The Best Ports of PC Games on Mobile


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PC gaming is one of the most popular forms of gaming, even with the video game consoles such as the PlayStation and the Xbox. PC holds the lion’s share of the gaming market, and more and more games come out for this platform. It’s just as easy to play video poker online for fun as it is to play many other games on PC. That being said, mobile gaming has experienced a huge expansion in the gaming market. More and more PC games are being ported to mobile due to this. Below you’ll get to read about the best ports of PC games on mobile.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Fans of gaming revere the name of Grand Theft Auto like gospel. The GTA games have been some of the most popular video games in history. And nowhere, in our personal opinion, is this more so the case than it is for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. By following the adventures of Tommy Vercetti, you will uncover a world of crime and build an empire for yourself. And now, you can have this experience with the mobile port of Vice City, which is expertly executed. 


Minecraft has become a sensation. Just check any popular gaming channel on YouTube and chances are that you will easily find prominent Minecraft “let’s plays”. The goal in this game is to mine and craft. You can build your house, chop down trees, mine for diamonds and do battle against the night-time zombies that are eager to destroy you – as well as the notorious Ender Dragon as the final boss. Minecraft has also been ported to mobile and you can now play it on the go – mining and crafting and having a blast while you’re at it.


If you like Minecraft, then you’re bound to like Terraria as well. This time around, you’ll get to play a 2D game where you will also have the chance to mine and craft. Terraria has a special charm that is unmatched by any other game and this is one of the reasons why there are so many people that are obsessed with it. It has a fantastic mobile port, as well, which means that you can now conveniently play it on the go.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG is yet another cultural phenomenon. In this game, you start by jumping with a parachute from an airplane and you get dropped to a certain part of the map. Your goal is to find weapons and armor as quickly as possible and start doing away with other players that are in a similar position as you are. The map is big at the beginning, but it starts to shrink as you play and, at the end, you get to duke it out against the remaining players in a very small part of the map. PUBG can now be played on mobile, much to the delight of the fans of the game.


For all practical purposes, Fortnite can be considered a brother of sorts to PUBG. In this game you will also get to compete against other players – with the added feature that you can also build structures as you play. There are millions of players that have enjoyed this game and it’s still being played to this day. You can try and play the Fortnite PC port on mobile, just as you would play it on the PC gaming platform.

Good Times for Mobile Gaming

If you’re a fan of PC gaming and mobile gaming, then you’re in luck. Many of the most popular PC gaming titles are getting successfully and skillfully ported to mobile. It’s even more convenient to play games on mobile than it is on PC – as you can do it on the go, provided you have your mobile device at hand, as most people do. We hope that you’ll have fun playing some of the best ports of PC games on mobile!

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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