10 hottest Korean Drama List to watch in Fall 2021- October to December 2021


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What is bigger news than a new K-drama or a running one getting a new Season? The year 2021 has been full of surprises for K Drama fans to date. They have been witness to the best Kdramas aired until now. This includes titles such as Kingdom: 10 hottest Korean Drama List to watch in Fall 2021Ashin Of The North, The Devil Judge, Vincenzo, Youth Of May and many more. The fall 2021 calendar also promises a slew of interesting Korean Drama list. The names are getting revealed and the complete Korean Drama List is taking shape.

Excited to know more about what’s premiering? Read on the 10 handpicked and hottest titles on the Korean Drama List. Without wasting a moment further, let’s now dive straight to our focus content. Below, we have presented the list of best Kdrama 2021 that are premiering in the coming quarter.


National Wife/The All-Round Wife

Season:1 | Episodes:120
Genre: Family, Drama, Melodrama | Runtime: 30 mins.
Cast: Han Da Gam, Shim Ji Ho, han Sang Jin
Airs: Every Monday & Friday, From October 4th

Set across the district Gangnam, the plot circles around the life of Seo Cho Hee. Seo Cho Hee has been working for an advertising company for the past 12 years. She struggles hard to achieve her ultimate goal of owning an apartment in Gangnam.

This new K drama is all set to send a powerful message to society that happiness does not come from a handsome house. It comes from the family that lives there.

The King’s Affection(Netflix original)

Season:1 | Episodes:20 | Netflix Original
Genre: Historical Drama, Romance | Runtime: 1 hr. 10 min
Cast: Park Eun Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, Bae Yoon Kyung, Choi Byung Chan
Airs: Monday, October 11

Adapted from a Manhwa, The King’s Affection plot focuses on the life of princess Lee Hwi, living under the pretentious image of her twin brother after his sudden demise. Right after their birth, princess Lee Hwi was given a death sentence, as twins were considered ominous.

To save her life, she was raised secretly until fate brought her back to the palace. She began to live her brother’s life and eventually becomes the crowned prince.

She lives a secret life to preserve her real identity until she begins to develop feelings toward her teacher, Jung Ji Woon. Watch how the historical, The King’s Affection KDrama, unfolds itself this October 11th on Netflix!

Reflection of You

Season:1 | Episodes:16
Genre: Thriller, Drama | Runtime: 1 hr. 10 mins.
Cast: Ko Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin, Kim Jae Young, Choi Won Young
Airs: Every Wednesday and Thursday, Fron October 13th

Reflection of You spheres across the story of Hee Joo, who has suffered a tough time all her youth. As a grown-up, she has established herself as a successful painter and an essayist. She has a happy family consisting of her husband, the successor of a hospital, and her two children.

Despite having everything in her life, she finds her life to be meaningless. Fate brings her to meet Hae Won, a woman with whom she could relate her youthful self. Even with troublesome background, Hae Won still manages to shine.

All the 16 episodes of Reflection of You will first air on the South Korean cable network jTBC before dropping in on Netflix.

My Name(Netflix Original)

Season:1 | Episodes:8 | Netflix Original
Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime | Runtime: 50 mins.
Cast: Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon
Airs: Friday, October 15th

Another anticipated show of this season is My Name, a Netflix original, which narrates the story of Yoon Ji Woo- a fierce woman who joins a crime ring to avenge the death of her father.

The revenge-driven woman, alongside the help of her powerful boss, Choi Moo Jin, soon joins the drug investigation unit of the police department. There, she begins to work as an undercover cop to uncover the mysteries behind her father’s death.

To know how the story unveils itself, we have to wait till its official premiere on October 15th.

Cliffhanger | Jirisan | 智异山 | iQiyi Original

Season:1 | Episodes:16
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Drama | Runtime: 1 hr. 10 min.
Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon, Sung Dong II, Oh Jung Se
Airs: October 23rd

This October 23rd will see the premiere of one of the most anticipated thrillers of this year, Cliffhanger aka Jirisan. The very tagline of the show has moved all K-drama fans to the edge of their seats.

