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Nowadays, smartwatches are a must for each and every one of us as they provide different features which make our life easier, they are growing smarter and are available with new technologies and features. Features of SmartWatch are growing day by day. But we always tell ourselves that we don’t want anything above or smartphone when we can do anything we want with our smartphones.

Why SmartWatch is a must-to-have accessory?

  • SmartWatch are really easy to carry and generally are splash free which makes them more convenient.
  • SmartWatch have a good battery life which can even last till 7 to 10 days which makes them really long lasting.
  • You can customise your SmartWatch and make them fancy as you like and showoff with infinite features.

What are the unique features of a SmartWatch?

We can see smartwatches currently are majorly focusing on the health of their customers. Health enthusiastic people are majorly attracted by the SmartWatch which is induced with new technologies as SmartWatch are able to keep a track of the people’s health. Also, SmartWatch is good for communicating with people and most importantly are made up of wearable technology for everyone.

SmartWatch can do a lot more than just help in communication and keeping a track of health. SmartWatch is easy to operate keeping the elderly in mind as well but still, we face so many issues and queries as changes in technology and change in SmartWatch are going hand in hand.

We know that SmartWatch is really beneficial for elderly people but we are not actually aware of each and every feature of the SmartWatch which makes us difficult to choose the best smartwatch for us or our loved ones.

Let’s see some mind-blowing things and features about the best SmartWatch available in the market which we always wanted to know:

Stay Connected with Loved ones

Connecting to people in today’s life is really very important for us. Our work and also our mood depends on how much time we talk to other people. In today’s world, we cannot even imagine our day without talking to our loved ones or our colleagues and we want to report and spend each and every second of our lives with them.

But many times, it is not possible for us to take our mobile phones with us everywhere or we are not allowed to talk on cell phones as it is dangerous like when we are driving or we are at a dangerous place where smartphones cannot be used. Let’s see how our SmartWatch can help us in this.

Here comes the SmartWatch with the most important and precious feature which makes our work easier by connecting us to our loved ones and acts and works as a Mobile phone.

Not just this, just imagine a smartwatch connected to another SmartWatch where there is no call but you can send the notification to the other SmartWatch which makes it easier to connect with people. Yes, we can now send important messages to our loved ones on our SmartWatch.

For example, we are at a place where there is no network, we can send a message to our family and friends telling our location. Not only this, if you have sent a notification to someone to ask them to buy you some vegetables, a GPS proximity on the person’s smartwatch will remind them when they are near a vegetable shop.

Easily Locate your Belongings

We, humans, have a habit of forgetting things and mostly we forget our belongings at a friend’s house or at a public place which makes it difficult to get back our belongings real quick. Even sometimes we leave our important things at our house and keep on checking our bags and pockets again and again. If you are the one who keeps on losing his/her things very quickly. Don’t worry here’s the solution to your smartwatch.

Here comes the very interesting and helpful feature of a smartwatch. Yes, SmartWatch can help us find our belongings with just a mere click. We can use our SmartWatch to ring our phones within a second. They also help us in finding our keys, wallets etc. very quickly.

SmartWatch can also help us find parking in a parking lot. Just imagine how helpful it is when we know exactly where to park inside a parking lot by seeing the directions on our SmartWatch. Also, a smartwatch can help you locate your car if you are not able to figure out where exactly you have parked your car. This is an amazing feature that solves our many problems in today’s world and makes the SmartWatch unique.

Ultimate Guide on Smartwatch

Takes care of health

Nowadays, we are too busy monitoring our health and we don’t even track our calories and workouts due to shortage of time ultimately we end up sacrificing our health and having so many health issues at a very young age. Elderly people also don’t care about their health due to the lack of resources and their laziness. The solution for all these problems is hidden in our SmartWatch which is really easy to carry anywhere.

Many well-known companies have considered this huge and critical problem of our well being and have induced different software in their SmartWatch to help us to maintain and track our health. Now health is a huge domain where different people have different needs. Don’t worry, SmartWatch have it all to ensure the fulfilment of each and every human being.

Let’s see what health-related features of SmartWatch

Blood-Pressure Monitoring

SmartWatch nowadays are using sensors that can calculate your blood pressure throughout the day just by sensing your wrists. They can also give you reminders when your blood pressure is going too high or too low. You can check and see your blood pressure just by wearing your smartwatch on your wrists.

Not only this, you can send alerts to your family and friends just by a single click when your blood pressure is not normal and you are not able to see a doctor at that particular moment. The blood pressure monitoring feature is very important, especially for elderly people to seek help in case of emergency.

Oxygen Tracking

Companies have especially designed and made their SmartWatch work as an oximeter where you can check your body’s oxygen level at any point in time.

These sensors not only just check the oxygen levels but also check your pulse which helps you to check and keep a record of your oxygen level along with your pulse.

