Top Upcoming Korean Dramas In 2022 That You Absolutely Cannot Give A Miss!


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Top upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 that you absolutely cannot give a miss! Our list of the Top upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 that are greatly anticipated and have already become fan favourites is ready! Korean Dramas, popularly referred to as K-Dramas, have completely snatched people’s attention towards them with their ever-growing audience and influence. Whether you are starting your journey as a new Korean Drama 2022 enthusiast or are an avid watcher, you absolutely can not miss this list of the Best Korean Dramas that you must watch in 2022.

Ages before the popular thriller series Squid Games created a worldwide sensation and became the receiver of multiple significant awards in the film sector; the world was already starting to see the significant influence of Korean culture. In this regard, the influence of K-Dramas stands out, especially looking at their abundance of creativity. Korean series or dramas are well-known for their intriguing plots and insane plot twists.

Today, we have made an exclusive list of the best K dramas so far that are starting to create a rising sensation in the fandom. This also includes some of the best upcoming Korean Drama 2022 as well! Without further ado, here are the Top upcoming best Korean Dramas 2022 that you must watch!


13. Kiss Sixth Sense (Disney+ original)

Kiss Sixth Sense drama is set to premiere on Wednesday, May 25. It stars Seo Ji-hye of Crash Landing On You fame and plays the role of Hong Ye-sul. She is portrayed as having powers to foresee the future of a person whom she kisses. It has ten episodes and will be a weekly drop until Jul 27, 2022. The web series is adapted from the web novel called “Kiss Sixth Sense” and is from the comedy, romance, fantasy, and supernatural genres.

IMDB Ratings: 7.4/10

12. Eve Korean Drama

This upcoming South Korean television series Eve was originally scheduled to arrive on 25th May. However, it has got postponed to Wednesday, 1st June. It stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Sun, and Lee Sang-yeob with directions from Park Bong-seop.

A romance cum revenge must-watch Korean drama, Seo Ye-ji portrays the character of Ira-El. She plans to avenge her father’s shocking death in her childhood. Her target is Kang Yoon-Gyeom played by Park Byung-EunCEO of LY Group. It has 16 episodes in total.

IMDB Ratings: 7.5/10

11. Welcome to Wedding Hell aka “Marriage White Paper” (Netflix)

Welcome to Wedding Hail Korean Drama is another web series that will find a release on Netflix on Monday, 23 May 2022. It is a 12 episodes series, starring Lee Jin-wook of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls fame and Lee Yeon-hee of The Package fame. The story is about this couple in their thirties and their wedding plans.

IMDB Ratings: 6.2/10

10.  Grid (Disney+ original)

Grid is an upcoming K-Drama that has already created great anticipation among the viewers. The all-new supernatural Korean Drama (2022) Grid is the third original presentation by Disney+ and focuses on the investigation of a supernatural entity. This entity, which first surfaced years ago in 1997, did so to save humankind- but this time it emerges to help a serial killer.

Popular South Korean actress Lee Si-young, known for her works in Sweet Home and No Mercy, is starring as the supernatural entity, adding to the reasons Grid deserves a place among the best Korean (K) Drama in 2022 that you need to watch.

The first episode of Grid premieres on February 16, 2022.

IMDB Ratings: 6.3/10

9. Ghost Doctor

If you are looking for a K-Drama with an intense and unpredictable storyline, you should check out Ghost Doctor right now! Ghost Doctor is a supernatural medical K-Drama that premiered on January 3, 2022.

The plot of Ghost Doctor revolves around two doctors who are complete opposites, with opposite personalities and medical skill-set as well. One day during an unexpected case, their spirits and bodies combined.

Unfortunately, revealing more would be spoiling this absolute gem of a K-drama! Ghost Doctor originally premiered on tvN and is still ongoing so don’t miss out on one of the Best upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022.

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10

8. A Business Proposal

K-Dramas get a lot of love from their audience for their great rom-com and your search for one certainly ends here if you were looking for one! Great plot? Check. Cute and funny moments along with an emotional side to it? Check. Great actors? CHECK!

A Business Proposal, starring Kim Se-jeong and Ahn Hyo-seop whose return has caused an uproar, is an upcoming rom-com adapted from a webtoon. The story shows Kim Se-jeong going on a blind date without knowing that her date is her company’s CEO, played by Ahn Hyo-seop. Kim Se-jeong expects to be swiftly rejected, but it barely goes her way as Ahn Hyo-seop has already decided his next date.

