sport you choose, they can significantly benefit your health, as long as you train right. Most importantly, the games can keep your mind refreshed, keeping the stress at bay.

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Komal Singla
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