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Which new Korean Drama on Amazon Prime to binge on?

Bring your raincoats and umbrellas, mate, as it is raining Korean Drama on Amazon Prime Video! Starting with True Beauty and Strangers from Hell, the streaming platform has added much entertaining Korean Drama on Amazon Prime India recently. Their niche ranges from school romance to mystery, thriller, and supernatural horror. 

After the successful hosting of Korean movies and web series on Amazon Prime like Parasite and Minari, Prime has left fans wanting more. Following the positive response, Amazon has lined up a new slate of Korean drama on Amazon Prime India that is to be released this season.

Did we just make you super happy? Allow us to make you super happy! All the seasons of this master series are going to premiere all at once. Get your snacks ready, as you have got some serious binge-watching waiting down the hall.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the list of all the Korean Drama on Amazon Prime 2021.

True Beauty

Already released last week, True Beauty has gathered an impressive base of fans within a very minimal time frame. With a whopping 8.1 rating in IMDb, it has proved to be one of the best K-drama on Amazon Prime Video of recent time.

The storyline follows the life of a high school girl who, after being severely bullied in high school, decides to take her physical beauty to the next level, using the power of make-up.

Her sudden transformation earns her massive fame, and she quickly turns from being the girl who used to get discriminated against to the girl who is a dream of everyone. True Beauty is a story about friendship. It tells us how with the power of friendship, one can embrace their insecurities and become stronger.   

Strangers from Hell

Released- 21st October

Starring Im Shi Wan and Lee Dong Wook as the main lead, Strangers from hell has turned several heads. The 7.9 IMDb rated show has become a new favourite for people who love Psychological thrillers.

The plot revolves around the life of Yoon Jong-Woo, who starts to experience mysterious events after moving to a cheap apartment whose bathroom and kitchen, he has to share with the other residents living there. To know how the story unfolds, watch the October 21 premiered show, Strangers from Hell. 

Tale of the Nine-Tailed

The main cast Lee Dong-Wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Bum are enough to make you dive right into the show. The action-packed, Fantasy-romance show promises a hell of a ride.  

Set in a parallel universe, the series starts by showing the life of Lee Yeon, the nine-tailed fox, whose real identity is a secret to the mortal world. His life is dedicated to eliminating supernatural beings that are a threat to the human world. The story begins when his secret identity gets accidentally exposed to a ferocious TV producer, Nam Ji-ah. 

Taxi Driver

A highly applauded, Taxi Driver stars Lee Je-Hung as Kim Do-Ki, whose life changes after the murder of his beloved mother by a serial killer. He starts working with a Taxi company, which in reality is a secret organization built to avenge all victims whom the judiciary couldn’t protect. An adaptation of the popular webtoon ‘The Deluxe Taxi,’ Taxi Driver is a treat to dark, action-thriller lovers. 

Hotel Del Luna

Released- 28th October

A perfect mixture of both humor and horror, Hotel Del Luna is all set to be premiered on Amazon Prime Video, this October 28! The plot revolves around a restaurant that caters to only ghosts. Run by an old, greedy soul, Jang Man Wol, events take a turn with the entry of the new assistant manager, Goo Chan Sung. Are you excited to check in to the restaurant? Binge-watch the show this Thursday, October 28.

The Penthouse: War in Life

Love binge-watching shows? Get ready to finish all three seasons of this masterpiece this October 28. The Penthouse tells the story of a headstrong woman whose sole ambition for this life is to enter high society. To do so, she works her way through to become the 100th-floor queen, in a Gangnam Penthouse. Will that be enough for her to get the pass for entering high society? To find out, watch the show at the end of this month. 


Release: 4th November

Mr. Queen is a must-watch for all the people out there who are die-hard fans of Historical-period dramas. The main lead, Jang Bong-hwan, is a high-ranked chef who used to work at the Blue House before his sudden transportation to the Joseon period. He wakes up to find himself trapped in the body of a young queen, Cheorin. 

Although King Cheoljong is the monarch, his gentle personality makes the wife of the late King Sunjo hold all the power. Leading his life as queen Cheorin, Jang Bong-hwan comes to discover the dark side of king Cheoljong. To find out how the mystery uncovers, tune to the library of Korean drama on Amazon Prime India on November 4 this year. 

Secret Garden

Release: 4th November

2010 premiered hit fantasy, rom-com, Secret Garden, deals with the complicated love-ship between the two main characters Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won. While Gil Ra-im is a stuntwoman, Joo-won is the CEO of a high-end departmental store. The plot gets exciting when the two magically start to switch their bodies. Watch the modern-day, rationalized Cinderella story on November 4 in Amazon Prime Video.


Release: 11th November

Based on true events, the South Korean-based crime-thriller series, Voice, is all set to steal the place Korean Drama on Amazon Prime Video a must-watch for people who love living on the edge. Premiered first in January 2017, Voice has completed four seasons and has maintained a decent rating throughout. 

The plot is centred around the formation of the team called ‘Golden Time.’ The two leaders, Moo Jin-Hyuk, a mad-dog detective, and Kang Kwon-joo, a gifted-tough policewoman with extraordinary psycho-acoustics skills, have lost their loved ones to psychopathic murder. The story is about how they come together to form the team and chase down the serial killers who took them away from their loved ones. 

Get ready to watch all the four seasons at once in Amazon Prime Video this November 11. 


Coming this November on Amazon Prime is the South Korean Medical drama, Doctors. A headstrong girl with childhood scars meets with Hong Ji-hong, her mentor, who changes her life. His guidance transforms her into a compassionate doctor. But is life that easy and beautiful? They soon had to part ways after a fellow student reported about their close relationship. Thirteen years later, fate crossed their paths again. To know more, let’s keep an eye on Amazon Prime Video.

Wrapping up

That’s all names we have for now. As soon as we get to find out more names of Korean drama on Amazon Prime Video that are going to release, we will come back. If your hunger for K dramas is not satisfied yet, check out our other article- The Hottest Korean drama list for the month of October to December.

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