The plot revolves around the rescuing of lost trekkers and survivors of Mount Jiri. The top ranger of the park, Seo Yi Kang alongside, her rookie partner Kang Hyun Jo goes on a mission to uncover the mystery revolving around the mountains.

South Korean TV network tVN has dropped in a teaser for the much-awaited upcoming mystery drama series Cliffhanger. A 17-second trailer stars Jeon Ji-hyun and Joo Ji-hoon. They can be seen in mountain climbing gear with shots around a landslide supposedly of Mount Jiri. Check it out here.

The great news is that it’s just a month away before we find out how the mystery unfolds!

Inspector Koo

Season:1 | Episodes:12
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy | Runtime: 1 hr. 10 min.
Cast: Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Joon, Lee Hong Nae, Baek Sung Chul
Airs: October 30th

Koo Kyung Yi, an insurance investigator who works for the sake of the thrill of solving a case rather than serving justice, is the centre character in this comedy-detective drama.

The former cop chases down every case to the core till she proves the real motive behind mysterious accidents. The show motions around her, uncovering the truth behind an accidental murder case by a college student.

Being the stubborn kind, Koo Kyung Yi does not stop till she reveals the real identity of the serial killer, who tried to trick the insurance money.


Idol: The Coup

Season:1 | Episodes:16
Genre: Music, Drama | Runtime: 60 mins.
Cast: Ahn Hee Yeon, Kwak Shi Yang, Kim Min Kyu
Airs: November 1st

Idol: The Coup follows the story of a doomed K-pop group- Cotton Candy, that is all set to disband after achieving a single success. Kim Je Na, an old member of the group, and Cha Jae Yuk, the CEO of the company that manages the band, are the two prominent characters in this musical drama.

This season will witness one of the most inspiring stories of all time of how young people confidently dissolve their dreams and step towards a new future.

‘IDOL: The Coup’is authored by Jung Yun Jeong, famous for dramas such as ‘Misaeng’, ‘Bride of Haebak’, and directed by Noh Jong Chan who is also famous for dramas like ‘Clean with Passion for now’, ‘Personal Taste’. Idol The Coup Cast includes names like Hani, Kwak Si Yang, And Kim Min Kyu.

Hellbound(Netflix Original)

Season:1 | Episodes:6 | Netflix Original
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Mystery | Runtime: 50 mins.
Cast: Yoo Ah In, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Won Jin Ah
Airs: November 19th

Hellbound is a reflection of our childhood horror. It brings back the concept of the death angel, one who appears right before our time of death and takes our life.

A horrifying supernatural phenomenon engulfs mankind, condemning people on earth to hell without warning. The new show, Hellbound, will see Yoo Ah In as Jung Jin Soo, head of a new religion called Saejinrihwe in virtual earth. Jung Jin Soon believes that the almighty himself brings the angels of death from hell.

In the same world exists a lawyer(Min Hey Jin), a PD(Bae Young Jae), and a detective(Yang Ik June), all behind seeking the truth about the Saejinrihwe group and the mystery lying behind this phenomenon.

Hellbound K Drama is a must on your watch list. The biggest reason is that it is directed by none other than the celebrated director of the flawless zombie movie Train to Busan-Yeon Sang-Ho.


The Silent Sea( Netflix Original)

Seasons:1 | Episodes:8
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror
Cast: Gong Yoo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon
Airs: December 2021

Set in 2075, The silent Sea will address a future world with a scarcity of food and water. Yoon Jae, a space agency soldier, is selected to be a part of a special team. The mission is to retrieve mysterious samples from the silent sea, an abandoned space station present on the moon.

An adaptation of the short film The Sea of Tranquility, the writer of the series is Park Eun Gyo and is produced by actor Jung Woo-Sung.

Wrapping up

That’s all information we have for now. We hope you had a great time reading about all the new Korean dramas that are releasing in the coming months of 2021.

We will be back soon with the most anticipated upcoming Korean drama list for next quarter. Following that, we promise to come back again with more revelations regarding the upcoming Kdramas 2021. Till then, stay in touch.

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