This unique rom-com, one of the Best upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022, is all set to release on February 21! Don’t miss it!

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10

7. The Silent Sea

This Korean Drama is miles apart from a rom-com. The Silent Sea is a sci-fi good Korean Drama that was released in December but got lost among other mainstream movies like Spider-man: No way Home. However, its real impact is being realized now as the drama keeps on receiving excellent critique for its execution and storyline.

Renowned actors Bae Doona and Gong Yoo lead a team of soldiers and scientists on a mission based in space to an abandoned lunar base. Unfortunately, the group ends up crashing when they land and are left on their own to discover the mystery of the base and survive.

The Silent Sea falls among the must-watch sci-fi Korean Dramas and it is guaranteed to take you on a journey! There is no ranking order in this list of the upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022, so don’t judge the movie by its rank.

IMDB Ratings: 6.9/10

6. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One shows the cute love story between Na Hee-Do, played by Kim Tae-Ri, and Baek Yi-Jin, who Nam Joo-Hyuk plays.

This is an upcoming masterpiece we cannot afford to miss to put in our list of the Top upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 you should be watching. The plot brilliantly paints vivid images of the financial crisis of two families and its resultant effect on two individuals. These two individuals are Na Hee-Deo and Baek Yi-Jin. Their ways in life eventually cross and lead to the inevitable beginning of their bonding.  

You can stream the latest episodes of Twenty-Five Twenty (one of the best k dramas on Netflix) after its release on February 12, 2022.

IMDB Ratings: 8.6/10

5. Juvenile Justice

Are you looking for a crime K drama set in 2022? Juvenile Justice is perfect for you! Famous actress Kim Hye-soo from Hyena is starring in this show, playing the main protagonist.

In Juvenile Justice, we see the story of a judge who is widely known for her dislike of juvenile defenders based on her experience of being the victim of a crime in her youth. Many of her perspectives are altered as she begins to learn what it means to be an adult after getting appointed to juvenile court. After getting appointed to juvenile court, however, her experiences there shift many perspectives of hers, as she goes on to discover what it really means to be an adult.

Juvenile Justice soars high in our list of the Best upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 you absolutely cannot afford to miss it! The show will be released on Netflix on the 25th of February. The following season is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2024.

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10

4. Through the Darkness

There is no way that the list can do without crime thrillers! As the title suggests, Through the Darkness is a fantastic crime thriller K Drama of 2022 that follows South Korea’s first criminal profiler, played by Kim Nam Gil. The storyline shows the lives of people who chase serial killers and their dealings.

Through the Darkness is an intense ride. If you are a fan of shows like Breaking Bad, don’t miss this Korean Drama! This is an ongoing k-drama on SBS that started on January 14 so you can binge the released episodes immediately!

The second season is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2024.

IMDB Ratings: 8.0/10

3.  Forecasting Love and Weather

The queen of Rom-com, Park Min-young and known for starring in Netflix shows, Song Kang star in Forecasting Love and Weather.

The plot revolves around the happenings in the lives of the staff at Korea’s national weather service. Park, playing Jin Ha-Kyung prefers to draw a line between her personal and professional life separate and leads a lifestyle isolating from most of her co-workers. But her walls might start to break down as she crosses paths with an intelligent new hire, Lee Shi-woo, played by Song. His free-spirited and open personality impress her and they embark on a new journey.

Forecasting Love and Weather ranks third in our list of the Top upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022 you must watch. It is yet to release, with its first episode premiering on Netflix on February 12, 2022. And the release date of the next season is still to be announced.

IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10

2.  Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Even you know you just cannot afford to miss out on this one! Several international hit international shows have been remade into great Korean Dramas. In 2022, the latest Korean remake will tackle Netflix’s super-hit Spanish origin series Money Heist.

Filmmakers recently released a teaser trailer of the South Korean adaptation, Money Heist: Korean – Joint EconomicArea, recently. It talks about the infamous Joint Security Area, the border of North and South Korea. Netflix has announced that Money Heist: Korea will premiere on Friday June 24, 2022.

