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“World of Warcraft” Gets Ready To Receive Massive Overhaul

Today, Blizzard is bringing a major update to World of Warcraft. Fans were waiting for the Shadowlands expansion of the game, which might be delayed due to some reason. However, Blizzard is preparing the World of Warcraft for the expansion, and today’s patch would play a key role in the preparation.

This patch would enhance many of the current features of the game and might come with a couple of surprises for the fans of the series. There are chances that we will see a complete overhaul in the gameplay mechanics through this patch. So, it would be a good idea to check how the patch will affect your favorite characters when it goes live today, 13th October 2020.

Shadowlands Pre-patch for World of Warcraft

This pre-patch would be the first significant change to the game in nearly a decade. The last update which changed the game significantly was in 2010 when the Cataclysm update completely revamped the world of Azeroth.

Here is a list of things that the Shadowlands pre-patch would tweak:

Level Cap and Stats Adjustments

The first major change that players of WOW classic gold will notice is the change to level and stats. When the patch goes live later today, you will see that the level cap is reduced from 120 to 50 (players at level 120 will be moved back to the new level cap). This change doesn’t mean you will become weaker as the design would tweak other aspects of the game to match this new limit. However, the stat tweaks will impact how you play the game.

World of Warcraft Will Offer More Action for Newcomers 

You will also notice a change in the leveling-up process. With the introduction on the patch, you will let you level-up through the parts you want to play through. Earlier, you needed to go through each of the seven expansions of the game. This feature would help the newcomers as most of the old content is derelict and doesn’t offer much. 

Less Grind More Fun

The developers are also making changes to the parts introduced in the earlier expansions of the game. The players would be able to go back to the old parts of the game and face new challenges. The introduction of dynamic leveling means you can’t expect to go to the earlier section of the games and farm without facing any challenge. You will need to plan your strategy in a way you as you did during your first encounter.

New Starting Area for Experienced Players

The game would get a new area, the Exiles Reach, that will be available for the experienced players. If a player is under level 10, they can learn to play the game while getting familiar with the gameplay mechanics of World of Warcraft.

New Character Customization in World of Warcraft

The New character customization feature would allow you to make your character more unique. The new update would not add as many functionalities as other RPG game. But you will be able to decide how your character looks to a much larger extent. 


These are some of the biggest changes that we will see when the latest patch comes to World of Warcraft. 

In addition to these tweaks, we will get a mentor system, changes to the achievements, and Allied Race qualifications. The developers might also add a couple of new events to the game. 

This pre-patch would bring the popular game to modern standards and make it more appealing to newer players. However, we won’t see the changes instantly. A major patch also introduces some new problems to the game. We have already seen it happen to World of Warcraft earlier.

As a result, if you plan to get into the World of Warcraft, it would be best if you wait for some time and get ready to buy WOW classic gold. You will not only get a stable game, but you might also be just in time to experience the Shadowlands expansion.

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