With Cloud Gaming, Will Mobile Gaming Become Dominant?


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Cloud gaming is yet another groundbreaking innovation within the gaming industry that has the potential to revolutionise the groundwork for online entertainment. Moreover, with cloud gaming being such a natural fit for mobile gaming, it leaves many people wondering whether or not this development will further increase the notoriety of the gaming industry.

There is no doubt that there is probable cause to see mobile gaming benefit greatly from cloud gaming’s implementation, and as you will come to learn throughout this article, there are a ton of ways that this combination of tech could easily make waves in the industry. Let’s get straight into it.

Mobile Gaming Is One Of The Biggest Industries In The World

When it comes to talking about whether or not cloud gaming will further increase the popularity of mobile gaming, it’s first important to touch upon just how formidable mobile gaming already is. Mobile gaming statistics boast some of the most impressive numbers in the world, and despite popular belief, it is actually the most popular form of gaming.

Moreover, when you factor in the fact that gaming is already bigger than TV and cinema, it just goes to show all the more just how popular mobile gaming is. This brings up a valid point, and that is whether or not it is even realistically possible to draw more people into mobile gaming.

The vast majority of people that are into mobile gaming enjoy this avenue of gaming for a diverse variety of reasons. Playing games on a mobile phone can allow users to experience some of the best games the industry has to offer from anywhere in the world, and more than that, it’s also incredibly inclusive due to the fact that most people already have a phone.

So, to extrapolate this further, this means that the vast majority of mobile gamers did probably not buy a phone specifically for gaming. Gaming is just one of the many reasons people choose to get mobile phones, and the amount of utility contained in such a small device is truly mind-boggling.

This all leads to the conclusion that cloud gaming would do little to bring more people into the industry. Sure, it may be able to improve the user experience for the current player base, but as a whole, it is incredibly unlikely that anyone is going to opt to get into mobile gaming based on this new tech alone. There may be a small number of people that do this, but this would no way near warrant the profits to conduct such a venture. 

There is Already a Myriad Of Gaming Avenues

When it comes to gaming on a phone, there is already a near-endless list of options for people to choose from. You can play the majority of games on a phone that can be played on both consoles and PC, and the amount of choice people have at their disposal is truly extraordinary.

For example, for you gambling enthusiasts out there, you can enjoy mobile gaming on reliable sites like NewCasinos and have everything you need all on a single device. Alternatively, if you happen to be more of a fan of the classic gaming experience that you would come to expect from consoles, there is more than a good selection of triple-A games available on mobile.

In reality, there is already so much freedom when it comes to mobile gaming, and it seems as though cloud gaming would make little difference apart from allowing gamers to get access to more games for less. Moreover, whilst this may make the current players happy, it is unlikely to bring a whole new audience to the table.

However, it is also important to note that cloud gaming on mobile may entice current console and PC players to take the plunge into mobile gaming on the side, as many gamers will already have access to platforms that would allow them to play their favourite games on mobile for free.

The Plethora Of New Gaming Opportunities That Will Open Up To Us

Despite the somewhat negative portrayal we may have given about cloud gaming thus far, that’s not to say that we do not believe it’s going to make a massive difference. In fact, we would say the exact opposite, and we believe that the introduction of cloud gaming is going to have an astronomical impact on the industry as a whole.

Mobile cloud gaming reports show that this new innovation is going to be incredibly popular with the current player base, and based on what we have already seen from things like the Xbox game pass, subscription services tend to do incredibly well.

There is no doubt that cloud gaming is going to be incredibly lucrative for everyone involved, and more important than that, it also provides a fantastic deal for users too. The value for money that subscription-based gaming services provide is second to none, and when you pair that with the fact that this is coming to a device that almost everyone owns, it’s not difficult to see why this endeavour is likely to be a massive success.

It is incredibly likely that cloud gaming may entice more people to try out mobile gaming, and to answer the original question of the article; yes. Cloud gaming will make mobile gaming become more dominant. Just not to the extent most people suspect.

So, what is your opinion on cloud gaming? In reality, there is no doubt that it is going to have a positive effect on the mobile gaming industry. With cloud gaming, gamers can play a near-endless selection of games from anywhere around the world, and the number of options we will now have is going to be more expansive than ever before.

However, despite its undeniably positive effect, cloud gaming may not make as much of an impact as you’d expect. Mobile gaming is already a pretty open experience, and there is certainly no lack of options even as things stand now. Only time will tell.

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