However, this version has Park Hae-soo starring as a jewel thief in Berlin, a new story having many similarities to the original, but along with several mind-blowing twists! The release date of Money Heist: Korea is yet to be announced, but the official trailer is out on YouTube. Undoubtedly, it is being highly anticipated by many fans and is among the best ones in our list of Top upcoming Korean Dramas in 2022.

Unfortunately, no trailer has been released for season two. And it is yet TBA soon. As soon as anything new comes to light, we will update you. Promise!

IMDB Ratings: 5.3/10

1. Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops has ranked first in several lists of the best ongoing Korean Drama 2022. The story revolves beautifully around the lives of freshmen recruits at the elite Korean National Police University (KNPU). The university is widely known for its conservative and exclusive campus in Korea.

Kang Daniel making his debut as Wi Seung-Hyun, a freshman in the university is full of justice and ranks at the top of his class. He comes across another freshman recruit, Ko Eun-Kang played by Chae Soo-Bin who has joined the police university because of a person she is in love with.

Rookie Cops shows the development of love and the challenges that come with it between young people in that university. It was just released on January 26, 2022, as a Disney+ original. Undoubtedly, this tops our list of the top upcoming Korean dramas in 2022 you need to watch in the coming days.

IMDB Ratings: 7.6/10

Drop-in names if we have missed out on your favorite ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best K dramas (2022) based on a true story?

Here’s the list
Fight For My Way
– Starring the magnificent Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra.
– This is one of the best Korean rom-com dramas loosely based on the true story of a mixed martial artist named Choo Sung Hoon and his spouse, Yano Shiho.
Move To Heaven
– Starring Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang.
– There’s no doubt that this is among the trending Korean series of 2022.
– The series is based on a non-fiction essay called Things Left Behind.
– Starring Kim Hye-Su, Lee Je-hoon, Cho Jin-Woong, and Kim Won-Hae.
– The crime shown in this series is procured from real-life cases in South Korea. Among them are the Park Chorong Bitnari kidnapping case and the serial murders of Hwasong.

What are the top 10 Korean Dramas of 2022?

The following list is going to give you a quick overview of the top 10 Korean dramas you should watch in 2022:
– All Of Us Are Dead
– Juvenile Justice
– Tomorrow
– Pachinko
– Alchemy Of Souls
– Our Blues
– My Liberation Notes
– Semantic Error
– Bloody Heart
– Tomorrow

What is the top crime K Drama of 2022?

Let’s take a look at the top crime K Dramas of 2022:
– Military Prosecutor Doberman
– Again My Life
– Why Her
– Bad And Crazy
– Doctor Lawyer

What is the highest-rated Korean (K) drama of 2021?

Let’s take a look at which dramas ranked highest in 2021:
– Snowdrop
– Mr. Queen
– Hospital Playlist
– Flower Of Evil
– Crash Landing On You
– Mouse
– The Red Sleeve
– Hometown Cha Cha
– Move To Heaven
– One Ordinary Day
– Vincenzo
– The Devil Judge
– Uncle
– The World Of 
– Sky Castle

What are the best Asian dramas of 2022?

We’ve compiled a list of the best Asian dramas of 2022.
– Rookie Cops
– All Of Us Are Dead
– Crazy Love
– Tomorrow
– Soundtrack
– Our Blues
– The Sound Of Magic
– Insider

What is the hottest K drama of 2022?

Check out this list of the hottest K dramas slated for 2022
– The Sound Of Magic
– Eve
– Doctor Lawyer
– Woori The Virgin
– Bloody Heart

Which is the best Netflix Korean drama in 2022?

These are the best Netflix Korean dramas to watch in 2022:
– Little Women
– Narco-Saints
– Call My Agent
– 20th Century Girl (To be announced in October)
– My Liberation Notes
– Extraordinary Attorney Woo

What are the best romantic Korean dramas of 2022?

We’ve compiled a list of the best romantic Korean dramas of 2022:
– Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
– Love Alarm
– A Love So Beautiful
– It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Give a list of the best mystery and police K Dramas of 2022?

List for mystery K drama (2022)
– Big Mouse
– Tomorrow
– Cafe Minamdang
– Aging My Life
– Rookie Cops
– Moonshine

Here’s the police Korean drama list you can’t miss
– You’re All Surrounded
– Come and Hug Me
– The Good Detectives
– Tell Me What You Saw
– Rugal
– Team Bulldog
– Chimera

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