This can also help you tell when to take a break in between your workouts as it reminds you when your pulse rate is going too high or your oxygen levels are going too low during your workouts.

Tracking Workouts

This is the golden feature for workout lovers and helps them to check how many calories have been burnt in what amount of time. It also can help in tracking how many steps one has taken in the whole day just by sensing the position.

You can also set targets for yourself in your smartwatch and it will remind you whether you have accomplished your target or not. This helps people working in the office with a rare moment in their work. This can tell and remind you to exercise or walk if you haven’t made much movement in the whole day.

Detect Falls and Accidents

Imagine being stuck alone in a place with a major injury through an accident without any movement. You will be needing someone to take your phone and call or message your loved ones with mentioning the specific location. Very less SmartWatch are there which can detect falls and accidents but will surely be with you in the future.

SmartWatch can detect falls and accidents. They automatically send a message and notification to your family and friends along with your location mentioned. This can help people when they have to up and down alone at bizarre places due to office work.

Ultimate Guide on Smartwatch

Better Sleep

In today’s world, we overthink so much that our minds actually don’t sleep while we are sleeping and mostly we wake up tired because of bad sleep. Also, we have so much work to do that we end up sacrificing our sleep and do not have an actual sleeping schedule which gives rise to many diseases too. We actually don’t even notice how and when we are sleeping and for how much time. Today’s SmartWatch has the solution for the same too.

SmartWatch can detect how much time you are sleeping. It can also detect how deep is your sleep. Yes, it is unbelievable but you can now take the benefit of this feature.

Not only this but your SmartWatch can record your blood oxygen levels when you are asleep which is very helpful as you can see a doctor if your oxygen levels go too low when you are asleep. SmartWatch can also detect when and for how much time you were snoring in your sleep which is very important for a doctor to know when he is inspecting your sleeping disorders.

This is a very useful feature as it can tell you when it is time for you to sleep and for how much time you were actually asleep.

Gesture Control

Ever lost your TV remote when it’s time for your favourite daily soap? It’s so annoying when the TV remote is away or at an unknown place and you just don’t want to miss your favourite TV show. Imagine how relaxing it will be if we can do it just by sitting and not wasting our time in finding the TV remote. Yes, your SmartWatch now comes with this fantastic and unbelievable feature where you can do so many things which you once dreamt of.

The latest SmartWatch allows you to change the TV channels through the smartwatch present on your wrist just by tapping it. You can do the things you always wanted to do just by sitting and relaxing on your couch.

They provide you with a lot more than just the changing of TV channels. From changing channels to switching on and off your fans, AC and other appliances, you can do it all just in a single minute without moving just by tapping on your smartwatch.

This is done through the built-in Gesture- control feature in your SmartWatch. You can operate your electronic appliances without being at home which makes this a very amazing feature.

This is very useful in saving electricity too. Like we are used to forgetting to turn off things while leaving our home or office which is sometimes very dangerous too, our SmartWatch acts as a saviour here and can help us be effective and cost-efficient as well.

Verbal Commands

We love all the different features of our fancy SmartWatch but we feel so much difficulty in operating the small screen of our SmartWatch. We tend to give up all the amazing features because of the screen size of our SmartWatch. We want all those features to be present in our smartphone as the size of a smartphone’s screen is good to go but the difficult part comes that we cannot operate and use our smartphone for little things. So, don’t worry smartwatch manufacturers know it all and hence introduce the feature of giving verbal Commands to your smartwatch.

Yes, you read it right, your smartwatch now can listen, understand and obey all your commands verbally. You can make each and every function possible just by speaking to your smartwatch. It can perform various functions like switching on the lights of your house just by hearing your command.

This feature is very helpful to each one of us especially when we don’t want to use and operate any kind of screen. It also helps us to reduce eye strains because of using the screen for every small thing.

This amazing feature covers up all the difficulties present for the other features listed above but a smartwatch doesn’t stop here and have infinite other features present in it currently and many are yet to come. Some of the other common and important features that can be listed are as follows:

  • You can play your favorite music anywhere and use your smartwatch as a radio.
  • You can connect to your child’s smartwatch and can track it’s location when you feel it’s too late for your child to be away.
  • You can give ratings very quickly on the spot through your smartwatch.
  • Your smartwatch can give you directions verbally through the GPS when you are at a bizarre place.

Weather Update

Here’s the last but not least important feature. We generally like to know and check the weather of the place where we are planning to go but without wasting our time and using the screen. We always want to have the weather report of the place where we are located at the moment so that we can plan for the future.

SmartWatch now can provide you with all the weather reports and updates without wasting your time. Also, they not only just show you the weather reports but can tell you the weather reports verbally without straining your eyes.

Isn’t it amazing that we can really talk to our SmartWatch and can know the weather of any place present in the world?

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