When and where can I read Berserk 367 online?


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The double issue of Berserk 365 and Berserk 366 was released on Friday, 24th June 2022 in the 13/2022 issue of the Japanese magazine Young Animal. With this marks the comeback of the dark fantasy par excellence to tread the pages of Young Animal, the Hakusensha house magazine that has been publishing Berserk manga for more than 30 years. 

The news can be likened to the happiness one gets to locate a musical piece on Spotify by one of the greatest musical bands/singers. Such was the case with the longest-running and best-selling manga ‘Berserk’. It was until May 2021 took away the beloved author, Kentaro Miura passed away due to heart complications.

The sorrowful passing away of the legend, the author of Berserk coupled with the grief of Berserk 363 to be his last ever chapter shook the manga world. However, Hakuensha’s Young Animal (YA) Comics brought relief when it published Berserk 364. It was published in the YA issue 18/2021 on September 10th, 2021. Berserk Chapter 364 was assumed to be the last work of the legendary author and artist Kentaro Miura.

Fortunately, we have crossed some hurdles in the journey of Berserk. Miura sensei’s childhood friend, Koiji Mori, has come forward to complete the ‘Berserk’ Manga envisaged with Miura’s plot. Mori will be supported by Studio Gaga, Miura’s studio assistants who have earlier worked with him on his baby Berserk. Mori, Studio Gaga, and the editing department of Young Animal have confirmed that they will stick to Miura sensei’s vision of the manga.

In an announcement by Hakuensha, it is pretty much documented that the finale of Berserk manga was discussed at length between Miura and Koiji Mori. Mr. Mori has also explained in detail his conversation with his friend and he has done justice to Berserk’s plot leading to the finale.

To celebrate the resumption of the serialization of ‘Berserk’ Manga, a color page has been published dedicated to the iconic protagonist and his faithful companion. Check it out

When and where can I read Berserk 367 online?

When will Berserk 367 release online?

Renowned for its dark plots and shady characters, Berserk is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of work in the Japanese Manga World. With the double issue of Berserk 365 and 366, Berserk is back from the universe of the late master KENTARO MIURA.

It is speculated that Kouji Mori and Studio GAGA would have drafted a good many sets of chapters for the saga of the island of the elves to reach its finale. With Berserk 365 and Berserk 366 plots, it has started released consecutively without pause.

The last set of chapters saw Gatsu and Griffith face off in a triptych of violence, terror, and blood. But now there will be a sequel in Berserk Chapter 367. After Berserk 365 and 366 unveil, comes the next Berserk 367.

No one will complain if one has been treated with bi-weekly chapters of Berserk rather than a chapter annually.

Precisely, the question arises, when will Berserk 367 release?

The Berserk manga will continue to publish the upcoming Berserk 367 in Issue 14/2022 of Hakuensha’s Young Animal magazine. Young Animal Comics is a biweekly magazine. The next issue means in 2 weeks. YA is not a weekly magazine like many others, therefore it only comes out twice a month. 

It is confirmed that the 14th issue carrying Berserk 367 is all set to release worldwide on Friday, 8th July 2022. Yes, that is exactly 10 days from now. In other words two new chapters every month.

However, this date is for Japan. For the US fans, the publishing house Dark Horse has not given any dates for the last and latest Berserk 365, Berserk 366, and Berserk 367 official English translations. Maybe waiting for a few more chapters to be released to combine in one volume. As of now, Dark Horse is planning to release the 41st Volume in the United States on November 22, 2022. The 40th volume was published 3 years ago. Although fans will be looking forward to the 41st volume, however, the newest chapters, Berserk 365, Berserk 366, and Berserk 367 official English translation release date is yet not confirmed.

Where can I read Berserk 367 online?

Once Berserk 367 gets released, fans in Japan can purchase a physical copy of the Young Animal issue from major retail sites like eBay or Amazon. For the ones who prefer to read the digital version of the chapter, the Kindle version can be purchased on retail sites such as Amazon. It can also be read on the site readberserk.com for free, though it is not official. The website is free; you can directly read or download chapters from there.

For readers outside Japan, getting the English version takes time. In the US, Berserk manga is printed via the publishing house Dark Horse. Traditionally, a volume of Berserk gets released in the United States after one or more years of its publication in Japan.

Fans in the United States can also purchase online on Amazon and also on bookstores such as Comic book stores, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. Apart from standard paperback volumes, one can buy hardcover Berserk Deluxe Edition which has three volumes compiled into one. Digital online copies of Berserk Chapter 365, at a lower price, can be read on Kindle and Comixology available on Amazon. One can order the manga on the Dark Horse Comics site also.

Are there any Berserk Chapter 367 Spoilers and Predictions?

No, not yet. There is no confirmed spoiler yet but we have a theory to discuss and that may lead to what is expected in the upcoming Berserk 367.

The darkness and discomfort have come visiting again and unexpectedly taken the grip of even the peaceful island of the elves. The island is very far away from the lands where the events of Berserk happened. We know that the bearer of the gloomy surroundings is Griffith, the ex-white hawk and now a member of the Hand of God.

As we have already read in Berserk 365 and 366, the adventures by Kouji Mori and Studio GAGA had begun. Gatsu can be seen putting all his efforts into something but they have gone in vain, and it hasn’t been made easier by Zodd’s arrival. 

Zodd will be pitted against Gatsu in Berserk 367 and will not bring an end to the difficulties of the Black Knight. Gatsu must shift his focus from Griffith and must resist attacks. The island begins to sense that something is amiss. While Gatsu resumes his battle, the white hawk approaches the unstoppable Caska who was in the arms of Farnese and Schierke. 

At the same time, an earthquake rocks the island of the elves as Griffith kidnaps Caska in his arms. The action is presumed to be the final phase of Berserk.

I for one cannot wait for Berserk Chapter 367 and the subsequent continuation of this life-changing, philosophical, provoking, creative masterpiece of fictional literature. Fans are expecting Kouji Mori to continue with Miura’s storytelling art for sure. Another way to pay tribute to the late Miura is to rewatch 97′ Berserk anime to celebrate the new chapters.

Let’s make the late Kentaro Miura proud with some positive vibes. RIP Miura!

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